- Double Twin Shift Tanker

The Double Twin Shift Tanker is the most professional way to inject your slurry. The Double Twin Shift Tankers makes them self indispensable because of the enormous volume, fill capacity, maneuverability and well-thought-out undercarriage.

With a volume of 14.000 and 16.000 liter Kaweco produces the biggest single axle tankers available on the market. The well-thought-out undercarriage makes it possible to keep a low ground pressure despite the big volume of the tanker. Kaweco invented a special four wheeled undercarriage where the four wheels are standing on one line. It keeps the maneuverability of a single axle tanker but a carrying capacity of a tandem axle tanker. The outer wheels of the tanker can be shifted to the outside, so the tractor and the slurry tanker all have their own track. This unique undercarriage means driving without a trace with significantly less weight than a self-propelled machine. Because of this it is possible to start earlier and continue longer when weather conditions get worse. Another benefit is that the tractor can always be used for other activities.

The stable sliding tubes have a high performance synthetic rail which make the undercarriage almost maintenance free. The wheels are hydraulically suspended and communicate with each other for a perfect adjustment to the ground. On the road the suspension takes care for the stability and ride quality. All wheels are braked for maximum safety.

The Kaweco Double Twin Shift tankers can be equipped with a Borger FL 1036 6.000 l/min or a Borger FL 1550 9.000 l/min mounted with a hydraulic three-way valve and stone trap with an integrated hydraulically driven cutter. The tanker can be equipped with a 8” filling arm on the right front side of the tank, another possibility is a 8” swivel filling arm. To fill the tank extra fast a turbo filler can be fitted. This all ensures a proper and fast filling process.

With all the options and possibilities Kaweco gives you, it is always possible to construct a tanker that meets your requirements.

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