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- Laser Welding Plant


As the European market leader for laser-welded absorbers, KBB Kollektorbau offers top quality features: Fully automatic CNC-controlled welding plant. Ultra-precise focussing of the laser beam for increased output. 100% fully automatic pressure test in a closed cabin. Automatic production data collection, enabling the traceability of products. With around 25,000 welding spots per absorber, the strength and durability of the weld has been proven through accelerated ageing tests.

A pulsed laser melts small sections of the pipe and plating, fusing the melted particles. The targeted and precisely-metered laser beam only heats the absorber at the welding spot, allowing the heat-affected zone to be kept to a minimum. This keeps material stress to a minimum. In this manner, per meter of pipe, up to approximately 1,000 welding spots assure a durable and stable connection and excellent heat transfer characteristics.

  • Absorber type : Full-surface absorber/ fins
  • Tube guide : Parallel or meander
  • Absorber length : 1000 - 3000 mm
  • Absorber width : 500 - 3000 mm
  • Plate thickness : 0,2 - 0,8 mm
  • Materials : Cu/Cu, Al/Cu
  • Coatings : All commercially available
  • Outer diameter of the pipes : 8 - 22 mm
  • Required distance pipe - plate edge : > 30 mm
  • Clear distance between pipes : > 70 mm
  • Tube progression : Freely programmable

A Technology Offering Many Advantages

  • Excellent performance
    • As the connection is very strong and absolutely temperature-resistant.
    • A well-welded absorber enables outstanding heat transfer characteristics.*
  • Flexible design and precise construction:
    • Uniform quality:
    • As laser welding enables a high degree of process stability.
    • Versatility: As various material matches are possible, particularly aluminium with copper.
    • Aesthetic: As the welding occurs on the back side of the absorber, the highly selective absorber surface remains largely intact.
    • Eco-friendly: As the technology is completely free of additives and is recyclable.

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