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Model KBS Series - Grain Separators



KBS separator can operate as scalperator (preliminary cleaning) and separator (primary cleaning). Smoothly variable speed of product movement through sieves and decreased vibration ensure easier separation of grain and oilseed crops during the cleaning process. This also allows KBS to operate even with very hardly cleanable crops. The multifunctional nature of KBS (that allows it to operate both as separator and scalperator) enables to reduce the number of used equipment and significantly simplifies maintenance


  • Effective separation of wet seeds
  • Fast-detachable sieves with a large surface and effective system of
  • impurities elimination
  • External aspiration system
  • Provide for absence of vibration, noise and dust
  • Ensure gentle grain handling
  • Flexible technologic scheme

Basic delivery set comprises of:

  • Cleaning sieves
  • Bypass valve
  • Device for change of sieves’ slope angle, as well as rotary speed of a drum and grids
  • Control board, cabinet and conductor-cable products

  • Additional sieves (for variable cleaning  of other types of crop)
  • Changeover valves (for change of technological production scheme)
  • Dust exhaust fan
  • Set of air off takes
  • Cyclone with gateway valve

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