- Mounted Compact Disc Harrow



KBT PLUS harrows are hydraulically folded which makes movement on public roads easy. Working elements installed on large individual springs, which not only facilitate the covering of chopped straw or green manure, but also protect discs from damage are an additional advantage of this machine. KBT PLUS harrows have adjustable disc angle (0˚ – 25˚). Thanks to it, it is easy to adapt their work to the soil conditions.

Distinctive features of KBT PLUS are innovative solutions and solid construction. They are used mainly for after-crop cultivation and cultivation without ploughing. They are also used to cover after-crops, mix fertilizers and slurry with the soil and crush of the hard and lumpy soil.

Disc size Ø 510/4.0 mm
Working depth - max 15 cm

KBT Plus NOVA 4.0 m:
(two rows of discs), nr of discs in 1 row: 16 pcs
Weight: 2000 kg
Power demand: 150 KM
Working lenght / width: 2500 / 4200 mm
Lenght / width transport dimension:  2500 / 2800 mm

KBT Plus NOVA 5.0 m: (two rows of discs), nr of discs in 1 row: 20 pcs
Weight:  2200 kg
Power demand: 170 KM
Working lenght / width: 2500 / 5200 mm
Lenght / width transport dimension:  2500 / 2800 mm

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