- Drive Over Conveyor



Bottom Hopper can be driven over by tractors and carts or trucks. 50 HP or larger 4 Cyl Deutz Diesel engine. 15 to 17' Discharge height. 24'-30' or 36' wide belt. Low profile 12' to 15' long recieving section. Belt returns on long wearing UHMW 1/2 rounds. 32 Gal Hyd & 22 Gal fuel tank. Belt speed is approx 850 FPM. Capacity is about 3 Ton/Min. Optional covered hold down rollers for Walnuts. Standard hold down tires (shown). 10K Torque-Flex rubber ride axle. Supplied with Tattle Tale safety shut downs!. Covered top is optional.


The 4 Cyl. Deutz diesel engine with a Donaldson dual element air filter powers the 24' to 36' wide belt. Belt and engine can be controlled by the optional remote control unit from the tractor or the KCI Shuttle Express.

  • Bottom hopper pan reacts automatically when the belt is engaged.

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