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- Model KDC Series - Disc Mowers Rear Trailed



Rear trailed disc mowers are equipped either with tine or roller conditioner. Long drawbar enables operation on the right as well as on the left side of the tractor. It allows sparing timeduring turns.

Adjusting screws
Regulate angle and working height of the transporter

Hard wide-angle shaft
Hard wide-angle 960 Nm PTO shaft, if lubricated every 8 hour, has a warranty for 1000 working hours!

Wide rocking lever of suspension unit enables proper and stable operation of cutterbar

Turnable hitch
PTO shaft inside the drawbar is undoubtedly a modern solution

Turnable hitch
PTO shaft inside the drawbar is undoubtedly a modern solution

Belt conveyor
KDC mowers can be additionally equipped with bel conveyor. It enables forming of the swath during another run on the swath formed previously or near it. This solution contributes to time sparing and less fuel consumption. The mower equipped with belt conveyor enables direct forage pick-up by round baler or silage wagon.

There is a possibility to operate either with or without the conveyor. Mounting of the conveyor is easy and does not demand hydraulics instalation, because the drive is transmitted by means of tractor's hydraulics.

Long centrally mounted drawbar's arm enables mowing in one direction. Depending on working conditions the mower can be trailed on the right or left side of the tractor lying swath on the proper side.

Wide wheels
The mower is equipped with wide wheels enabling excellent adhesion, owing to which the mower is stable and perfectly operates on water-soaked meadows.

Basing on the experience of our customers in Poland and in Western Europe we have introduced to our production a new model of cutterbar: Perfect CUT. Precise cut, high durability of components, protection against sudden disc stop in case of coming into an obstacle, quick and easy disc module replacement owing to modernized upper disc hub are the main advantages of Perfect CUT cutterbars. New cutterbar is mounted in every SaMASZ disc mower apart from KDL series based on Comer cutterbar.

  1. Smooth regulation of cutting height from 4 to 7 cm.- sliding skids from 5 to 9 cm
  2. 6307 2RSN bearings in bevel gears and 6307 2RS in disc modules are the most durable and unprecedented among our european competion.
  3. Specially hardened discs and sliding skids made of Boron steel, protected against mud and dirt by means of the blades.
  4. Easily replaceable knife holder pins.
  5. Hardened knife holder made of Boron steel, especially designed in order to eliminate stucking of the knives under the disc.
  6. Innovative system of quick knife replacement. The knife can be changed only when the disc is adjusted sheer to the cutterbar (+ - 30 degrees). The system decreases the probability of knife loss almost to absolute minimum in case of hitting into stone.
  7. Modernized, hardened sliding skids made of Boron steel protect the whole surface of cutterbar on the bottom. Quick and easy replacement of the skids (only two bolts to unscrew).
  8. Additional steel skid protecting cutterbar's drive.
  9. Hardened cutterbar made of steel.
  10. Protection against stones in standard equipment.
  11. Quick and easy replacement of disc module thanks to modernized upper hub.
  12. Bevel gears with 25 mm tightness.
  13. High quality knives comply with strict safety rules. SaMASZ logo engraved on the knife is a guarantee of its quality.

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