Model KDL 600 - Disc Huller



Disc peeling machine KDL is destined to separate skin from seeds, which aren´t fixed on the nut. It is used to peel the small seeds like millet and buckwheat. It also can be used for bigger seeds like peas or soya. Before the seeds are ready for peeling, they must be sorted to different sizes and properly cleaned, especially cleaned from stones, which could damage the peeling cloak.


  • Robust construction of the machine and location of the rotaring disk
  • Simple setting of the milling rift and peeling intenzity
  • Sparing to seed
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Compact ordering and no-dust work

Function and technology description

 Disc peeling machine peels the seeds in the milling rift between the static and rotaring disc. Rotaring disc is located in anti-friction bearings. The static disc is axially shifted. As it is getting closer or far, the milling grift is changed. Milling grift is distance between both of the discs. This is set manually, mechanicaly according to the size of seeds.

 Surface of the rotor and stator is specific and varies according to the kind of peeled crops. Permanent magnet needs to be set before this machine. To get the highest quality product, it is recommended to use calibrating sorter before the peeling machine and aspiration machine at the end, to remove the skins.

Kinds of product

  1. Disc peeling machine is destined to peel the seeds, different kinds of crops(especially millet, buckwheat, peas, etc.)
  2. This machine is not suitable to peel the seeds, where the skin is fixed on the nut and to peel the oil seeds, because the oil can damage peeling discs.
  3. It is possible to peel the spelt, but the corns are often broken (another kind of machine is recommended)

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