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'A Better Seed Bed, for a Better Bottom Line' - Across Australia, Kelly Harrows are known for their reliability, strength and practicality. Kelly Engineering, along with Remlinger Manufacturing, is proud to offer our superior range of Diamond Chain Harrows to farmers in the United States. Kelly's innovative and unique Disc Chain Harrows are so efficient and versatile they are sure to find a place on your farm. Six models are available from 20' to 62'.

  • 5', 6 1/2' and 8' depth settings
  • 15' floating trash wheels
  • Heavy duty 17'or 20' coulter and 18' Turbo Blade with dual depth band
  • Heat Treated Ripper Points
  • 18' adjustable notched or smooth closing disk
  • Parallel links on each row to provide a more uniform depth control
  • Optional shear bolt shank design
  • Optional 'true' spring reset shank design - no need to lift the row off the ground to reset
  • Optional NH3, dry fertilizer tube, liquid fertilizer tube or any combination
  • Provides better soil aeration
  • Quicker spring warm up allows earlier planting
  • Faster crop emergence and better, fuller stands
  • All of these benefits lead to better yields

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