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%6,5 EDDHA Fe orto-orto: 4,2. %100 soluble. Fast and long-term effect. Highest orto-orto values. Widest pH range affordability. Activity in every kind of soil.

In Agricultural production soils with high pH, lime ferrous or other plant nutrition's are attached, excusive moisture and intensive vegetable production causes lack of ferrous as chlorosis.

Lack of ferrous shows itself as acute and chronic. In both cases if not taken caution serious yield and product quality looses and death in plants will be noted.

Since we can not change the lack of ferrous in soil we shall use more effective uptake of the plant our high chelated and orto-orto value ferrous products are at the service of our costumers.

  • Saplings: 10-20g/tree
  • New Fruiting trees: 20-50g/tree
  • Fruit tree: 150-200g/tree
  • Citrus: 200-300g/tree
  • Vine: 10-20g
  • Strawberry: 50-100g
  • Vegetables: 250-300g/deka

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