- Model C 3000 - 4 Rows Tractor Mounted Choppers



C 3000 - 4 rows full power for tractors with reverse drive capability.A lot of technical details offers the possibility to adjust the chopper for different conditions. The result is a chopping quality as good as a self proppeld forage harvester. Maize, grass or whole crop silage chopping is possible due to different optional equipement.

The intake drums with aggressive prong sections enable the almost complete intake of the crops harvested even at extreme harvesting conditions.

The stemmed crops are being cut off with high speed of the cutting blades.

  • Pick-Up for grass 2m and 3m
  • Serrated knives
  • Extra crusher plate
  • Cernal cracker
  • Hydraulik foldable spout
  • Height adjustable crop lifters
  • Rigid crop lifters
  • Metal detector

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