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For premium teat conditioning! based on an active iodine complex 3000 PPM. registered as veterinary medicine in 13 E.U. countries. for mastitis prevention. broad spectrum activity. gentle for the skin. economic in use (non dripping).

Kenostart, is a teat dip registered as medicinal product in 13 countries in Europe. It is indicated for teat disinfection as part of a prevention strategy for mastitis in cattle. Its formulas and physical characteristics have been developed to obtain the optimum results: broad spectrum activity (more bactericidal iodine available till the next milking), gentle for the skin (pH 5,2; high percentage of emollients) and economic in use (non dripping).

  • The product is supplied ready to use as a teat dip.
  • The dip cup should hold at least 5ml of dip.
  • Dip each teat immediately after milking.
  • Ensure that the teat is completely covered to three quarters of its length.
  • The dip cup should be replenished as necessary.
  • The dip cup should be emptied after treatment and washed before reuse.
  • The product is meant to be used as a post-milking teat dip up to two times per day.
  • If signs of disease appear or persist, consult a veterinary surgeon. Wash hands after use.

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