- Low Profile Full Length Tilt Trailer



Kerr Trailers offers this quality low profile full length tilt trailer for easy transport of equipment and machinery. This trailer is available with an 8 foot long gooseneck or a tag-along. This low profile full length tilt trailer has a low centre of gravity for increased stability and safety when loading, unloading and transporting equipment.

Available with different axle configurations and lengths, the low profile full length tilt trailer comes with a range of options to make your work efficient and safe according to your needs. Our full length tilt trailer is available in lengths from 18 to 24 feet. Kerr’s low profile full length tilt trailer is now available with 6000 lbs, 7000 lbs or 8000 lbs axles.

Designed and produced in Quebec, Canada, the low profile full length tilt trailer tilts approx. 20 degrees from the rear in order to facilitate the operator’s task of loading and unloading. Thanks to the low profile full length tilt trailer, there is no need to haul carry out ramps.

With their durable frames and simple construction, Kerr’s tilt trailers are a time-tested excellent product. Our tilt trailers come equipped with extra heavy duty lock-downs that are used along with cushion cylinders.

At Kerr Trailers, our dedication to excellence and improvement enables us to offer you high quality, safe and low-maintenance trailers.

  • Full-Tilt Trailer
  • Gooseneck or Tag-Along

  • Length (A): 18 to 24 feet
  • Exterior width: 102 inches
  • Width between fenders: 77 inches
  • Gooseneck (B): 8 feet
  • Pole (B): 52 inches
  • Slant: 20 degrees
  • Cushion: Cylindres ? 2' X 12'
  • Flooring: Spruce Lumber 1- 5/8' thick
  • Wiring: Sealed Harness
  • Lighting: LED
  • Finish: Epoxy Primer, Urethane Finish

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