- Model 671H - 685H - Harvester Cranes



KESLA harvester cranes are known for their excellent working geometry and ample net lifting capacity throughout the entire path of travel working range. These properties increase the productivity of harvesting in all conditions. The economy of the operations is ensured by the durability and reliability of the cranes, which ensure a high utilisation rate. The excellent durability of KESLA cranes is based not only on the high quality of the manufacture and components, but also on carefully considered design and technical solutions.From the wide range of KESLA harvester heads, you are sure to find a perfect pair for each KESLA harvester crane to form an optimal combination for all kinds of harvesting needs from first thinning to final felling.

  1. The motorised slewing system of the 13H and 16H series, featuring a robust ring bearing, is highly durable and provides plenty of slewing torque. If an exceptionally high level of slewing torque is required, the 16H series cranes can also be equipped with two  slewing motors. The 13H and 16H series cranes are also available without a slewing motor and ring bearing, so the selection provides a suitable alternative for most base machines with motor slew.          
  2. The  design of the booms as well as the shafts and joint bearings have been dimensioned  for the most demanding working conditions.      
  3. The well-designed hydraulic pipes and hoses, along with the wide slide  pads, minimize  interruptions and maintenance needs. The well-dimensioned hydraulic lines ensure good oil flow and maximize energy-efficiency.      

The smallest KESLA harvester cranes are suitable for light thinning harvesters and heavy-duty  farm tractors. The lateral tilt and excellent working geometry of the boom enable efficient operation in dense thinning stands. The Kesla 671H can be used with the KESLA 16RH, 18RH and 20SH harvester heads. The 685H model with a telescopic boom is compatible with lightweight  bio-energy heads.

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