- Model Yot Pot - Lobster Trap


You can have the lobster trap just for the fun of it delivered right to your door. Ketcham's 'Yot Pot' lobster trap has been part of our business since 1975 and is designed specifically for your family fishing fun. At about 20 pounds your lobster pot is light weight, easy to handle, and it's compact size stows well. The additional ballast and reinforcements required by the big commercial operations have been removed to save you money and work. The 'guts' of your lobster trap, however, are the same as we put in our commercial lobster traps, putting more 'keepas' on your table. Enjoy this season's lobstering with gear designed and refined just for your recreational enjoyment. Thousand of your 'Yot Pots' have been time tested on the oceans for over 35 years.

Live Keeper Cage for Lobster, Crab, Fish, Clams etc

Ketcham's Dual compartment live car is made from a one inch square vinyl coated mesh to keep your lobsters, crabs, or bait fresh and at hand. Keep your steamers here in the water a day or two before the clam bake and they will self purge out the sand and grit. The divider wall adds strength too. Standard setup is submerged. We can also set your keeper up to be a floating unit too by adding floatation.

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