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2-Row Subsoiler equipment

  • Model VP Series - 2-row Subsoilers

    Vibrational 2-row subsoiler with pneumatic fertiliser device is purposed for subsoiling the ground and for underground fertilising in vineyards and orchards.

    By INO BREZICE d.o.o. based in Krška vas(Brežice), SLOVENIA. from Vibrational Subsoilers Product line

  • Model Subsoiler - Breaker Ploughs

    The grubber offers due to its strong tines a low wear and universal application possibility in the field of soil preparation. Due to an ideal passage applicable also in high grown fields featuring a grubbing depth of 65 cm. Excellent for the use in stony and strong soils. A deep ventilation improves the breathability and therewith the growing ...

    By Wagner Pflanzen-Technik GmbH based in Friedelsheim, GERMANY. from Breaker Ploughs Product line

  • Subsoilers - Model TLK 883 - Soil Cultivator

    The subsoilers from CLEMENS were developed specially to break up compacted areas powerfully and enduringly. The cutting action reactivates the roots so that they can finally start to grow properly again. The soil is optimally aerated and its ability to retain water is maximized. Plants can take up nutrients more efficiently again, remain healthy ...

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG based in Wittlich, GERMANY. from Soil Cultivator Product line

  • Fixed single-row subsoilers

    The original: Loosens and removes the subsoil in depth, to oxygenate it, to favour the filtration of the water and the development of the roots. For performing an initial work in your barren fields and making them productive. Great robustness and strength. For life. Its optimized geometry facilitates penetrat

    By JYMPA GROUP based in Castellserà, SPAIN. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Ratoon - Model 1934 - Subsoiler

    Ratoon subsoiler is based on 2 tine rows (2 to 8 tines), with a row distance of 75 cm and a tine height of 72 cm. Ratoon is equipped with either springbolts or hydraulic stone protection NSH.

    By DAL-BO A/S based in Randbøl, DENMARK. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Model 140 RVLL 2+1 - Subsoiler

    Light type subsoiler (vineyard and orchard) c/w share bolt with cental shank

    By Faza Srl based in Città Di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Rambo Mini - Model CLD/ - Subsoiler

    The subsoiler CLD/ RAMBO MINI is produced to work with tractors from 45 to 110 HP. Its versatility allows to work also in greenhouses with tracked tractors and on hilly soils. Using CLD/ RAMBO MINI can be obtained exceptional energy conservation, and the ploughing coat can be broken. This machine, in fact, is manufactured with special and ...

    By Badalini Srl based in Rivarolo Mantovano (MN), ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Model MEGA Series - Subsoiler

    Towed MEGA is a subsoiler of 5 or 6 m. This version was born to satisfy the needs of big companies that have powerful tractors. The cultivation is made by two rows of tines, together with two rows of Ø630 wavt discs.

    By Dante Macchine based in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Fontana - Model RP Series - Ripper or Subsoilers

    They are suitable for rough working of the ground at considerables depths (between 25 and 70 cm) to support the oxygenation of the earth and remedy to the problems of strong tamping - caused by heavier and heavier machines.They are usually composed by two rows of anchors – with enough space between each other - and by a rear cage roller, in ...

    By Fontana s.r.l. based in Crescentino VC, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • DELTA - Model HP 120-200 - Subsoilers

    Subsoiler that can be combined with all rotating harrows or tillers fitted with a 3 point hitch.

    By Alpego S.p.a. based in Lonigo (Vicenza), ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Subsoiler with FT Following Press

    The Advantage is a soil restructuring machine using Sabre Ultralite tines and Diamond consolidation roller technology. The Advantage can replace a traditional subsoiler or be used as a vital tool in a No-till cultivation system. With low organic matter levels in soil, a wet climate and often high clay content, British soils require a good ...

    By Tillso based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Craker - Model KD HP 50-130 - Medium-Duty Subsoiler

    Medium-duty  subsoiler for farmers who are looking for a product that is simple but versatile and professional at the same time. This implement breaks up the  soil at the required depth and causes  a homogeneous  crumbling of the layers  without disturbing the organic balance of the soil. When worked in this manner the ...

    By Alpego S.p.a. based in Lonigo (Vicenza), ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • MAXI - Model ARES Series - Subsoiler

    MAXI subsoilers can have 5, 7 or 9 tines, for tractors whose power is between 150 and 400 HP; they reach a 65 cm working depth. The anchor shape has a progressive penetration angle that help in lifting the soil and avoid waisting energies. Furthermore it creates clods, which help cultivation processes carried out after seeding, as soil is ...

    By Dante Macchine based in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Subsoiler

    The subsoiler, with the extirpation point, is used for the total uprooting of the vineyard. The frame with universal three-point connections can be applied to any type of wheeled tractor of at least 70 HP. The grapevine extirpating point can be adjusted to reach the desired depth. The inter-row drainage point can be attached to the subsoiler frame ...

    By Olmi s.n.c. based in Costigliole d`Asti (AT), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Agrozenit - Subsoiler

    Agrozenit Farm equipment offers a wide range of subsoiler. Subsoiler 1 tine , subsoiler 2 tine , subsoiler 3 tine , subsoiler 4 tine, subsoiler 5 tine.

    By Agrozenit Agricultural Equipment based in Selcuklu / Konya, TURKEY. from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Damcon - Subsoiler

    This 1-leg subsoiler is very suitable for narrow-gauge tractors. We do also deliver other marks of subsoilers. The subsoiler is mounted in the three-points connection of a tractor. The working depth of the DW-1 is around 40 cm.

    By Damcon B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS. from Soil Tillage Product line

  • Model D.A.R - Subsoilers

    The Subsoiler D.A.R. Agrofer is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength and operative versatility, qualities which make it very different from other similar machines already present on the market. With these technologies the Ridger Agrofer is ideal for Row working in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and other plantations ...

    By Agrofer srl based in Pozzolengo (BS), ITALY. from Subsoilers D.A.R. Product line

  • ARASOL - Model AVLE/AVL/AVS/AVR Series - Subsoiler

    The ARASOL subsoiler is the ideal implement to make a good soil loosening operation.The V frame configuration allows a progressive penetration of the tines in the soil which reduces the traction draft effort necessary and consequently the costs. The leg's shape, curved towards the front, ensures a better grip and a positive down loading on the ...

    By RAZOL S.A. based in TONNEINS, FRANCE. from Subsoiling Implements Product line

  • DUNNS TITAN - Subsoilers

    3 Legs. Shearbolt. Shearbolt protection. Quick fit points and shin. Adjustable track width. Adjustable leg height. Twin depth wheels. £2,995.

    By Dunns Ploughs & Plough Parts based in Devon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Decompack - Subsoiler

    DECOMPAK is used for decompacting any type of soil, under the plough pan up to 40 cm, with a clearance under the frame of 800 mm. POLYLAB is used for 'pseudo-plough' decompacting with a clearance under the frame of 800 mm. There are 3, 5, 7 and 9-tine versions.

    By Carre based in SAINT-MARTIN-DES-NOYERS, FRANCE. from Deep Soil Preparation- Subsoiler Product line

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