agriculture water-use equipment in Germany

  • Roof Constructions Stainless Steel Tanks

    The stainless steel tanks from Stallkamp are used in the widest range of fields. In industry and agriculture they are used in many cases without a cover. However, in lots of cases they have, or need to have, a cover. The requirements of a tank roof differ significantly depending on the application.

    By Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH based in Dinklage, GERMANY. from Roof Constructions Stainless Steel Tanks Product line

  • Model LLS-101 - Laser Land Leveling System

    A common problem in agriculture is uneven land that prevents an even water and fertilizer coverage, which results in uneven crop stands,  uneven maturing crops and increased weeds. As a consequence, farmers report reduced crop yield and grain quality. The solution to prevent such undesired outcomes is easy: effective land levelling. Effective ...

    By MOBA Mobile Automation AG based in Limburg, GERMANY. from Laser Land Leveling System Product line

  • Agrotel - Model WSN 6060 - Windbreaking Nets

    AGROTEL windbreaking nets and windbreaking tarpaulins are used in many diverse applications within the agricultural, as well as in the industry and commerce sectors. They are employed, for example, as fixed or mobile windbreaking solutions.

    By Agrotel GmbH based in Neuhaus am Inn, GERMANY. from Windbreaking Nets Product line

  • Model ET107 - Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station

    Campbell Scientific’s ET107 is an automated system designed for commercial agriculture and irrigation scheduling. The station calculates potential evapotranspiration (ETo), which is the amount of water lost from the soil due to evaporation and plant transpiration. Calculating a crop’s evapotranspiration rate can aid in the development ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Office in Bremen, GERMANY. from Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station Product line

  • Bema Agrar

    The bema Agrar was developed for agricultural use and offers you an optimal solution in keeping your property clean. Whether mounted in the back or front, the bema Agrar is a cleaning helper you just can’t do without.

    By bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik based in Voltlage-Weese, GERMANY.

  • Diammonium - Model DAP - Phosphate fertilizers

    DAP ((NH4)2HPO4) is a highly concentrated granulated nitrogen-phosphoric compound fertilizer. Produced by neutralizing of phosphoric acid with ammonia. Diammonium phosphate is used for all soil types for ground and bed applications for all agricultural crops. Product is used in the spring or autumn during the period of soil cultivating, and ...

    By EuroChem Group Office in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Phosphate fertilizers Product line

  • Omnifrigo - Stand Alone Cooling Units

    The success of conditioned storage of agricultural products is primarily determined by the choice of equipment used. The power of the OmniFrigo Turnkey Cooler (TKC) lies in the high air displacement and the large distance between the lamellas, resulting in a low ΔT (

    By Omnivent Techniek BV Office in GERMANY.

  • PCE - Model 172 - Lux Meter Accurate Device for the Industrial Sector

    The PCE-172 Lux Meter is used for accurate measuring of brightness in the industrial sector, commercial sector, agriculture and for research. The lux meter can also be used to test computer screen brightness, in the workplace, for the display decoration and in the world of design. It meets international standards for this type of lux meters. Here ...

    By PCE Instruments Office in Meschede, GERMANY.

  • JOHSTADT - Model KRCLV-125/335 - High Consistency Pump

    The JOHSTADT High Consistency Pump KRCLV-125/335 is a vertical centrifugal pump unit that is used for pumping of clear and dirty, neutral to slightly aggressive and abrasive fluids. In agriculture it transports manure with up to 12 % dry matter content. The pump is used for recirculation, rinsing of canals and filling up liquid manure vehicles.

    By PF Pumpen und Feuerlöschtechnik GmbH based in Jöhstadt, GERMANY. from High Consistency Pump Product line

  • UniFerm Plant System

    The UniFerm plant system offers a proven technology for outputs of between 250 and 780 kWel. This type of plant is especially suitable for the use of agricultural substrates such as energy crops and manure from agricultural operations. Our UniFerm systems are not only very safe, they are outstandingly efficient. This is based on: UniFerm – robust ...

    By AD AGRO systems GmbH & Co. KG based in Vechta, GERMANY.

  • Vetter - Forks with DIN Suspension

    DIN forks are generally used on older machinery, for special designs as well as in the construction and agricultural machinery industries. These forks are mounted by means of fork hooks that are slid onto the fork carriage. A characteristic feature is a 90° angle on the fork hook and the fork carriage section.

    By Vetter Umformtechnik GmbH based in Burbach, GERMANY. from Forks with DIN Suspension Product line

  • RS - Hose Fittings with Barb Fittings for Clamp Integration

    This simple integration form still is far-spread and basically sufficiently suitable for media with low hazard potential as used, for example, in the agriculture and construction industries. For higher pressures and media with hazard potential, we recommend the standardised hose fittings as per 14420 and 14423.

  • Model ZK / ZL - Indented Cylinder Separators

    The PETKUS Indented Cylinder Separators ZK / ZL are used for the sorting and separating of seed, grain, fine and vegetable seeds, corn and similar agricultural, grained and free flowing granular products. The material is separated according to its length. Indented cylinder separators can either be used for separating short grain or long grain, and ...

    By PETKUS Technologie GmbH based in Wutha-Farnroda, GERMANY. from Indented Cylinder Separators Product line

  • Absolute - Model MH Series - Absolute Non-Contact Position Sensors

    MH sensors are designed for mobile machines and intended for IN cylinder use. They are validated in the fi eld by worldwide OEM’s and replace linear potentiometers and inductive sensors. The new MH5 sensor is designed to perform in high volume applications like Agricultural Machines, Construction Vehicles and Material Handling.

    By MTS Systems Corporation based in Lüdenscheid, GERMANY. from Absolute Non-Contact Position Sensors Product line

  • Model ZM3EW - East-West Mounting Frames

    Advantages:. Nearly every desired module design is possible with the project-specific construction, statics and production. Module mounting and later module exchange from underneath is an alternative.. Options of the ZM3EW are 5 to 6 modules in landscape mode or 3 to 4 modules in portrait mode on both sides.. The ground underneath the table ...

    By ZIMMERMANN PV-Stahlbau GmbH & Co.KG based in Oberessendorf, GERMANY.

  • Supel QuE (QuEChERS) Tubes

    Dispersive SPE (dSPE), often referred to as the 'QuEChERS' method, is an emerging sample prep technique that is becoming increasingly popular in the area of multi-residue pesticide analysis in food and agricultural products. In dSPE, food/agricultural samples are first extracted with aqueous miscible solvents in the presence of high amounts of ...

    By MilliporeSigma Office in GERMANY.

  • Nonwovens / Fleeces

    We offer different fleeces for many purposes on rolls. Fleeces are versatile for protective or drainage functions and many more uses. By different production methods and different materials we produce a wide range of nonwovens, which nowadays have become very important in the construction industry and in agriculture, but also in other areas. Are ...

    By Baur Folien GmbH based in Wolfertschwenden, GERMANY.

  • Breeder and Conductors

    We have got all the things in our program that plant breeder and conductors of agriculture trials use every day like surveyor articles, thermometers, barometers, wind speed indicators, and rain gauges. Protecting cloths like overalls, gloves, glasses, boots and further articles complete the range of products.

    By Baumann Saatzuchtbedarf based in Waldenburg, GERMANY.

  • Ammonium Nitrate

    Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is produced by the neutralization of nitric acid by ammonia. Ammonium nitrate is used in agriculture as a high-efficiency, concentrated nitrogen fertilizer for the top-dressing of winter crops, perennial grasses and pastures, for sugar cane cultivation, and also used in industry for the manufacture of explosive ...

    By EuroChem Group Office in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Ammonium Nitrate Product line

  • Anhydrous Ammonia

    Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) is produced by catalytic synthesis of hydronitric mixture; natural gas and nitrogen contained in the atmosphere are the primary raw materials for ammonia production. Ammonia is the basic raw material for production of nitrogen, phosphate and compound fertilizers; it is also used in agriculture and different industries.

    By EuroChem Group Office in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Anhydrous Ammonia Product line

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