agriculture water-use equipment near Delaware

  • Crop Protection

    We believe that by working together, we can find better ways to improve the quantity, quality and sustainability of the world’s food supply. DuPont Crop Protection works hard to understand the needs of growers as they rise to the challenge of feeding a growing world. We use inclusive thinking to create answers in insect, weed and disease ...

    By Dupont based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA). from Crop Protection Product line

  • Junior - Model DC - Battery Operated Controller

    The Junior DC is a versatile battery operated controller. Battery operation The Junior DC is a versatile battery operated controller. Battery operation allows placement of control valves in locations that are difficult or expensive to reach with traditional systems. Junior DC controllers boast two independent programs, 3 start times per program ...

    By The Toro Company Distributor in Rising Sun, MARYLAND (USA). from Battery Operated Controller Product line

  • Model A-216B and A-217B - PVC Valves

    These PVC valves have built their popularity on a proven track record of reliability in agriculture and greenhouse drip irrigation applications. Their key features include flow control, manual bleed, and porting for use in glove and angle configurations. These versatile valves are ideal for a wide range of agricultural applications.

    By The Toro Company Distributor in Rising Sun, MARYLAND (USA). from PVC Valves Product line

  • Orbach - Golf and Park Mowers

    Orbach Agri started eight years ago to adjust their cutting machines/mowers for the cutting of Golf Courses, Parks and Sports fields such as rugby fields, soccer fields and cricket fields. Firstly, to be able to do that the machines had to be adapted to run behind the tractor instead of next to it enabling the mower to cut between trees. The ...

    By Orbach Agri (Pty) Ltd based in Midvaal, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • FAE - Model STCL - Agricultural Soil Reclamation Stone Crushers

    STCL Stone crushers with a max working depth of 15 cm for tractors between 80 and 150 HP. The STCL is the entry level model in the rock crusher line. Its small dimensions and lower weight make it highly versatile. It is designed and built for agricultural soil reclamation in loose and superficial rock. Its small size makes it idea for use in ...

    By FAE GROUP S.p.A. Distributor in White Hall, MARYLAND (USA). from Agricultural Soil Reclamation Stone Crushers Product line

  • Model QuEChERS - Pronounced Catchers

    QuEChERS (pronounced Catchers), an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe, is a sample extraction and clean-up technique widely used for the analysis of multiple residues in hydrated agricultural products.

    By United Chemical Technologies based in Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Pronounced Catchers Product line

  • High Pressure Fogging System

    J&D Manufacturing’s 1000 psi High Pressure Fogging System is an effective way to reduce the temperature in your agricultural, horticultural or industrial/commercial building. Water is pumped through the high pressure lines and atomized into billions of tiny micron particles where it evaporates into the air for maximum cooling. With a ...

    By J&D Manufacturing, Inc. Distributor in Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from High Pressure Fogging System Product line

  • Model ML - 020P - PAR Sensor

    The compact ML - 020P PAR sensor or quantum sensor has a special optical filter to mimic the spectral response function of typical plant leaves. The PAR sensor is most common to be used to horticulture or agriculture applications.

    By RainWise Inc. Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from PAR Sensor Product line

  • Model ET107 - Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station

    Campbell Scientific’s ET107 is an automated system designed for commercial agriculture and irrigation scheduling. The station calculates potential evapotranspiration (ETo), which is the amount of water lost from the soil due to evaporation and plant transpiration. Calculating a crop’s evapotranspiration rate can aid in the development ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station Product line

  • RainWise AgroMET - Model IP-100 - Package Professional Agricultural Weather System

    The AgroMET professional weather system has been designed with the grower in mind! Our durable and dependable weather station collects on-site environmental information critical to making informed decisions for best practice planting, spraying and watering schedules. The agricultural specific weather data is sent to our cloud-based web hosting ...

    By RainWise Inc. Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA). from Package Professional Agricultural Weather System Product line

  • Premium

    AMS - Open End Soil Probes

    Open End Soil Probes allow you to take shallow samples and are primarily used in agricultural applications. The AMS open end soil probe collects a 1' diameter sample that is about 15' long. The probe is made of nickel-plated, 4130 chrome molybdenum steel. The slot in the cylinder is cut all the way through the end of the probe to facilitate ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) Distributor in Hamilton, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Open End Soil Probes Product line

  • Premium

    AMS - Brown Moisture Probe

    The AMS Brown Moisture Probe is a modified tile probe used primarily by agricultureal scientists and farmers to survey soil to depths of about 3-ft for the purpose of determining the depth of soil moisture storage following irrigation. The probe offers visual confirmation of soil moisture conditions, and this data is used to help determine crop ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) Distributor in Hamilton, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Brown Moisture Probe Product line

  • AFS - Bucket Elevators

    Our elevators are engineered to perform and built tough to provide years of reliable service. Whether your business is industrial or agricultural, whether your requirements are for receiving or unloading, pre-processing or post processing, count on us for your material handling needs. Our line of bucket elevators are highly corrosion resistant and ...

  • Ecomate Armicarb O - Model 1627 - 100 Fungicide 5 Lb. Bag

    ECOMATE ARMICARB is a a broad spectrum, contact foliar fungicide, for control of a variety of diseases on agricultural crops, terrestrial and ornamental plants, greenhouse and nursery crops and turf. ARMICARB is recommended for use in the following use sites: Greenhouse, Lathhouse, Shadehouse, Commercial and Residential Landscapes, ...

    By NewTechBio, Inc. based in Howell, NEW JERSEY (USA). from 100 Fungicide 5 Lb. Bag Product line

  • Filtrexx Mini-Fx Machine - Use in Agricultural, Landscape & Home & Garden Applications

    The Filtrexx Mini-Fx Machine is designed for use in agricultural, landscape, and home & garden applications, including filling GardenSoxx in continous lengths. Easily tendered with bagged media, bulk media, or by wheelbarrow, the Mini-FX Machine is ideal for large scale home gardens and small farms, landscapers, as well as for compost ...

    By Filtrexx International, LLC Distributor in Bernville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Filtrex Manual Filler - For Small Home and Garden, Landscape, Playground or Agricultural Applications

    The Filtrexx Manual Filler is ideal for small home and garden, landscape, playground, or agricultural applications. This unit can be used for any Growing Media and is easily tendered by a wheelbarrow or bagged growing media available at your local garden center.

    By Filtrexx International, LLC Distributor in Bernville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Filtrexx - Agricultural Systems

    Agricultural production has relied on man made systems to achieve the highest possible performance, and the best plant genetics.  However, Filtrexx Agricultural Systems is the first production system to challenge those advanced plant genetics.  By using a superior cultural system focusing on proper moisture, drainage, air, slow release ...

    By Filtrexx International, LLC Distributor in Bernville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Agricultural Systems Product line

  • OTS Self-Priming Pumps

    Gorman-Rupp offers a wide selection of small to medium sized self-priming pumps in its Off-the-Shelf program. These pumps can be used in a long list of applications, including gasoline, diesel, solvents, water transfer and spraying, agriculture, sprinkler booster, chemical processing, and a host of industrial and construction situations. Please ...

    By Gorman-Rupp Co. Distributor in Camp Hill, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from OTS Self-Priming Pumps Product line

  • Vetter - Forks with DIN Suspension

    DIN forks are generally used on older machinery, for special designs as well as in the construction and agricultural machinery industries. These forks are mounted by means of fork hooks that are slid onto the fork carriage. A characteristic feature is a 90° angle on the fork hook and the fork carriage section.

    By Vetter Umformtechnik GmbH Office in Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Forks with DIN Suspension Product line

  • ModuTank - Field Erected Tanks

    ModuTanks are economical solutions for environmental, industrial, agricultural and aquaculture applications including chemical as well as potable and waste water storage.

    By ModuTank Inc. based in Long Island City, NEW YORK (USA). from Field Erected Tanks Product line

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