agro-electronics Equipment in Australia

  • ETP - Model GC-MS & LC-MS - Electron Multipliers

    The multi-dynode approach of all ETP Electron Multipliers results in longer lifetimes and better sensitivity compared with channel multipliers because of greater surface area.

    By SGE Analytical Science Office in Victoria, AUSTRALIA. from Electron Multipliers Product line

  • ETP - Magnetic Sector

    ETP Electron Multipliers are air-stable. They can be repeatedly exposed to the atmosphere without degradation and can be stored on the shelf for up to two years.

    By SGE Analytical Science Office in Victoria, AUSTRALIA. from Electron Multipliers Product line

  • Premium

    Model FCE50L and FCE25L - Tabletop Electronic Screw Capping

    Flexible screw capping, accurate electronic torque and data logging.

    By Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Office in Wetherill Park, AUSTRALIA. from Tabletop Filling and Capping Units Product line

  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced the final Hours of Service (HOS) rule that will require commercial motor vehicle drivers to track their Record of Duty Status (RODS) electronically, using compliant Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) versus paper logbooks. Regardless of whether your driver already log their Hours ...

    By MiX Telematics Office in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.

  • Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Efficient management is critical for the pig farms of the future. Managers need high quality, next-generation technology supported by field-proven software and hardware solutions as well as options for the future.

    By PigTek Pig Equipment Group Office in AUSTRALIA. from Sow Care Solutions Product line

  • MANNEBECK - Model FaroTek - Electronic Farrowing Sow Feeder

    Enable your farrowed sows to eat multiple times during the day with the new FaroTek™ Farrowing Sow Feeding System. This MANNEBECK® sow feeding system provides sows with individualized care in group housing:

    By PigTek Pig Equipment Group Office in AUSTRALIA. from Sow Care Solutions Product line

  • Premium

    Electronic Tensimeter

    The electronic tensimeter is a portable pressure sensor in a bag for measurement of the moisture tension in the soil, measured through a tensiometer tube placed in the soil. The measuring device can be moved from tensiometer tube to tensiometer tube allowing an unlimited number of measurements over a short period of time. The hypodermic needle of ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from In Situ Soil Physical Research Product line

  • Lafert - Model 230/480 VAC - Power Electronics

    Lafert’s Servo Drive range includes standard products and custom solutions that ensure high performance and cost reductions for diverse applications across the fields of Industrial Automation and battery-powered applications.

    By Lafert S.p.A Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Power Electronics Product line

  • EMU - Model 10,000 , 7,000 & 5,000 - Air Seeder

    The E.M.U. (electronic metering unit) Air Seeders range, accurate, consitent, reliable product delivery. There are three models 5,000, 7,000 and 10,000.

    By Forward Farming based in Carlisle, AUSTRALIA. from Seeder Product line

  • Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader

    Big Dutchman’s new Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader is a new-generation reader and a remarkably handy tool to manage electronically tagged sows. The reader registers the sow number and transfers it wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The BigFarmNet app, available for Android and iOS, links the ear transponder number to ...

    By Big Dutchman Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Swine Production Product line

  • GP Graders - Cherry Grading Machines

    GP Graders manufacture turn-key solutions for the world’s leading cherry packers with the hero being the AirJet™ electronic cherry grader which sorts cherries according to colour, size, shape and defects.

    By GP Graders based in Mount Waverley, AUSTRALIA.

  • Househam - Model 3000 and 4000 litre - Trailed Sprayers

    There are four models of Househam Trailed Sprayers built to suit the demands of the operator. There are the high specification Househam 4000 litre and 3000 litre models which offer air suspension, steering axle, can-bus application control system and full electronic package.  The Househam 'M' range, introduced in 2008 is aimed at the ...

    By Househam Sprayers Ltd Office in Epping, AUSTRALIA. from Trailed Sprayers Product line

  • Irrigation Enhancer

    The Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer “enhances irrigation water” by causing the water molecules to lose their ability to bond with one another and any foreign contaminates contained therein. This is done through a unique process of ionization. The Irrigation Enhancer performs this process by utilizing frequencies to break bonds and strip ...

    By Eco1st Technology Group Office in Keysborough, AUSTRALIA.

  • Bail Marshal - Brings

    The Bail Marshal brings an unbeatable level of integration and simplicity to your milking system. With one on every bail, the Bail Marshal manages connectivity and communication between all your bail devices with speed and reliability. The beauty of the Bail Marshal system is that it enables you to add as many devices to each bail as you like ...

    By Waikato Milking Systems LP Office in Northern Victoria, AUSTRALIA. from Components Product line

  • Ecostar - Model 2000, 2500 and 3000 litre - Trailed Sprayer

    The Ecostar is the latest offering from the Househam Trailed sprayer range aimed for the budget minded farmer who wants build quality without the mass of electronic equipment found on many other sprayers. Available in three sizes, 2000, 2500 and 3000 litre with boom size options the Ecostar represents superb value for money with the quality ofthe ...

    By Househam Sprayers Ltd Office in Epping, AUSTRALIA. from Trailed Sprayers Product line

  • Horsch - Maestro - Model CC - Tillage & Seeding

    For all types of single grain sowing. Sowing speed up to 12 km/h with precise seed placement. High coulter pressure up to 300 kg. Due to the design of the machine the distance between fertilizer and seed always stays the same. The electronic control system monitors the amount of missing and double spots, as well as the coefficient of variation per ...

    By Muddy River based in Echuca, AUSTRALIA.

  • Foton - Model 82hp ROPS - Tractor With 4 in 1 Loader

    The Foton 82hp 4wd ROPS Tractor is powered by the reliable powerful Lovol turbo charged engine, with shuttle shift, creeper gear and German LUK clutch. This tractor is fitted with a self levelling 4 in 1 loader with Italian Joystick control and electronic solenoid 4 in 1 bucket valve. Suspension seat, independent PTO clutch, draft ...

    By National Machinery based in Nerang, AUSTRALIA.

  • Spray Booth Controller

    Operation: The controller is designed to operate one FAN (star delta configuration) for load of 15KW. A TIMER SBS1102 controls the pre and the post purge times. The timer operates as soon as the FAN is started. The Fan motor is protected by an electronic thermal overload with adjustable settings (24-40A). A door interlock is provide through and ...

    By PTronik Pty Limited based in Richmond, AUSTRALIA. from Specialist Systems Product line

  • Orbit - Model 2.7m - Concrete Platform Rotary System

    Known for their strength and engineering integrity, Orbit platforms are well featured and designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Waikato Milking Systems and accessories. The design of an Orbit rotary platform provides operators with a clean, fast milking environment, cow flow on and off the platform is excellent and the milking ...

    By Waikato Milking Systems LP Office in Northern Victoria, AUSTRALIA. from Rotary Systems Product line

  • Dobmac High Speed Potato Planters

    High Speed, Double Disc Planting Mechanism for increased efficiency. Using 24 Clamps instead of the traditional 12 we have achieved a higher speed of planting whilst keeping the Mechanism operating speeds the same. Ideal for planting fresh market, Seed & Processing varieties This planter is ideal for all planting conditions. The new planting ...

    By Dobmac Agricultural Machinery based in Ulverstone, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA.

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