agro-electronics Equipment in Netherlands

  • Agro Drive - Model VLT - Three Phase Frequency Controller

    The VLT Agro Drive enables efficient continuously variable speed control of three-phase fans. This control is based on a 0-10V input signal. The fan speed control can be adapted precisely to the demands of the user. Lower motor temperatures assure a longer lifetime, less maintenance and higher reliability. Furthermore, the energy use is strongly ...

    By Vostermans Ventilation B.V. based in RA Venlo, NETHERLANDS. from Control Equipment Product line

  • Alliance - Model AF-333 - Forestry Tires

    The Alliance AF-333 is a new and modern steel-belted diagonal Agro-Forestry tire designed for, agriculture, forestry and on-road use.The tire is designed for excellent grip,high traction abilities, low slip & fuel consumption. Larger lug contact area, extra large footprint and high tread depth coupled with improved cut & chip resistant ...

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) Office in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Forestry Tractors - Agro Forestry Product line

  • Allaince - Model 347 - Steel Reinforced Agricultural Tires

    The Allaince 347 forest is a steel reinforced agricultural tires designed for dealing with all kind of light forestry operation. Low lug angles provide higher traction necessary for successful forestry operation. Overall technical characteristic including steel breakers, high undertread and sidewall gauges reinforced bead which enable smooth and ...

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) Office in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Forestry Tractors - Agro Forestry Product line

  • GAN - Model 600W 240 V - 277 V - Electronic Fixtures

    The most efficient 600W lamp combined with a highly efficient reflector, brought together in a very small footprint fixture. The reliable and efficient electronics save energy compared to electromagnetic ballasts. Also available in a dimmable version.

    By Gavita Office in Aalsmeer, NETHERLANDS. from Electronic Fixtures Product line

  • GAN - Model 600W 400V - Electronic Fixtures

    The basic for developing the electronic fitting was the expected energy cost reduction and therefore get relatively higher light output (par/watt). Our experience shows that it is saving energy. It can also be dimmed.  Fitting weight and solid fitting housing The electronic fitting is small in volume and weighs less than a conventional ...

    By Gavita As Office in Aalsmeer, NETHERLANDS. from Electronic Fixtures Product line

  • GAN - Model 300 LEP 100-277 V - Plasma Fixtures

    The GAN 300 LEP is based on the LUXIM STA41 series light emitting plasma (LEP) emitters. The horticultural fixture is completely sealed, has no fans or moving parts and is therefore completely quiet and durable. The GAN 300 LEP provides a high quality full continuous spectrum, including UVA and UVB with very little infrared radiation. The GAN 300 ...

    By Gavita As Office in Aalsmeer, NETHERLANDS. from Electronic Fixtures Product line

  • Premium

    Electronic Tensimeter

    The electronic tensimeter is a portable pressure sensor in a bag for measurement of the moisture tension in the soil, measured through a tensiometer tube placed in the soil. The measuring device can be moved from tensiometer tube to tensiometer tube allowing an unlimited number of measurements over a short period of time. The hypodermic needle of ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from In Situ Soil Physical Research Product line

  • Premium

    Model FCE50L and FCE25L - Tabletop Electronic Screw Capping

    Flexible screw capping, accurate electronic torque and data logging.

  • Rovero - Agro Quick Use of Glass Fibre

    As the name suggests, Agro Quick is assembled and taken down in a jiffy, thanks to our use of handy quick couplings. The structure is the ideal temporary protection for your crops in case of extreme weather conditions.

    By Rovero based in Raamsdonksveer, NETHERLANDS. from Climate Halls Product line

  • Electronic Dimmer

    Agrilight b.v. offers a number of different dimmers for lighting systems in poultry housing. This electronic dimmer has been specially designed for the Orion System and provides the option of dimming the 80 Orion fixtures from 100% to 60%. With the electronic dimmer the lights can be dimmed continuously, or they can be controlled automatically ...

    By Agrilight B.V. based in Monster, NETHERLANDS. from Control Cabinets Product line

  • Model FWS-4N - Electronic Feed Weigher

    The FWS-4N can be applied to weigh dry granular animal feed. The feed is supplied through one or multiple supply augers at the top of the feed weigher. When using multiple supply augers, the top of the feed weigher can be fitted with the optional TRECH-FWS. The weighed feed portions are discharged from underneath the feed weigher. The feedweigher ...

    By Hotraco Agri BV based in Hegelsom, NETHERLANDS. from Sensors Product line

  • Gouda-Geo - Model EDAS - Electronic Datalogging System

    Automated datalogging system designed to be used in combination with a hydraulically driven chain-type SPT or DPT dynamic sounding unit. The system registers the number of blows, number of blows per 10 cm and penetration depth and stores the data in an integrated memory. The data can be retrieved from the data logger in a later stage by attaching ...

    By Gouda Geo-Equipment BV based in Warmond, NETHERLANDS. from SPT & DPT Equipment Product line

  • Model EW - Electronic Continuously Variable Manual Controllers

    The EW 3.15 and the EW 6.3 are manual fan motor speed controllers for continuously variable speed control. For the EW 3.15 the maximum output current is 3.15 Amps. For the EW 6.3 the maximum output current is 6.3 Amps.

    By Vostermans Ventilation B.V. based in RA Venlo, NETHERLANDS. from Control Equipment Product line

  • Electronic Sow Feeding Station (ESF)

    In the gestation house the sows are housed together in stable or dynamic groups and they are free to move around, eat, sleep and play. Sow welfare has top priority and the circumstances and equipment must be created and designed to maintain the animals in top condition. Each group must have a place to lie and rest, a dunging area, an area for ...

    By Porcon BV based in Deurne, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model ELK 02 - Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Pincers Unit

    The pincer unit is determined by the type of Oetiker clamp to be installed, the required closing force, and the available air pressure. The pincer and control unit together form a complete unit. To obtain the optimum closing force, please refer to the technical information for the product being installed, and take into account the availability of ...

    By Oetiker Schweiz AG Office in Ede, NETHERLANDS. from Installation Tools Product line

  • Trilink - Model 2t - Electronic Continuously Variable Triac Controller

    The Trilink-2t enables continuously variable speed control for single-phase fans based on a 0-10V input signal. The Trilink-2t can also be configured to control heat lamps or lighting. The maximum output current is 12.5 Amps.

    By Vostermans Ventilation B.V. based in RA Venlo, NETHERLANDS. from Control Equipment Product line

  • CMC Pro

    What exactly does it take for a properly adjusted professional coffee machine to produce the same creamy cup of cappuccino every single time? Ideally, a CMC Pro dosing control device! Up to 3 keypads (with a maximum of 6 keys) as well as a 16 x 2 display can be connected. The display brightness can be adjusted using a dimmer. 7 230 VAC outputs are ...

    By Digmesa AG Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from High-tech Electronics Product line

  • Silo - Model AK2501CLE - Feed Storage Container

    Alke Agro Silo systems are made of galvanised and corrugated high tensile steel, galvanized with 350 gr. zinc per m2. The silo will be delivered in an unassembled form and must be erected at the site. Included are: bolts & nuts, mechanical opening system, side ladder, side ladder protection frame, top ladder, sealing material, anchor bolts and ...

    By Alke Agro BV based in Holland, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model ICM 18 - Floor Scrubber

    The ICM 18 is a industrial scrubber dryer whose solid construction and minimum amount of electronic features make it reliable and extremely user-friendly.

    By Verhagen Leiden B.V. based in Leiden Holland, NETHERLANDS. from Floor Scrubbers Product line

  • Babyleaf and Spinach Harvesters

    Harvest your babyleaf and spinach with the Tumoba harvester for babyleaf and spinach. Our machines are standard fitted with:Automatic steering by a sensor between the beds, electronic cutting-height adjustment with display, electric steering and speedcontrol and tracks

    By Tumoba B.V. based in Barendrecht, NETHERLANDS. from Babyleaf Harvesters Product line

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