agro-electronics Equipment in United Kingdom

  • Model BV555-D - Enclosed Unit

    The BenchVent eXaGon BV555-D is a rigid ABS plastic spray trap ideal for the model making environment. It's an enclosed unit incorporating a particulate air filter to 5 microns, and a Centrifugal, internal rotor motor blower. It also incorporates a 2 meter length of 100mm flexi-duct to enable the venting of all potentially harmful particle and ...

    By BenchVent based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronics Product line

  • Model E-BOX Series - Control Panel

    SUBMERSIBLE PUMPSIdeal for filling/draining stations.designed for Single-phase and three-phase pumps.Working with float switches (max.5).Working with level probes (max.5).Working with depths sensors(0-10V / 4...20mA).Amperometric protection.Exchange of the pumps starting order (each start).PRESSURE PUMPSIdeal to drive 2 pumps booster sets.designed ...

    By Dab Pumps S.p.A. Office in Bishop`s Stortford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronics Product line

  • Active Driver Devices

    The Active Driver devices are innovative variable speed electric pump integrated control systems, capable of maintaining a constant pressure in relation to the varied flow rates. The set pressure can be adjusted and the various settings and related error warnings can be viewed, thanks to a simple and immediate user interface. Active Driver is ...

    By Dab Pumps S.p.A. Office in Bishop`s Stortford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronics Product line

  • Pangel - Model OMD1 - Animal Feed

    PANGEL OMD1 is a rheological additive based upon a highly purified bentonite clay designed for low polarity systems. PANGEL OMD1 is recommended for both aliphatic solvents and mineral or synthetic oils. Pangel OMD1 does not require the use of polar activators.

    By TOLSA Group Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Animal Feed & Agro Product line

  • Agros Clamp

    Agros Clamp delivers one million lactic acid-producing bacteria per gram of grass, resulting in a fast and controlled fermentation with little protein breakdown. This produces nutritionally better and more palatable silage, increased intakes and improved animal performance. Don't take chances with your silage - use Agros Clamp to ensure fast ...

    By Volac International Limited based in Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agriculture- Forage- Silage Additives Product line

  • Model SM150E/SM150P - Electronic Meter

    The silent SM150E/SM150P offers customers the latest in ‘solid state’ electronic metering technology with added benefits. With a robust Fortron (PPS) base, the SM150E/SM150P can be used with brass or metal fittings with no risk of acid/corrosion attack in harsh weather conditions. With non-moving parts technology, the meter delivers ...

    By Elster Water Metering based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic Meters Product line

  • Marubeni - Model SC-450 - Single Wafer Carrier for 450mm Silicon Wafer

    The SC-450 is a Single Wafer carrier for 450mm Silicon Wafer. It is made of highly pure plastic PC and PBT. This shipping container holds one 450 mm wafer. The wafers are held by the edge so that there is no contact with the wafer surface. The container has a filter, so it can also be transported by aircraft.

    By Marubeni Europe Plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic Materials Product line

  • ETP - Magnetic Sector

    ETP Electron Multipliers are air-stable. They can be repeatedly exposed to the atmosphere without degradation and can be stored on the shelf for up to two years.

    By SGE Analytical Science Office in Chester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electron Multipliers Product line

  • ETP - Model GC-MS & LC-MS - Electron Multipliers

    The multi-dynode approach of all ETP Electron Multipliers results in longer lifetimes and better sensitivity compared with channel multipliers because of greater surface area.

    By SGE Analytical Science Office in Chester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electron Multipliers Product line

  • Model SM250 - Electronic Meter

    The Elster SM250 meter is the future of electronic metering technology. With no moving parts it is unaffected by grit and sand, retaining accuracy and working condition throughout the product lifetime. Available with a 1” or 3/4” thread and in pulse or encoded versions, the SM250 is perfect for residential applications.

    By Elster Water Metering based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic Meters Product line

  • Chameleon - Model Vega - Professional Electronic Sticky Traps

    The Chameleon Vega is the latest addition to the award-winning Chameleon range of UV fly control units manufactured by PestWest. Its revolutionary design is based on new slimline technology making the Vega a stylish, powerful and economical fly trap. Its elegant and ultra-slim design combined with an all stainless steel or white all-metal ...

    By PestWest Electronics Limited based in Ossett, UNITED KINGDOM. from Professional Electronic Sticky Traps Product line

  • Nemesis - Model Quattro - Electronic Fly Killers (EFKS)

    This all-metal electronic fly killer combines robustness and power with energy-efficient and environmentally responsible technology making it the ideal choice for large open industrial areas. It features new higher energy efficient UVA tubes powered by a state of the art electronic ballast for optimum fly control performance with low running costs ...

    By PestWest Electronics Limited based in Ossett, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic Fly Killers (EFKS) Product line

  • Titan - Model 300 - Electronic Fly Killers (EFKS)

    With a wrap-around chrome guard giving 360º protection, this all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond its price. It is ideal for larger kitchens, shops, cafés and all commercial uses. It can be adapted to operate as a cluster fly unit by removing the tray.

    By PestWest Electronics Limited based in Ossett, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic Fly Killers (EFKS) Product line

  • Delabie Tempomatic

    Range of automatic taps from Delabie powered by battery or mains, depending on site requirements. The range includes mechanical hands-free options, including knee & foot valves. Choose from a variety of mixing valves, if needed. Up to 3-year manufacturer's warranty on some products.

    By Mechline Developments Limited based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic & Hands-Free Taps Product line

  • Model BBD203 - Benchtop Brushless DC Motor Controllers

    The BBD Series of Brushless DC Motor Controllers are ideal for motion control applications demanding operation at high speeds (hundreds of mm/s) and with high encoder resolution (

    By Thorlabs Inc Office in Ely, UNITED KINGDOM. from Motion Control Electronics Product line

  • Model Series D - Electronic Single Electronic Timers

    Line protection: unbalance, maximum and minimum voltage, phase sequence. Detection functions: motor re-start, thermistor, earth-leakage, voltage, current, frequency.

    By GE Energy Industrial Solutions based in Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electronic Relays - Auxiliary Devices Product line

  • Premium

    Model EBU250 - Electronic Bottom-Up Filling System

    When filling foaming products in high volumes, it is often necessary to move the filling nozzle to the ­bottom of the bottle and raise the nozzle at the same speed as the product level rises during the fill. This will give less turbulence in the liquid during filling, so foaming is reduced significantly.

    By Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group based in Falmouth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tabletop Filling Units Product line

  • Electronics Accessories

    Blancett offers several electronics options to suit a variety of output requirements. These accessories will modify, enhance or customize the frequency output from the Blancett turbine flow meter. In addition, many accessories are also stand-alone devices compatible with other instrumentation.

    By Blancett Flow Meters Office in Thetford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Songbird Magnet - Electronic Bird Attractant

    Electronic songbird attractor lures songbirds, including Purple Martins, with unique audio of bird calls. Songbird Magnet was designed in consultation with ornithologists & biologists for maximum realism. Naturally recorded digital output represents multiple individuals, with each song set to play at naturally occurring sound levels & ...

    By Bird-X Inc. Office in Littlehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from For Songbird Lovers Product line

  • Mini Measure Revolution - Model 5605E - Electronic Reading Measuring Wheel

    The Mini Measure Revolution digital indoor measuring wheel from Trumeter, combines advanced and patented technology for the first time to a measuring wheel at costs previously unimaginable. Using the latest electronic design technology, Trumeter have manufactured an electronic road distance measuring wheel with more features than ever before. ...

    By Trumeter Technologies Ltd based in Bury(Lancs), UNITED KINGDOM. from Indoor Measuring Wheels Product line

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