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agro-meteorology equipment

  • Agroremproject - Couplings for Cultivators

    They are designed ( serving as an intermediate part ) for combining together several agricultural machines from the same type, with the intention to effectivelly use the drawing effort of the tractor and increase the working width. It is also possible that other types of agricultural equipment are attached, different from the above stated, in case ...

    By Agroremproject -98 JSCo based in Rousse, BULGARIA. from Couplings for Cultivators Product line

  • Tramp Axle Dump Trailers

    The tramp double axle hydraulic dump trailer is available as 6' x 12' and 7' x 14' heavy duty models. Constructed with high grade steel, these end dump trailers are the perfect utility dump trailers which can be used as freight haulers, farm dump trailers, agro-dump trailers or landscape dump trailers.

    By Tramp Trailers based in Savannah, GEORGIA.

  • Seeding Complexes

    Production Enterprise Agro-Soyuz manufactures seeding complexes, designed for conservation agriculture. Direct seeding into crop residues causes minimum soil disturbance, prevents erosion and reduces water loss. When manufacturing this type of machinery, we implement the experience of global manufacturers of innovative agricultural equipment and ...

    By Agro-Soyuz Holding based in Yubileyny town, UKRAINE.

  • Agroflow - Irrigation Piping Systems

    As an ever expanding company with the main focus on providing affordable solutions to the farmers Agro Irrigation has set up a plastics division and is currently producing high quality pipes. We have full technical back-up from our principals in Israel which gives us confidence to assure the client of a world class product at an affordable price.

    By Agro Irrigation & Pump Services Limited based in Nairobi, KENYA.

  • Fire Tube Boiler

    The AGRO Fire Tube Boiler was specially developed for the use of biomass-fuelled equipment. In particular the vertically-aligned boiler model with self-cleaning design guarantees a high degree of efficiency and an extremely long period of operation between cleanings.  Operating parameters: 6 – 16 bar, 100-150° C. Steam parameters: ...

    By Agro Forst & Energietechnik GmbH based in St. Paul im Lavanttal, AUSTRIA. from Fire Tube Boiler Product line

  • Fungastop - Broad Spectrum Fungicide

    Fungastop is a potent and effective alternative to synthetic agro-industrial chemicals. Fungastop contains naturally-derived ingredients which have been scientifically proven to act as a broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial compound. The active biochemical in Fungastop is currently used in international markets as a sanitizing and ...

    By Soil Technologies Corporation based in Fairfield, IOWA (USA). from Broad Spectrum Fungicide Product line

  • ProKa - Liming-Fertilizing Agent

    proKa, developed by Agro-100, is a liming-fertilizing agent rich incalcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, and micronutrients. It is designed to correct the pH level, enrich the soil with more than 4% potassium sulphate and supply optimum conditions for high yields.proKa is recommended when soil analysis reveals a need for lime and potassium ...

    By Agro-100 based in Joliette, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Liming-Fertilizing Agent Product line

  • KaLime - Liming-Fertilizing Agent

    KaLime, developed by Agro-100, is a liming-fertilizing agent rich in calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium and micronutrients. It is designed to correct the pH level, enrich the soil with more than 6% of potassium and yield optimum results. KaLime is recommended when soil analysis reveals a need for lime and potassium supplementation. Certified ...

    By Agro-100 based in Joliette, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Liming-Fertilizing Agent Product line


    The IMS ATIS / VOLMET system benefits from more than ten years of MicroStep-MIS experience in the field of meteorological service for civil aviation. It provides Arrival, Departure or Combined ATIS and VOLMET broadcast services for airports from regional ones up to the major international airports as well.

    By MicroStep-MIS based in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

  • Sotrad - Water Automatic Unit

    The Sotrad Water Automatic Unit , that use electric energy, is aimed at being installed at the inlet of raw water and at treating this water automatically in order to distribute it to any applications. The automatic unit allows to produce continuously from 20.000 to 60.000 liters of treated water every day without any dedicated worker. This unit ...

    By Sotrad Water based in Lasne, BELGIUM.

  • Promill - Triple Pass Drum Drying Technology

    Promill has a proven experience for 60 years in conception and manufacture of 3 pass dryers for various products and fibres of the agro industry. The 3 pass drum dryer offers following benefits which results in leading technology in the world. “Inflight drying” in the passes allows to dry various products with different ...

    By Promill-STOLZ based in Serville, FRANCE.

  • Claas PADDY PANTHER - Model 26 - Transplanters

    PADDY PANTHER 26 is the answer to all of these challenges involved in rice farming in India. Specifically, the labor shortage problem can be solved with the concept of Custom Hiring Centers or Agro Service Centers in which one individual person or organization keeps the machine and does transplanting for small and medium scale farmers on pre ...

    By CLAAS Group based in Harsewinkel, GERMANY. from Transplanters Product line

  • Farrowing Pen

    The Vissing Agro farrowing crate is designed to give the sow and the piglets enough space  during the whole lactating period. The wings with the bended fingers are supporting on the whole back and give the piglets a good access to the sow. The penning is made from light plastic board profiles and together with the special brackets for the ...

    By Vissing Agro A/S based in Brædstrup, DENMARK. from Farrowing Pen Product line

  • Sows, Guilts and Boars

    Vissing Agro makes the most stable solutions for sows, gilts and boars. The equipment is designed so it provides maximum stability. Fronts are made in plate/bars. And tall posts for stability. The dividers can be created in several different ways. For example like the fronts of plate/bars, plastic panels or in the concrete elements. Or it can be ...

    By Vissing Agro A/S based in Brædstrup, DENMARK. from Sows, Guilts and Boars Product line

  • CalPoMag - Liming-Fertilizing Agent

    Developed by Agro-100, CalPoMag is a liming-fertilizing agent with a higher magnesium content than proKa and KaLime. It is also a sound investment in growth. In cases when the soil is well-balanced in both potassium and magnesium, CalPoMag is recommended to correct the pH level while maintaining the cation balance or in light soils naturally low ...

    By Agro-100 based in Joliette, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Liming-Fertilizing Agent Product line

  • Allaince - Model 347 - Steel Reinforced Agricultural Tires

    The Allaince 347 forest is a steel reinforced agricultural tires designed for dealing with all kind of light forestry operation. Low lug angles provide higher traction necessary for successful forestry operation. Overall technical characteristic including steel breakers, high undertread and sidewall gauges reinforced bead which enable smooth and ...

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) based in Wakefield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Steel Reinforced Agricultural Tires Product line

  • NResponse™ - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    This fast acting premium nitrogen product provides more flexibility in application than other nitrogen fertilizers. Specifically formulated for effective foliar and row applications, NResponse is quickly assimilated into the crop for a fast NResponse. When used as recommended, its physical characteristics make this product suitable for contact ...

    By Agrospray based in Tillsonburg, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Nitrogen Fertilizer Product line

  • Model T56, 45-150 - Levelling Auger

    The JEMA AGRO leveling auger is manufactured in galvanized steel and designed in a light and easy-to-assemble modular system. The leveling auger is quiet, and has low power consumption in relation to its capacity.The leveling auger is designed for transportation of grain, granulates and other bulk goods. The leveling auger is produced for both ...

    By Jema Agro A/S based in Bjerringbro, DENMARK. from Levelling Auger Product line

  • Model T32, 45-105 - Filling Auger

    The JEMA AGRO filling auger T32 is made of galvanized steel and designed in an easy installation modular system. It is quiet and has in relation to its capacity low power consumption. The filling auger T32 is designed for the transport of grain and other bulk material. T32 filling auger is a stable and simple solution for placement ...

    By Jema Agro A/S based in Bjerringbro, DENMARK. from Filling Auger Product line

  • S.FIVE GROUPE - agitator

    A wide range of agitators for all industries: chemistry, agro-food, water treatment .... These slow agitators can be used with all dimensions of tanks (height, diameter, etc.) and for all the characteristics of the products to agitate (viscosity, aggressiveness, fragility, etc.).These slow-speed stirrers are available with different turbines as ...

    By S.FIVE GROUPE Sarl based in Rouiba, ALGERIA.

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