cattle equipment near Alberta

  • Hi-Hog - Manual Squeeze - Manual Headgate

    The manual head gate provides an alternative head gate solution for ranchers handling cattle with horns.

    By Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment LTD based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Manual Squeeze - Manual Headgate Product line

  • Morand - Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Morand’s Squeeze Chute conforms to the shape of the cow. This allows for more room where the cow is the biggest. The cow is centered and more comfortable in the squeeze. With the squeeze coming over the top and underneath the cow, it is restricted from jumping up. Therefore, less tendency to fall down.

    By Morand Industries, Inc. based in Onoway, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Cattle Squeeze Chute Product line

  • Hi-Hog - Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes

    Hi-Hog’s manual parallel axis (PA) squeeze chute is highly regarded for its effortless handling, highly efficient operation, simple, safe design, and unmatched accessibility. The Parallel Axis Squeeze chute comes with one of three head gate options. For those with dehorned or polled livestock, Hi-Hog offers the Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute ...

    By Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment LTD based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes Product line

  • Hi-Hog - Manual Squeeze - Self Catch Head Gate

    Hi-Hog’s reliable and efficient self-catch head gate lets the animal catch itself so you can use your time to work the animal (rather than the head gate). This head gate is included on our highly respected parallel axis cattle squeeze chute.

    By Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment LTD based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Manual Squeeze - Self Catch Head Gate Product line

  • Hi-Hog - Hydraulic Chutes

    Hi-Hog’s hydraulic cattle squeeze chute reduces livestock stress and increases efficient cattle handling all while keeping both stock and operator safe. At 2,100 pounds, you will be hard pressed to find a chute offering better value per pound.

    By Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment LTD based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Hydraulic Chutes Product line

  • Morand - Complete Cattle Handling System

    Morand has been able to manufacture, field test, and improve on their cattle systems over the years. With lead up pens allowing you to gather cattle quickly and safely, into the 20'tub, you are able to guide them into the alley ways. An optional feature is the sorting gate coming off the tub, allowing you to sort your cattle to the alley way or ...

    By Morand Industries, Inc. based in Onoway, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Complete Cattle Handling System Product line

  • Hi-Hog - Cattle Squeeze Trailer

    Turn your stationary Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chute into a portable cattle chute with the addition of Hi-Hog’s squeeze chute trailer. With a mobile cattle chute you can share your chute with neighbors or transport your cattle chute from pasture to pasture.

    By Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment LTD based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Cattle Squeeze Trailer Product line

  • Morand - Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    The hydraulic squeeze allows you to process your cattle on a larger scale in a safe and secure manner. This squeeze has similar features to our shoulder holder squeeze chute. Designed to be easy on the cattle, this chute offers a number of features that make it one of the safest chutes on the market for animal and operator. The sides are tapered ...

    By Morand Industries, Inc. based in Onoway, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Product line

  • Agriculture & Livestock Buildings

    Break out of the hoop – we have combined fabric covers with time-tested rigid steel frames to create buildings perfect for cattle or agricultural usage. The unique shape and design flexibility allow for maximum ventilation. Constant airflow creates a productive environment with low stress and fewer zero-gain days. Fabric buildings ...

    By Legacy Building Solutions, Inc. Office in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Straight Alleys

    The new Stampede Steel 17' Straight Alley is an economical alternative for cattle producers. With universal left or right hand operation, this alley provides optimal manouverability with its solid one-piece skid system.

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Straight Alleys Product line

  • Manual Squeeze Chute

    Introducing the heaviest and quietest manual squeeze chute onthe market!  The head gate is controlled from the rear of the chute, placing the operator in the animal's comfort zone for catch and release operations. This innovative concept permits one person operation without inhibiting the flow of  cattle into the ...

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Manual Squeeze Chute Product line

  • Model 3010 - Heavy Duty Three Piece Tombstone

    For elk and horned cattle. 8' 6' outside diameter, 50' high. Solid bottom. 16 gauge HR sheet metal.

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Heavy Duty Three Piece Tombstone Product line

  • Fence Line Feed Bunks

    Comes in 20' and 24' length. 5’ high front. 2 7/8” outside frame. 12 GA steel bunk. Bumper bar. Extra ends available. Ideal for feeding in feedlot operations. No more changing cable heights! All self adjusting. Also works great for feeding bulls, cows or background cattle because of self-adjusting bumper bar.

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Fence Line Feed Bunks Product line

  • Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze

    The Stampede Steel hydraulic cattle squeeze is designed for the large cow/calf or feedlot operator. This squeeze comes equipped with a rubber-cushioned head gate to reduce shoulder bruising, as well as our state-of-the-art bifold action head gate. The head catch is completely parallel from top to bottom, virtually eliminating choking ...

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Product line

  • Premium

    Addfield - Model TB - Single Equine Cremator

    The Addfield TB cremation machine is our single horse / cattle cremation machine. Its top loading ruggid design and 2.3m³ chamber size, allows for safe and efficient cremation of individual horses or mass / multiple cremation of smaller animals. The TB machine is equipped as standard with an easy to use touch screen PLC controller, allowing ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. Distributor in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Single Equine Cremator Product line

  • Nifty - Promold Texas Shed

    The Promold Texas Shed offer the best in effective pest control for both cow/calf operations and feedlots. The 'Visual Maintenance' system save you both time and money, because the liquid only dispenses when rotated. This prevents any losses in liquid when cattle are not accessing the oilers.

    By Nifty Livestock Equipment Ltd. Distributor in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Promold Texas Shed Product line

  • 3in1 Feeders

    After many years of raising goats, and now sheep, one of our goals has been to find an effective livestock feeder. We have found the 3in1feeder from Advantage Feeders to be an excellent way of self-rationing goat and sheep feed. Huber Ag Equipment is excited to be able to sell these cattle, goat and sheep feeders in Canada and the US. Please hit ...

    By Huber Ag Equipment Ltd based in Coronation, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model 2×2 - Galvanized Manger Feeder

    We also have: corral panels,ride through gates,ranch gates,feeders, galvanized corral panels,stalls,dog kennels,security fencing,wire, hog panels,cattle panels,deer fence.

    By Pleasant Valley Trailers based in Vernon, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Galvanized Manger Feeder Product line

  • Steel Bumper Stocker

     With a steel frame and galvanneal steel exterior, CM’s Stocker is perfect for your cattle’s needs. With lengths of 14’ to 16’, widths ranging from 5’ to 6’8”, and a height of 6’6”, the Stocker features a 2” forged coupler, Dexter Spring Axles, silver mod wheels, forward ...

    By CM Trailers Distributor in Nanton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Steel Bumper Stocker Product line

  • BoviScan Curve - Light Weight Cattle Ultrasound Unit

    BoviScan Curve is a portable, light weight cattle ultrasound unit designed for extension arm ultrasound with the ReproArm or for rapid arm in cow pregnancy diagnoses.

    By ReproScan Office in Lethbridge, CANADA.

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