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cell counter Equipment

  • Cell Counter

    DIFF 15 Compact multi-function cell counter for manual differential counting procedures, e.g. bone marrow, blood, etc. 15 entry keys. DIFF 15 PC same as DIFF 15 but with RS232 interface for PC connection, including PC software.

    By CAT Ingenieurbüro M. Zipperer GmbH based in Staufen, GERMANY.

  • Lactotronic - Model MK1 - Somalyser - Somatic Cell Counter

    Somalyser MK1, the somatic cell counter by Lactotronic. Assurance of milk quality; Somatic cells (predominantly white blood cells of the cow) are usually present in raw cow milk. However the concentration of those can indicate whether the cow suffers a mastitis infection. During an infection the number of somatic cells increases due to the ...

    By Lactotronic B.V. based in Drachten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Perten Delta SomaScope - Model Smart - Somatic Cell Counter

    The Delta SomaScope Smart incorporates the latest in LED and Flow Cell Cytometry. It provides fast, accurate and easy to use information at the touch of a button. Whether testing individual cow samples to improve herd health and yield, or in-process samples to improve shelf-life and quality, the SomaScope Smart provides the most accurate and ...

  • Perten CombiScope - Model 600HP - Combined FTIR Milk Analyzer and Somatic Cell Counter

    The CombiScope FTIR 600HP dairy analyzer, from Delta Instruments, provides the highest sample throughput available for the routine analysis of cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk.The system consists of a component analyzer (LactoScope FTIR), a somatic cell counter (SomaScope LFC) and a sample handling system. This combination analyzes at ...

  • Model Cell Culture PD - Parallel Bioreactor Systems

    DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems for process development with animal and insect as well as with human cell lines allow for advanced process control and automation.Precise control of all relevant process parameters, user-defined profiles and innumerable automation features result in accelerated and highly efficient process development. ...

    By DASGIP AG based in Jülich, GERMANY. from Parallel Bioreactor Systems Product line

  • Unico - Model L-BC9 - Differential Counters

    UNICO Differential Counters have been time tested for decades in the clinical laboratory. The L-BC3 is a 2-key manual differential counter featuring the 2 keys. The L-BC6 is a 5-key manual differential counter featuring the 5 keys and totalizer window. The most popular model is the L-BC9. It features 8 keys with totalizer window. All metal housing ...

    By Unico based in Dayton, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Lab Mixers and Differential Counters Product line

  • Parallel System for Cell Culture Research and Development

    DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems for cell culture applications in research and development allow for advanced screening of animal and insect as well as human cell lines. High precision monitoring and control units designed for small working volumes combined with a truly parallel hardware and software design result in high information output and ...

    By DASGIP AG based in Jülich, GERMANY. from Parallel Bioreactor Systems Product line

  • SO2 Absorber

    Purifier for SO2, odorous volatile products and ethylene with combined humidification. The TL units for centralized use, have been designed and realized to eliminate the gaseous by-products produced by fruits during storage. The units are used for the storage of superior quality apples, pears and citrus fruits in general and above all for SO2 ...

    By Fruit Control Equipments (FCE) based in Locate Triulzi (MI), ITALY.

  • Peecon - Biga Jubilee Vertical Feed Mixer

    Standard equipment: Vertical feed mixer “Generation III”. Electronic weighing system with 15 programs, 4 load cells and LCD display 65 mm. 1 or 2 Double Action auger with Long-Life serrated cutting knives. Unilateral main bearing. 2 Adjustable counter knives. Planetary drive. 60 mm protection tube on top of tub. Ring to prevent boiling ...

    By Steqcan based in Westmeath, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Jafix - Model TN 200 E - Bagging Scales

    Fully automatic baling scale for packing potatoes and onions. Weighing range 1 - 30 kg. electronic weighing system with 2 load cells (Gassner) with default weight pre -weigh bin. belt width approx. 300 mm 3-row offset cleats approx. 50 mm high and approx. 100 mm wide with spacing of approx 150 mm. 220 volt drum motor with automatic switching via ...

    By Euro-Jabelmann Veurink Ltd. based in Itterbeck, GERMANY. from Potato Technology Product line

  • Cryogenetics - Model SDM6 - Photometer - Quick Photometric Measurement

    Cryogenetics delivers systems for measuring sperm concentration and quality parameters of fish sperm. Our SDM6 Photometer is calibrated for accurate measurement of fish sperm concentration. The large variation in sperm concentration between males and ejaculates is well documented. This leads to reduced fertilization efficiency and lost production ...

    By Cryogenetics AS based in Hamar, NORWAY.

  • Sanicleanse System

    The award-winning Teat Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber provides a reliable process in which the cows teats are washed, sanitised, dried and stimulated in quick time, every time. A process lasting up to 10 seconds per cow.

    By Northern Dairy Equipment Ltd based in Lancashire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pan Filters

    With their horizontal filtration area, the pan filters enable an excellent cake washing. Main applications are the filtration and washing of coarse grained slurries, especially in bauxite and phosphate processing and in the fertilizer production.

  • Model A724 addSWITCH Series 4 - Valve Controller

    Opening and closing irrigation valves, starting and stopping other devices remotely is exactly what the A724 addSWITCH Series 4 was designed to do. You no longer need to go on site to activate that latching solenoid - sending a simple radio command to your addSWITCH will do the job! addSWITCH supports a large variety of latching solenoids from ...

    By Adcon Telemetry - OTT Hydromet based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA. from RTUs Product line

  • Vertical Mixer Feeder

    The Abbey vertical auger mixer is one of the best on the market providing unique mixing ability with inherent build quality thus providing the customer with  unique added value on investment. The Abbey vertical diet feeder range is available in 3 different options - single auger, twin auger and tri-auger.  Models have capacities ranging ...

    By Abbey Machinery Ltd. based in Nenagh, IRELAND. from Diet Feeders Product line

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