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Compact Disc Cultivator equipment

  • Swifterdisc - Model XO_F - Short Compact Disc Cultivator

    SWIFTERDISC XO_F is a short compact disc cultivator with high working speeds of up to 15 km/h. Thanks to the precise distribution of the center of gravity (the axle is placed in front of the rear packer) the machine excels and is perfectly stable, irrespective of the high operating speeds. Each arm is fitted with a pair of discs (Twin-Disc ...

    By Bednar FMT s.r.o. based in Prague 9, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Disc Cultivator Product line

  • Compact - Model 4.50-9.30m - 3-Section All Round Roller

    The Compact is an all-round roller, which can be used for many purposes. Sowing preparation, rolling after sowing and rolling of winter crops can all be done with one and the same roller. Compact is also ideal as a machine to tow behind disc harrows. Compact is a hydraulic foldable roller for hich all operations are controlled from the tractor. ...

    By DAL-BO A/S based in Randbøl, DENMARK. from Rollers Product line

  • Agri Disc - Compact Disc Harrows

    The heavy AGRI DISC compact disc harrows are excellently suited for blockage-free mulching of crop residues, such as corn stalks, sunflower stalks, wheat straw, green manure, fallow land and the work of solid dung and liquid manure. By the uniform mixing of the soil with organic matter, the basis for the formation of humus is created. In addition ...

    By AGRI FARM Machinery GesmbH based in Michelndorf / Tullnerfeld, AUSTRIA.

  • Model ES 100 M1 CLASSIC - Single Disc Spreader

    The ES 100 M1 Classic is ideal for spreading rotational and permanent fallow land, intercrops, grass seed, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granulates. Its working width is continuously variable, so it can be adapted to any situation. The sowing rate is also variable via the metering slide valve to suit your current crop-production ...

    By APV Technische Produkte GmbH based in Hötzelsdorf, AUSTRIA. from Cultivation Product line

  • KBT Plus NOVA - Mounted Compact Disc Harrow

    KBT PLUS harrows are hydraulically folded which makes movement on public roads easy. Working elements installed on large individual springs, which not only facilitate the covering of chopped straw or green manure, but also protect discs from damage are an additional advantage of this machine. KBT PLUS harrows have adjustable disc angle (0˚ ...

    By BURY Agricultural Machines Company based in Kutno, POLAND. from Cultivation Equipment Product line

  • Lemken Rubin - Model 9 - Compact Disc Harrow

    The Rubin 9 compact disc harrow guarantees intensive, uniform mixing of organic matter and soil to a depth of approximately 12 cm, Its high weight guarantees penetration, even under hard conditions, and therefore reduces moisture loss from evaporation. This makes the Rubin 9 highly suitable for shallow, reliable stubble cultivation at high working ...

    By LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG based in Alpen, GERMANY. from Stubble Cultivation Product line

  • Lemken Heliodor - Model 8 - Compact Disc Harrows

    The Heliodor compact disc harrow can be used for shallow stubble cultivation on light and medium soils, and for seedbed preparation before mulch sowing, or after ploughing. This means the Heliodor can be used in both conventional and mulch sowing systems. High working speeds and a low power requirement give high-performance tillage.

    By LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG based in Alpen, GERMANY. from Stubble Cultivation Product line

  • Model KBT Plus & KBT STRONG - Trailed Compact Disc Harrow

    Compact harrows of KBT Plus NOVA and KBT Plus STRONG series (semi-suspended) were created thanks to cooperation of BURY Agricultural Machines with the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Machinery (PIMR) in Poznań. Working widths in meters: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. They are characterized by innovative solutions and solid construction. They are used ...

    By BURY Agricultural Machines Company based in Kutno, POLAND. from Cultivation Equipment Product line

  • Trio - Trailed Cultivators

    One-pass seed bed preparation. The Trio alleviates sub-surface compaction and mixes stubble and soil, leaving a level surface ready for seeding.

    By Sumo UK Ltd based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cultivation Product line

  • Twister

    An extremely compact, versatile and universal minimum till short disc harrow. With an optimal operation speed of 10-16km/h and an effective working depth of 4-12 cm, the desired results will be achieved.

    By Terrington Machinery Ltd based in Norfolk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cultivation Product line

  • PAPADOPOULOS - Model DiscoPlus & DiscoPlus R - Compact Disc Harrows

    The large diameter of discs 560mm, 610mm or 670mm obtains working cultivation up to 15cm in high speed even under very severe conditions. One of the main characteristics is the uniform and intensive mixing of organic matter.

    By PAPADOPOULOS based in Kilkis Perfecture, GREECE. from Compact Disc Harrows Product line

  • Multidisc - Disc Harrow

    Multidisc - Heavy Duty : 510mm disc diameter. Multidisc XXL - Very Heavy Duty : 610mm disc diameter.  Models rated from 70HP upwards / Category 2 & 3 linkage . Available with optional Polymat Compact Pneumatic Drill. Hydraulic folding options available up to 12m

    By Teagle Machinery Ltd based in Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tillage & Cultivation Product line

  • Trio - Mounted Cultivators

    The Mounted Trio has gained the reputation as the UK’s number 1 one-pass stubble cultivator. As the name suggests, the Trio comprises of three parts, each of these finely tuned to create a seedbed from stubble in one pass, an objective achieved by the vast majority of users.

    By Sumo UK Ltd based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cultivation Product line

  • Quatro - Cultivators

    Innovative concepts, unparalleled build quality and versatility – all are key features of the all-British designed and built Sumo Quatro, a class leading, one-pass, minimum tillage cultivator that incorporates many original ideas such as a level drawbar, twin-mounted discs, auto-retractable legs and the patented Multipacka.

    By Sumo UK Ltd based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cultivation Product line

  • Apollo - Heavy Cultivator

    Heavy cultivator APOLLO can be used for several soil processing with its compact and combine structure. It can be provided an effective soil processing on stubble processing after harvest. It is processed with on requested depth by tearing without tipping the soil. The stubble is mixed to soil by being cut from its root, it becomes organic ...

    By ILGI Agricultural Machinery based in Söke, TURKEY. from Cultivator Product line

  • Lemken Rubin - Model 12 - Ompact Disc Harrow

    Compact disc harrows provided previously intense and homogeneous mixing of soil and organic matter to a depth of approximately 12 cm. With Rubin 12, LEMKEN supplements its range of compact disc harrows, consisting of Heliodor 8 and Rubin 9, with a new series, which can work in up to 20 cm depth. The new compact disc harrow can operate on all soils ...

    By LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG based in Alpen, GERMANY. from Stubble Cultivation Product line

  • Struik - Model CB - Combination Cultivator

    The StruikCBcultivator (for combination usage) is a specially designed full-field cultivator which, when used in combination with a planting machine and a ridging hood, can perform planting bed preparation, planting and ridging in a single pass.

    By Struik Wieringermeer B.V. based in Wieringerwerf, NETHERLANDS. from Cultivator Product line

  • Carrier and Carrier - Model X - Versatile Disc Cultivato

    Carrier is a very powerful and versatile disc cultivator fitted with 45 cm discs made from Swedish specialist hardened steel. The driving speed is 12-15 km/h, creating very high capacity. The weight on each disc means that the working depth is maintained even in difficult conditions. The conical shape of the discs maintains the same working angle ...

    By Väderstad AB based in Väderstad, SWEDEN. from Väderstad Cultivators Product line

  • FLATLIFT - Model TDR - Cultivator

    The TDR is a deep and shallow intensive stubble cultivator, suitable for most conditions. The front 2 rows of tines create an aggressive soil disturbance action which is then followed up by an intensive mixing and chopping action from the 2 rows of discs. Finally consolidation can be achieved from the large diameter press roller which is available ...

    By Spaldings Ltd based in Lincolnshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Kverneland Qualidisc - Compact Disc Harrow

    Stubble cultivation is of major importance within conservation tillage: It incorporates weeds and volunteer cereal seeds into the soil with an intensive mixing and promotes their germination for a more efficient subsequent treatment. The even incorporation of the straw presents a key factor for seed germination.Therefore, Kverneland has designed ...

    By Kverneland Group based in Klepp St., NORWAY. from Soil Equipment - Disc Harrows Product line

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