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compensed dripper Equipment

  • Model Isoflow - Compensed Dripper

    Configuration formed by a central membrane that narrow the outlet section when the load pressure increase the membraneis in easy-to-removable shell to facilitate cleaning, if necessary.

    By MB Plast based in Pomezia Roma, ITALY. from Drippers Product line

  • Netafim - Pressure Compensating Drippers

    Netafim Pressure Compensating Drippers developed with Netafim’s advanced pressure compensating technology deliver a uniform flow rate even in areas with difficult topographical conditions. A unique pressure differential mechanism regulates flow and provides self-cleaning action, even while irrigating - for a clog-resistant design and high ...

    By Netafim USA based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agriculture Division Product line

  • Shrubbler - Model 360° - Pressure Compensating

    A Pressure Compensating fixed diameter drip emitter. Gentle flow action with uniform coverage for all emitters on the same supply tube. Operating pressure 15 psi to 45 psi.

    By Antelco Corporation based in Longwood, FLORIDA (USA). from Drippers Product line

  • Dripper - Model 25 - Drip Irrigation System

    We've used our wealth of knowledge to create the perfect drip irrigation kits to get you up and running quickly with an irrigation system of your own. The Drip Irrigation Kit with 25 drippers is a comprehensive kit that includes all the parts needed to install a drip irrigation system for up to 25 plant containers or 10 metres of hedging/flower ...

    By Easy Garden Irrigation based in Pembrokeshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Garden Irrigation Systems Product line

  • Premium

    iDrop - Turbulent Flow Dripper

    Turbulent flow or self-compensating drippers. Suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses and any situation where a precise flow rate is required.

    By Irritec S.r.l. based in Capo d’Orlando, ITALY. from Drip Irrigation Product line

  • Model PCJ - Dripper Pressure Compensated

    PC system, patented pressure differential system maintains uniform flow rate at different inlet working pressure (in the recommended working pressure range), ensuring exact distribution of the water and fertilizers. Self-flushing system, improves resistance to clogging. Dripper can be positioned exactly where required. Number of drippers can be ...

    By Sprinkler Irrigation Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Drip Irrigation Product line

  • PALADRIP - Self Compensating Dripline with Embodied Drippers

    Uniform and reliable irrigation to large run lengths even in difficult fields with uneven terrain. Easy and dependable irrigation. Self Compensation with low pressure rates economizing energy. Ideal for linear cultivation such as cotton, com, tobacco, sugar beets and irrigation in greenhouses. Highly durable for multi lay outs and retrievals. ...

    By Palaplast s.a. based in Thessaloniki, GREECE. from Irrigation Products Product line

  • MBTECH - Pressure-Compensating and Non-Drain On-Line Drippers

    MBTECH meets all the qualities of a pressure-compensating and no-drain dripper just in one punched dripper, providing each plant with a constant flow independently from the pressure. It is an ideal dripper for crops that requires a maximum precision for fertigation. Models: 2L - 3L - 4L - 8L - 12L.

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN. from Irrigation Drip Emitters - On-line Drip Emitters Product line

  • Megha Agrotech - Drippers/Emitters

    As per IS 13487:92 under license No. CM/L 6290267. On line type-openable drippers. Water discharge 2,4 & 8 LPH. Pressure compensation drippers are also available.

    By Megha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore, INDIA.

  • Cysne - Pressure-Compensating and Non-Drain On-Line Drippers

    CYSNE is the Pressure-Compensating and no-drain range able to adapt so much to installations of irregular topography as to crops of high performance in greenhouses. With the last advances in technology, CYSNE joins in the same dripper a wide range of pressure-compensating with the best variation coefficient, obtaining high uniformity of water ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN. from Irrigation Drip Emitters - On-line Drip Emitters Product line

  • DRTS - Dripper Molds & PC Dripper Assembly

    DRTS Provides the manufacturing technology to produce and assemble drip irrigation emitters. We sell injection molds for producing inline drippers round and flat. We also offer turnkey dripper production lines including: Injection machine, multi-cavity mold, assembly machine (for pc drippers), and flowtester for checking flowrates of drippers ...

    By Drip Research Technology Services (DRTS) based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ClickTIF - Button Dripper

    ClickTIF button dripper is designed for orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape applications. It provides precise irrigation in soilless media and pulse irrigation. CNL models prevent drainage in low places and operates in subsurface applications. Durable construction protects against woodpeckers and other animal damage. ...

    By Jain Irrigation, Inc based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model PC - Pressure Compensating Drip Line

    Have turbulent flow dripper and a built in labyrinth type dripper that provides high clogging resistance. Maintains constant flow rate at variable inlet pressure. Built-in P.C Drippers have high uniformity on long lateral length. All the drippers have 3 outlets for better uniformity. Flow rate for 20 mm pipe are available with 2 L/H or 4 L/H. Flow ...

    By IRRILINE Technologies Corp. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from IRRILINE- Drip Irrigation Product line

  • Aquapress - Pressure compensating dripline

    AQUAPRESS® is the new generation dripline with integral dripper, equipped with three main systems which ensure reliable performance in long lasting installations, on slope fi elds, surface or subsurface irrigation: Pressure compensating system (PC): ensuring uniform flow rate at wide range of working pressure through (0,55 – 3,50 bar), ...

    By PLASTIC- PUGLIA based in Monopoli, ITALY.

  • Model P.C.2 - Inline Dripper Line

    Large turbulent flow path, double filtration inlets and the widest pressure compensation range (6-65 psi) in the industry means uncompromising and unmatched performance. Dual Self-flushing Mechanism flushes at every start-up ensuring reliable operation and less maintenance day-after-day for year-after-year. Even the most severe field elevation ...

    By Eurodrip U.S.A., Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Gold-drip - Long-life dripper line

    GOLD-DRIP dripper line is a black color pipe with a blue stripe, equipped with turbulent flow cylindrical auto-cleaning drippers, which can be used on flat ground or hard slope grounds.GOLD-DRIP is particularly suitable for irrigation systems on seasonal crops such as, vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees and so on. It is successfully used too, ...

    By PLASTIC- PUGLIA based in Monopoli, ITALY.

  • Pressure compensating drip line

    Special designation overcomes the weakness-- high pressure shut down. Because of the special designed rush-nob, it is very easy to install automatically on the machine line in factory or artificially in the field. Due to the self–owned filter on the dripper and the vibrate-clean principle of the PC dripper, it is more efficient on resisting ...

    By Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd based in Xinjiang, CHINA. from Water Saving Equipment Product line

  • Netafim - Multi-Outlet Drippers

    Netafim Multi-Outlet Dripper (MOD) Assemblies deliver superior uniformity and higher plant values.

    By Netafim USA based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Greenhouse & Nursery Division Product line

  • Netafim - Dripper Stake Assemblies

    Netafim Dripper Stake Assemblies deliver superior uniformity with slow, low-flow drippers for even and uniform soil wetting without the run-off.

    By Netafim USA based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Greenhouse & Nursery Division Product line

  • Model PCI Series - Pressure Compensating Inline Drip Tubing

    Unique flow regulating concept: wide effective labyrinth, leading into the flow control chamber, where a sensitive floating diaphragm regulates and maintains a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressure. High clog resistance: Dripper's large intake filter is continuously flushed by the water flow. Large cross section on labyrinth. Self-cleaning ...

    By Bowsmith, Inc. based in Exeter, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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