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cow feed equipment

  • MicroMill - Feed Mill

    The MicroMill was developped with the smaller operator in mind. It is the only roller mill of it's kind made in North America. Weather you have a hobby farm with a few chickens, goats, horses, pigs or cows, you can feed them high quality fresh grains at a moment's notice. The MicroMill comes with all of the features of the EconoMill at a fraction ...

    By Apollo Machine and Products Ltd. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Accelerated Heat Contains

    Designed to enhance reproductive performance in dairy and beef cattle including embryo transfer donors and recipients. Contains 100% chelated trace minerals for increased bioavailability, high levels of beta-Carotene and Vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K. Crumble form makes it ideal for top dress feeding. Each 30 lb. pail contains 120 to 240 feedings ...

    By Accelerated Genetics based in Baraboo, WISCONSIN (USA). from Accelerated Heat Contains Product line

  • Nutria - Model G.P.N. Plus - Supplementary Feed

    Diseases and toxemia ketosis, which occur during gestation in sheep and goats and cows, they can cause various problems. Although the disease is clinically different and take place at different stages of gestation and lactation, the basis of the disorder are essentially the same: reducing blood sugar levels and the increase of ketones.

    By Nutria Hellas PC based in Athens, GREECE. from Supplementary Feed Product line

  • Beater Wagons

    Designed to provide a more consistent and even mix, the McIntosh Beater wagon is an addition to the conventional chain elevator system. The unique design with three PTO-driven horizontal beaters allows for better incorporation and more consistent blending of different products. Bales are broken up so that cows do not have to lift their heads to ...

    By Mcintosh Bros Engineers Ltd based in Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Mech-Fiber - Model 370 - Mixer Wagon

    The Mech-fiber™ 370 sets new standards in  ration mixing, combining Keenan's unique Mech-fiber  technology with high capacity. Itwill feed    approximately 100 cows in a single load. This mixer is ideal for medium  to large scale producers. With its higher auger, positionfeeding into high troughs or  ...

    By Alltech Farming Solutions Ltd based in Borris, IRELAND. from Mixer Wagon Product line

  • Model 3001 - Heavy Duty One Piece Three Bale Cow Feeder

    All one piece feeders come standard with patented haysaver design for minimum waste of feed. 8’4” x 21’ - 38 feed openings.

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Heavy Duty One Piece Three Bale Cow Feeder Product line

  • Model VM250 - Center Charge Feeder Conveyor

    Getting your cows fed is one job that just can’t wait. The Valmetal VM-250 feeder is a proven performer, trusted by generations of dairymen to deliver feed with maximum reliability. Feeders up to 250 feet long run on only 2 HP, making the feeder the most energy efficient choice while the quiet operation is appreciated by cows and owners ...

    By Valmetal inc. based in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Center Charge Feeder Conveyor Product line

  • Xpress - Model 325, 425, 505 - Vertical Mixers

    Lower horsepower with chain and sprocket drive. Adjustable axle for loading convenience. Great mixer for all feeding applications, dairy, cow/calf, stockers and more. Can be equipped with more knives optional.

    By Roto-Mix based in Dodge City, KANSAS (USA). from Vertical Mixers Product line

  • Slant bar feeder

    Many kind of feed fronts are needed in dairy farm. One of the most popular feed front is the self lock. The self lock section could lock an individual cow or a group of cows. It's a very easy pattern to operate. Our counterweight system ensures a complete opening when the feeder is empty.

    By Equipements PFB inc. based in Wickham, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Model 101NA - Fluid Feeder Nipple Attachment

    Fits on any Springer Magrath Fluidfeeder (sold separately) to allow mouth feeding of fluids to young calves that are unable to nurse from a cow. The nipple is designed to allow liquid to leave the bottle while keeping air out. When used properly, the rate of flow is slow enough to cause the calf to form saliva freely, which is necessary for proper ...

    By Miller Manufacturing based in Glencoe, MINNESOTA (USA). from Fluid Feeder Nipple Attachment Product line

  • Greenoak - Automatic Feed Station

    Feeding small frequent meals through out the day (6 periods)  has shown major health benefits to Ruminants. Especially when they have good access to quality hay/sileage. Greenoak is involved in research of optimizing the nutrition prior to giving birth and after to reduce Ketosis and provide enough calories to maximize milk production whilst ...

    By Greenoak North America Inc. based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • YokeMaster - Self Locking Yoke Panel

    Designed for dairy cattle, the IAE YokeMaster self locking yoke panel is designed to allow cows to feed freely, but also to allow the animals to be locked into the panel to permit treatment, for example AI or PD, within the dairy environment, with all of the consequential welfare and yield benefits associated with not removing the animal from its ...

    By IAE based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Self Locking Yoke Panel Product line

  • Feed Fence for Calves – 6M

    Manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel, the feed fences are suitable for cows and calves.

    By LIMK Ltd. based in Gabrovo, BULGARIA.

  • Feed Fence for Cows – 5M

    The fence is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel and it’s suitable for feeding cows and calves.

    By LIMK Ltd. based in Gabrovo, BULGARIA.

  • Feeding Fence for Calves – 4M

    The fence is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel and it’s suitable for feeding cows and calves.

    By LIMK Ltd. based in Gabrovo, BULGARIA.

  • Albers - Headlocks/Lockups

    We all know that time is money! A lock-up that is easier to enter, creating a quicker and more positive lock-up, will provide more cow comfort.  Your cow spends most of her time in the headlock eating in the feed position. ALBERS ACCU-LOCK (patent pending) moves with her as she  feeds. Both sides pivot, creating easier cow movement, ...

    By Albers Dairy Equipment based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Feed Mills

    AminoMax bypass plant proteins are blended to meet your high standards. It allows you to custom-blend amino-acid-rich formulations to meet the specific needs of your most demanding dairy producers and nutritionists. AminoMax performance blended plant proteins create maximum bypass and bioavailability. When consumed, it protects against rumen ...

    By Afgritech LLC based in Watertown, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Bovachlor - Anionic Salts

    Effective – Provides anionic salts to help your dairy cows mobilize calcium, thereby aiding in the prevention of milk fever. Palatable – It is prepared in an aromatic liquid base which is then mixed with the dry ration, cows find it more palatable than dry chloride supplements and are unable to separate it from their feed. Economical ...

    By Westway Feed Products LLC based in Tomball, TEXAS (USA). from Anionic Salts Product line

  • Strata - Calcium Salt

    Strata, a calcium salt of fatty acid supplement with EPA/DHA Omega–3s, is fed at .25–.4  lb. feeding rate from calving out to 100–150 days in milk  in order to provide the proper levels of Omega–3s to the lactating cow’s diet.

    By Virtus Nutrition, LLC based in Corcoran, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Calcium Salt Product line

  • Multimix - Dairy Feed Mixer

    As with the general  machinery trend in agriculture, modern farmres are looking for lager, labour saving, automatic and reliable machinery to increase efficiency. At Cormall we have developed our Mixers along these same guidelines and can now offer a variety of machines from 12 cubic metre up to a huge 50 cubic metre  capacity. They ...

    By Cormall A/S based in Sønderborg, DENMARK. from Dairy Feed Mixer Product line

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