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crop cooling Equipment

  • Model Ultra-Cool - Whole-Crop Silage

    Ultra-Cool unique combination of Heterofermentative bacteria and Bacillus spp, supplying 1 X 106 cfu per gram of treated forage ( 1 million cfu/gram). Heterofermentative bacteria produce stable acids and metabolytes with a  broad spectrum of activity against moulds and yeasts. If not controlled these can lead to considerable spoilage and loss ...

    By Britmilk based in Dumfries, UNITED KINGDOM. from Whole-Crop Silage Product line

  • Model Stay-Cool - Food Preservative Salts

    Stay-Cool is a unique blend of food preservative salts which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria yeasts and moulds producing stable silage with extended face and trough life. Stay cool is delivered ready to use in liquid form in 1000 litre tanks, making very simple to use. Applied at between 1-2 litres for grass and maize and 2-3 litres for ...

    By Britmilk based in Dumfries, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grass Silage Product line

  • Standen - Model T2 - Potato Harvester

    THE HIGH PERFORMANCE 2-ROW POTATO HARVESTER: T2 is a 2-row tractor trailed potato harvester developed by engineers at Standen Engineering for high output and efficiency with low crop damage. T2 is built at Ely. MOVING UP A GEAR: The Standen T2 offers significantly more output. An additional front digger web and a longer sieving web provide a ...

    By Standen Engineering Limited based in Cambridgeshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Crop Product line

  • Model DTC-1 - Differential Temperature Controller

    The DTC-1 is a low cost simple to operate differential temperature controller for the use in small potato stores, onion and grain stores. The controller lowers the temperature of the stored crop by using lower ambient temperatures than the crop to ventilate and lower the crop temperature

    By Tryac based in Lincolshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cooling Product line

  • Differential Temperature Controller for Roof fans

    The Tryac DTC-2 roof fan controller is designed to remove hot air above the crop by using cooling ambient air. Easy to use control dials and operator indicaion provide ease of use.

    By Tryac based in Lincolshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cooling Product line

  • Model DTC-2 - Differential Temperature Controller

    The TRYAC DTC-2 has been designed to control the low volume fans used to ventilate the crop. It can be used to control a single fan on a grain silo or multiples of fans on floor stores.

    By Tryac based in Lincolshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cooling Product line

  • Model Cool-Store XL - High Dry Matter Silage

    High dry matter silage is particularly prone to heating especially if it is lower quality (low ‘D’ Value). In situation were high dry matter grass silages are made the use of Cool-store XL would be recommended. Try to aim for a dry matter of 25%-30% as quickly as possible depending on the leafiness of the crop. COOL-STORE XL contains a ...

    By Britmilk based in Dumfries, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grass Silage Product line

  • Cooling

    Depending on the climate, it may sometimes be necessary to cool a greenhouse to provide suitable growing conditions for plants that thrive in cooler climates. Whether it's because the temperature rises too much in the summer or because a cool climate crop is grown in a tropical area, several solutions are available to reduce the temperature inside ...

    By Harnois Industries based in St-Thomas, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Cooling & Ventilation System

    Greenhouse cooling or ventilation can be reached in mild climates with automatic roof vents or gable vents. These systems can also be used in warmer climates during spring and autumn, in this case the mechanical cooling can be switched of to save energy.

    By Westland Greenhouse Projects based in HONSELERSDIJK, NETHERLANDS. from Cooling & Ventilation Product line

  • Model KV 2800 - Box Fillers

    For compact solutions a KV 2800 is highly recommended, especially for complete solutions with less space where boxes need to be filled. The machine is specially designed to be moved simply by means of a fork lifttruck, to that place where trucks or other bulk store equipment need to be unloaded. In combination with the conveyor TCL a very keen ...

    By Bijlsma Hercules B.V. based in Franeker, NETHERLANDS. from Crop Handling Technology Product line

  • Model KV 4500 - Box Fillers / Big-Bag Fillers

    The unique construction of the latest generation of Bijlsma Hercules box fillers assures absolute dump-cone-free filling. This is essential for proper air permeability, and therefore for the effectiveness of the ventilation/cooling system. Application of vertical elevators with very product friendly finger-carrier construction make it possible to ...

    By Bijlsma Hercules B.V. based in Franeker, NETHERLANDS. from Crop Handling Technology Product line

  • Twin Wall Plastic Pedestals

    Once your precious grain harvest is in the shed, be it off the dryer or straight out of the field then you will need a grain ventilation system. Crops are a living thing and will continue to respire once in storage. Respiration creates stale air that needs to be moved and replaced with fresh air so that the crop does not heat up and become a ...

    By Evans and Pearce based in Dorset , UNITED KINGDOM. from Grain Cooling Systems Product line

  • Metalcool pedestals

    We have now sourced a metal pedestal that we are happy to sell for those of you that require this type of ventilation. The base is louvered so no material has been removed, making the pedestal stronger. There is no need for a filter when used to cool OSR and small seeds. Seeds are less likely to block louvered slots and even air distribution is ...

    By Evans and Pearce based in Dorset , UNITED KINGDOM. from Grain Cooling Systems Product line

  • Toro - Row Crops Overhead Sprinklers

    In line with their commitment to providing specialised products for the specific needs and purposes of their consumers, Toro Ag Irrigations have developed a line of overhead mini sprinklers suited to agricultural row crops, nurseries, hothouses and even evaporative cooling in poultry sheds.

    By The Pump House based in Nambour, AUSTRALIA.

  • Challenger - Model MT600E Series - Row Crop Tractors

    With more power, efficiency and comfort than ever before, the MT600E is seriously on a roll. An AGCO POWER™ 84 designed solely for the demands of agricultural applications produces big torque down low where it counts. With redesigned cooling and hydraulic systems ready for the pressures of any job, it’s built to set new benchmarks for ...

    By Dennill`s Agricenter based in Dewberry, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Challenger Products Product line

  • John Deere - Model 6140M - Row Crop Tractor

    Manufacturer : John Deere. Model Year : 2014. Model : 6140M. MSRP : Request a Quote. Measurements :Weight : 12,145 lbs. (5,509 kg). Wheelbase : 108.9 in. (2,765 mm). Engine: Engine Make : John Deere. Engine Model : PowerTech™ PVX. Net Horsepower : 140 hp (104 kW) @ 2,100 rpm. Displacement : 276 ci (4.5 l). Cylinders : 4. Torque : 416 ft. ...

    By Green Diamond Equipment Ltd. based in Moncton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Agricultural Equipment Product line

  • Massey Ferguson - Model 8700 Series - Row-Crop Tractors

    The new Massey Ferguson 8700 Series high horse power tractors are more productive than ever and are much more capable of getting the job done.  

    By Goos Implement LTD based in Gladbrook, IOWA (USA).

  • CCS Phacelia - Cool Season Non-Legumes

    This unique cover crop species is very popular in Europe, where we found it in wide use. It features a very intense soil conditioning effect in the top two inches of soil. While not a deep tiller in terms of root depth, it is one of the best soil improvers we've seen in terms of its ability to aggregate soil particles into the type of crumbly ...

    By Cover Crop Solutions LLC based in Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • CCS Winter Pea - Cool Season Legumes

    CCS Winter Pea has been recently developed for exceptionally good winter hardiness, and is known for being highly palatable to livestock as winter forage. Its advantages are availability, fast germination and good biomass addition to soil. CCS Winter Pea can be planted in fall as a cover crop, or in spring for forage, and contributes heavily to ...

    By Cover Crop Solutions LLC based in Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Case IH - Model Magnum Series - Row Crop Tractors

    Experience the most powerful Magnum tractors yet - providing the ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower and fuel efficiency. The new lineup includes significant horsepower upgrades, using field-proven Case IH SCR-only engines with a new CVT transmission configuration that maximizes available power.

    By Stratford Farm Equipment based in Woodstock, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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