cultivator Equipment in Switzerland

  • Minichisel - Cultivator

    Ovlac´s Minichisel is an unique stubble cultivator  available in 2 and 3 row configurations, trailed or mounted, with working widths from 2.5m up to 10m. Its 35×35 mm tines (30×30 also available as option)  allow to work between 3 and 25cm deep in the most demanding conditions. Indeed, the stone protection system based ...

    By Ovlac S.A Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Cultivators Product line

  • Versatill - Cultivator

    Ovlac´s Versatill is designed as an all-purpose stubble cultivator. Its 3 rows of high clearance tines –85 cm- featuring leaf spring auto reset protection guarantee an optimal work in all conditions as well as trouble-free handling of high volumes of trash. Thereafter, a row of notched discs chop, mix and level the resulting work. Last ...

    By Ovlac S.A Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Cultivators Product line

  • SuperMax - Model 2129 - Cultivator

    The SuperMax one pass cultivator is designed to eliminate compaction and cultivate via the 2 rows of heavy duty subsoiler legs, level with 2 rows of spring mounted 520 mm diameter discs and consolidate by using either a double 600 mm diameter or a double 800 mm diameter T profiled ring roller.

    By DAL-BO A/S Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Seedbed Preparation Product line

  • Model S (PVS) - Suspicious Potato Plant Samples Test Strip

    This test is intended to detect PVS in suspicious plant samples. It causes few or no symptoms and is carried by many cultivated potato varieties and decreases the yield of potato tubers by up to 20%. Infected potato leaves may show slight chlorosis, roughness of the surface and undulation of the margin.

    By Bioreba AG based in Reinach BL1, SWITZERLAND. from Agri Strip- Potatoes Product line

  • Rollomaximum XL - Model 2198 - Seed Bed Cultivator

    Rollomaximum XL is a precise seed bed cultivator with built-in front and rear rollers developed to meet the growing demands for improved crop establishment. The machine is designed with a combination of rollers and cultivator tines, which coupled to the precise depth adjustment allows the Rollomaximum to prepare, in most situations, a seed bed in ...

    By DAL-BO A/S Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Seedbed Preparation Product line

  • Dinco - Model 1887 - Heavy Duty Mounted Stubble Cultivator

    Heavy duty mounted stubble cultivator with 480 mm wide wing shares providing full working width and even incorporating of the stubble. The following angled discs cut through the soil and even out the surface and the 500 mm rear roller consolidates and levels the soil. It also provides depth control. Possible working depth 4-20 cm. An under frame ...

    By DAL-BO A/S Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND.

  • NITROPHOSKA - Phosphate Fertilizers

    Our Nitrophoska® products are designed to provide high-quality and complete plant nutrition combining all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth. The nutrient formulas are adjusted precisely to the requirements of different crops, crop rotations, and cultivation systems, as in addition to the ...

    By EuroChem Group based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Phosphate Fertilizers Product line

  • Ammonium Nitrate

    Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is produced by the neutralization of nitric acid by ammonia. Ammonium nitrate is used in agriculture as a high-efficiency, concentrated nitrogen fertilizer for the top-dressing of winter crops, perennial grasses and pastures, for sugar cane cultivation, and also used in industry for the manufacture of explosive ...

    By EuroChem Group based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Nitrogen Fertilizers Product line

  • Dinco Triplex - Model 1885 - Heavy-Duty 3-Row Stubble Cultivator

    The newly engineered Triplex 3-row cultivator can be used in a wide range of applications. The exceptional design feature of this harrow is the optimum trash flow provided by the 85 cm frame height and 70 cm row spacing.Working depths between 4 and 30 cm are possible, depending on field conditions and choice of tines.The 300 mm wide wing share ...

    By DAL-BO A/S Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Stubble Implements Product line

  • Diammonium - Model DAP - Phosphate fertilizers

    DAP ((NH4)2HPO4) is a highly concentrated granulated nitrogen-phosphoric compound fertilizer. Produced by neutralizing of phosphoric acid with ammonia. Diammonium phosphate is used for all soil types for ground and bed applications for all agricultural crops. Product is used in the spring or autumn during the period of soil cultivating, and ...

    By EuroChem Group based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Phosphate Fertilizers Product line

  • SKYWATCH - Model AWS - Anemometer

    Skywatch AWS offers three functions: it measures, displays and warns their user both visually and audibly of air speed, temperature and humidity. Minimum and maximum values for temperature and humidity can be adjusted individually. Air (wind) speed can measured on two levels (Hi & Lo). The control unit, which operates independently from the ...

    By JDC Electronic SA based in Yverdon-les-Bains, SWITZERLAND. from Scientific Line Product line

  • TRADITION - Model XF - Tractor

    Ideal tractors for cost-effective simplicity. XF TRADITION tractors are conceived for working in the vineyard and fruit orchard in all conditions and with any implement to deliver outstanding productivity in return for extremely low running costs. With a driver platform ideally sized to accommodate 20”, 24” and 28” wheels, a ...

    By SDF Group Office in SCHWARZENBACH, SWITZERLAND. from Huerlimann - Tractors Product line

  • Humus - Model HKP Series - Rotary Mowers

    The HKP rotary mower is a cost-efficient variant for orchards. It is used when the tree strip is sprayed with chemicals or is kept open with a cultivator. In addition, it has optimally proven itself in general green area maintenance. The linear lateral adjustment enables lateral reach of the HKP on the tractor.Per rotary cutter, two movable, ...

    By Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH + Co. Distributor in SWITZERLAND. from Rotary Mowers Product line

  • CultiMax - Model 1884 - Heavy Duty 7 Row Harrow

    CultiMax is a heavy duty 7 row harrow, which is perfect for seedbed preparation on ploughed land before maize, potatoes, grain, sugar beet etc. The working depth is controlled by 4 sets of bogie wheels. The wheels ensure precise and stable field operation. Material and soil can easily flow through the machine when cultivating at depths of between ...

    By DAL-BO A/S Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Knife Roller Product line

  • Maxidisc - Model II - Short Disc Harrow

    The Maxidisc II is Ovlac´s latest short disc harrow generation. With a compact and clear design which does not forget consistency at all, the Maxidisc II allows to work in all types of soils as well as on any cultivation regardless of the amount of residue on the surface. Depending on the working requirements, the Maxidisc II can be fitted ...

    By Ovlac S.A Distributor in Gampelen, SWITZERLAND. from Short Disc Harrows Product line

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