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cut-roses equipment

  • ALIZEE - Cut Roses

    Trademark International: ALIZEE. Variety Denomination: Manzel. Year of Introduction: . VBN Auction Code: . Type:  Large Flower (Ht). Color: cherry red  Uni - Color . Bud Size (cm.): 5. Flower Diameter (cm.): 10. N. of Petals: 40. Fragrance. Stem Lenght (cm.): 70/100. N. of Thorns. Shipability. Vaselife after Transport (days): 15.

    By NIRP International S.A. based in Menton, FRANCE.

  • Grande Amore - Roses

    Brokers: All. Royalty: $0.60. Tag: $0.14. Sizes: 32. Flower Color: Red. USDA Zones: 5 - 9. Width: 3 ft.. Height: 4 ft.. Best Quality: Fragrance. Patent: PP 17,047.

    By Greenheart Farms, Inc. based in Arroyo Grande, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Alegria - Roses

    Type: Spray. Colour: Orange. Flower size: 5 - 6. Bud heigh: 25 - 30. Scent: No.

    By De Ruiter Innovations B.V. based in Amstelveen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Akito - Rose

    Name: Akito. Description: Standard - Intermediate. Colour: White. Length: Average 50 cm. Shelf life: 10 days.

    By Oserian based in Naivasha, KENYA.

  • Freedom - Roses

    Gallery: roses.

    By Colibri Flowers based in Bogotá, COLOMBIA.

  • Jolie Veranda - Roses

    Brokers: All. Royalty: $0.45. Tag: $0.14. Sizes: 72, 32, P4. Flower Color: Salmon Pink. USDA Zones: 5 - 9. Width: 36 in.. Height: 24 in.. Best Quality: Repeat bloomer. Patent: PPTBS.

    By Greenheart Farms, Inc. based in Arroyo Grande, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Roses Harvest Trolley

    The Roses harvest trolley is a pipe rail trolley fitted with a platform and harvest containers on both sides. During rose cutting the picker stands on the platform. The platform and both containers are adjustable in height to match each specific situation. The Roses harvest trolley works as follows. The picker stands on the platform and the ...

    By Berg Hortimotive based in De Lier, NETHERLANDS. from Roses Harvest Trolley Product line

  • Orange Roses

    Color: bicolor orange white /terracotta.Iguana, miracle, movie star, orange unique, tropical amazone, voodoo.

    By Ingüeza Roses based in Quito, ECUADOR.

  • Flower crop (Rose)

    A rose is a perennial plant the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. Roses are a popular crop for both domestic and commercial cut flowers. Generally they are harvested and cut when in bud, and held in refrigerated conditions until ready for display at their point of sale. In temperate climates, cut roses are often grown in greenhouses, and in ...

    By Ethics Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. (EAPL) based in Surat, INDIA.

  • Mecaflor - Prepa-Rosiers Rose Seedlings Cutting Machine

    Optimize and secure your production of rose seedlings.

    By Mecaflor based in THOUARÉ SUR LOIRE, FRANCE. from Prepa-Rosiers Rose Seedlings Cutting Machine Product line

  • ISO - Model 1800 - Cutting and Planting Machine

    The ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 automates the process of cutting rose cuttings from a rose branch and sticking the cuttings in the pot in one handling. A rose branch who is brought into the machine by hand is analyses by 8 camera’s. With 3D technology the rose branch is analyzed and based on the 3D image of the branch the robot arm cuts ...

    By ISO Group Agri Systems BV based in Gameren, NETHERLANDS. from Cutting and Planting Machine Product line

  • Cuttings

    Cutting is a vegetative type of propagation and it is used to get identical genotype plants. Our cuttings are produced by world wide re- known propagators that use healthy mother plants selected for the best characteristics.

    By Ball SB Company based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Carrousel Roses

    Name: Carrousel. Color: Bicolor cream-pink & Cream with pink Edges.

    By EQR Equatoroses C.A. based in Azuay Piso 3, ECUADOR.

  • Classy Roses

    Dark velvet red.

    By EQR Equatoroses C.A. based in Azuay Piso 3, ECUADOR.

  • Guelder Rose

    A deciduous shrub found in woodlands and hedges on damp alkaline soil. Grows up to 2m high. White flowers June-July. Hoverflies attracted to the nectar and berries loved by bullfinches. Berries, leaves and bark are all poisonous to man.

    By British Wild Flower Plants (BWFP) based in Norfolk, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Astral - Spray Roses

    Name: Astral. Description: Spray. Colour: Pink. Length Average: 50 cm. Shelf life:10 days.

    By Oserian based in Naivasha, KENYA.

  • Rose Cultivation

    Growing roses calls for a substrate that retains its properties over a long period of time. Homogeneity and firmness are especially important. Cultilène’s rose-growing substrate can retain its homogeneity and firmness for years. The differences between the slabs are minimal – both with respect to firmness, moisture content and ...

    By Saint-Gobain Cultilène B.V. based in Tilburg, NETHERLANDS.

  • Purple Roses

    Sanaa:2 Ha. Color: Purple. Fragrance: No - Petals35-45.

    By Panocal International Ltd. based in Kitale, KENYA.

  • Angelina - Rose

    Product:Rose. VBN-code:104925. Tradename: Angelina. Denomination:Scholie. Breeder:Schreurs. Flower type:Large. Flower color:Red. Flower size in cm:9 - 11. Flower bud height in cm:4 - 5. No. of flower petals:30 - 40. Stem length in cm:60 - 80. Vaselife in days:12 - 16. Production flowers/m2/year/artificial light/substrate: 220 - 260.

    By Schreurs based in De Kwakel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Pink Roses

    Ace Pink - 2 Ha - Flowertype: Standard - Status: New - Color: Pink - Fragrance: No - Petals: 48 -Final stage: 5 - Sensitivity Spidermite: Not sensitive - Sensitivity discoloration: Resistant - Sensitivity Downy: Not sensitive - Stem Sideshoots: 5 - Stem Thorniness: Moderate Flowerbud shape: High - Flower Size: Large - Advised region(s): East ...

    By Panocal International Ltd. based in Kitale, KENYA.

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