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double-disc manure applicator Equipment

  • Jamesway - Double-Disc Manure Applicator

    The Double-Disc Applicator is your best choice when working in stony ground or in very difficult trash where manure injection may not be possible. Manure is banded on the surface and then covered with soil carried up by the discs to prevent “burn off” of volatile nutrients. The Applicator leaves the manure bands high & dry on ...

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Manure Injection Systems Product line

  • Jamesway - Non-Steer Heavy Duty Manure Tankers

    Heavy Duty Tankers are built for the bigger loads. The open-type walking beam is offset 60/40 for proper load balance. The Tanker’s undercarriage uses 4’’ stress-proof axles and 16, 000 lb hubs with a choice of tire sizes: 18.4 x 26, 23.1 x 26 and 28 Lx 26. Jamesway HD models are equipped with the same massive Industrial brakes ...

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Jamesway Manure Application - Non-Steer Manure Tankers Product line

  • Jamesway - Non-Steer Standard Duty Manure Tankers

    Standard Duty Tankers are equipped with 21.5 x 16.1 flotation tires running on 3’’ stress-proof axles and 10, 000 lb hubs. The walking beam suspension smoothly carries the tanker’s weight and distributes just the right load to your tractor. Jamesway SD models are equipped with automotive-style16’’ brake discs and ...

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Manure Application - Non-Steer Manure Tankers Product line

  • GenTill - Manure

    Genesis Tillage™ partners with Bambauer Equipment, LLC ™ (and other partners) to incorporate manure application into your aeration practices. This toolbar is designed for soil fracturing to 8.5″ deep. This allows even absorption of the liquid manure into the top soil profile. Also designed for easy turning on field ends with no ...

    By Genesis Tillage, Inc. based in Hope, INDIANA (USA). from GenTill Machinery Product line

  • Coulter Till - Model B and BP - Manure Injection Toolbar

    Designed for increased efficiency by using a rolling Coulter blade and closure disc. It’s ideal for applications ranging from 3,000-12,000 gallons per acre and is available in a variety of toolbar lengths.

    By Bazooka Farmstar based in Washington, IOWA (USA). from Manure Injection Product line

  • NUTRI-JECTOR - High Speed Manure Injection System

    Injection protects valuable Nitrogen from burning off and places it right where your crop needs it…in the root zone. You deliver more nutrients while making less odor and the new Jamesway NUTRI-JECTOR™ lets you do this at higher speed and lower horsepower than ever. The adjustable coulter opener in front of the injector shank cuts ...

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Jameswa Manure Injection Systems Product line

  • Spinning Disc Manure Spreaders

    Sharing the same body design features as the 2000 series machines the Delilah 3000 series models are equipped with twin horizontal beaters and spinning discs. The discs have a 6, 3 or 2 blade configuration with blade angle adjustment for accurate spreading control. Close spaced floor slats and adjustable floor speed control ensure a constant ...

    By Richard Western Ltd. based in Framlingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FillMaster - Model S - Compact Tank Filling Station for Stationary Use

    The stationary FillMaster S enables convenient and quick filling of tankers from containers or digesters. There is no need for complex, time-consuming coupling and uncoupling of hoses. The filling connector with double telescope can be lowered manually or electrically. That way, any tank can be filled quickly via the dome. FillMaster S can be ...

    By Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH based in Essen Oldb., GERMANY. from Liquid Manure Management Product line

  • DosiMat - Model LVX - Central Distributor for Liquid Manure Spreading

    The central distribution system with maximum precision and numerous possible configurations. The DosiMat LVC has up to 60 outlets, hose diameters up to DN60 and unmatched precision when distributing liquid manure. It can be used wherever you want a single distributor and need to spread large quantities of liquid manure through a few hoses, for ...

    By Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH based in Essen Oldb., GERMANY. from Precision Distributors Product line

  • Disc Harrows

    Disc Harrow can be mounted on a tractor by three point linkages and controlled by tractor hydraulics. Construction includes mainframe which embedds two gangs of discs mounted one behind another. Front gang cuts and throws soil in inward direction where as rear gang throws cut soil outwards hence complete soil is cut under its width. Its wide ...

    By Shri Sai Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd. based in HUBLI, INDIA.

  • Houle - Model 22-Inch - Concave Disc Incorporator

    Fast spreading while using less tractor power than conventional injectors. In a one single operation, the 22' Concave Disc Incorporator operates a soil tillage followed by a surface application of manure and mixes manure and soil into the top few inches of the surface of the soil. It is very efficient on harvested fields with a large quantity of ...

    By Western Farm Sales, Inc based in Oakes, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • MEPROZET - Model Type 3 - Dribble Bar with Dragged Hoses

    A three-way pipe with a horizontal, ball-valve closed pipe, is mounted to the rear gate valve of the vehicle. In the main pipe, there are 10 connection pipes with discs, controlling the outflow of liquid manure through fire hoses. The tilting frames allow folding of the hoses.

    By MEPROZET Kościan S.A. based in Kościan, POLAND. from Dribble Bars Product line

  • Model 1200 - Bio Muck Spreaders

    Farmers, estate managers and contractors looking to make better use of farm produced manures to offset the high cost of brought in artificial fertilisers need  look no further than K-Two’s Bio muck spreader. Two horizontal beaters shred material prior to being evenly distributed up to 24m by a pair of high speed spinning discs. This ...

    By K Two Sales based in Haddenham, Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Muck Spreaders Product line

  • Rodono - Model Gearbox - Heavy Duty PTO Speed Reducer

    The gearbox is a cast aiumnum case, the dimensions of which are 15 inches high, 10.5 inches deep, and 8.5 inches across  The gearbox measures 9.5 inches from the shaft to the top of the case   The distance from the tip of the splmed shaft to the collar for the 540 RPM shaft is 14 inches. These dmenstons will indicate how it will fit ...

    By Rodono Industries Ltd. based in Clive, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Other Product line

  • King Kutter - Model DH-48 - Drag Harrow

    KING KUTTER'S DRAG HARROWS are ideal for pasture renovation and maintenance. The Drag Harrow spreads and incorporates manure, thatches dead growth, aerates soil, increases moisture penetration, renovates pastures by preparing the soil for seeding while stimulating existing growth. The Drag Harrow will incorporate lime and fertilizer and will cover ...

    By King Kutter Inc. based in Winfield, ALABAMA (USA). from Harrows Product line

  • Amazone - Dreyer for Agricultural Machinery

    Established in 1883 by the Dreyer family and still family-owned today, Amazone have been at the forefront of agricultural machinery design, pioneering much of the technology in common use today. A few of the world ‘firsts’ over the last 130 years being PTO-driven twin disc fertiliser spreaders, seed drill combinations, tramline systems ...

    By Wilfred Scruton Ltd. based in Driffield, UNITED KINGDOM.

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