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ear tag equipment

  • Global - Model Maxi - Two Piece Cattle Female Tags

    The Global Super Maxi Female is our largest cattle tag. It is outstanding for long distance reading in the paddock and the long neck means you can read the panel in even in hairy-eared cattle. With a large surface area for marking; the Global Super Maxi Female is the biggest visual tag on the market.

    By Allflex USA Inc. based in DFW Airport, TEXAS (USA). from Two Piece Cattle Female Tags Product line

  • Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader

    Big Dutchman’s new Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader is a new-generation reader and a remarkably handy tool to manage electronically tagged sows. The reader registers the sow number and transfers it wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The BigFarmNet app, available for Android and iOS, links the ear transponder number to ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta-Calveslage, GERMANY. from Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader Product line

  • Superflexitag - Wider Gap Regular Tags for Thicker Fins

    Regular tags are designed for ears but there are many circumstances where the gap between the two parts is not wide enough for fins which grow thicker as the creature ages. Especially designed for Marine applications such as Turtles, Elephant Seals, Walrus and Certain Sharks. The Superflexitag uses a sold nylon pin with no needle in the ...

    By Dalton ID Systems Ltd based in Henley on Thames, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Global - Two Piece Sheep Male Tags

    The Global Sheep Male is ideally suited in a range of applications. They are most commonly used in sheep and goats but can be used in other species.

    By Allflex USA Inc. based in DFW Airport, TEXAS (USA). from Two Piece Sheep Male Tags Product line

  • Global - Two Piece Sheep Female Tags

    The Global Sheep Female is ideally suited for sheep and goats, and can also be used in cattle. It has high retention, a wide range of printing options and can be used with a Global Sheep Male Tag or Male Button.

    By Allflex USA Inc. based in DFW Airport, TEXAS (USA). from Two Piece Sheep Female Tags Product line

  • Moocall - Model RFID - Long Range Eartags

    Contains 25 Moocall RFID long range eartags. These ear tags will not interfere with any other RFID tags, and are not reusable.

    By Moocall Ltd based in Blackrock, IRELAND.

  • RFID - Portable Sticks

    This reader is a rugged portable hand-held scanner and telemeter for Electronic Identification (EID) ear tags specifically designed for livestock applications. The reader fully complies with ISO standards ISO11784 / ISO11785 for FDX-B and HDX technologies. In addition to its tag reading capability, the reader can store the ear tag numbers in ...

    By Digidelta Software based in Cruz D`Areia, PORTUGAL. from Portable Sticks Product line

  • Sow Separation System

    Optimum access routes. Minimal loss of space. Separation and marking at a particular place in the shed. Simplicity itself. ID Check automatically seperates and marks sows without an electronic ear tag. Optimizes heat detection results.

    By Aco Funki A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Sow Separation System Product line

  • Real Tuff Head Gate with Neck Extender

    Our neck extender option is an excellent choice for cattlemen who desire stability for implants, ear tagging, and neck shots. Extra bars are added onto the front of our automatic reset head gate as seen in the picture below.

    By Real Tuff Livestock Equipment based in Clearbrook, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • V-Express - Model VEXB - Sheep Handler

    How many hours do you spend on drenching, back lining, mouthing, vaccinating, foot trimming, crutching, wool classing, ear tagging, mouthing, preg tes. How many hours do you spend on drenching, back lining, mouthing, vaccinating, foot trimming, crutching, wool classing, ear tagging, mouthing, preg testing, capsuling or any of the many other ...

    By Arrow Farmquip based in Tamworth, AUSTRALIA. from Sheep Handler Product line

  • Universal - Model 500-05 - Heavy Duty General Purpose Cattle Crush

    Heavy duty general purpose cattle crush, suitable for checking ear tags, injecting and general veterinary treatment. Yokes contain TB doors as standard for easy neck access. Restrains popular commercial beef and dairy breeds, from approximately 250kg to 1000kg. N.B. Foot Trim package not available for this crush.

    By LM Bateman & Co. Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heavy Duty General Purpose Cattle Crush Product line

  • Model WLR 70 - Wide Lane Reader

    The robust Wide Lane Reader is designed for automatic sheep identification in high throughput applications such as livestock markets, sheep traders, finishers and abattoirs. It has multiple readers and antennas to read transponders in all orientations, and reads ISO 11784/11785 HDX and FDX-B ear tags and boluses.

    By BioControl AS based in Rakkestad, NORWAY.

  • Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate

    The Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate forms a valuable addition to any race system. Specifically designed to overcome the problems that can occur when weigh beams are placed directly beneath a cattle crush, this new crate allows the animal to be weighed, and at the same time have its ear tags read automatically, before it enters the crush.

    By Premier Livestock Handling based in Dalbeattie, UNITED KINGDOM. from Unistock Cattle Weigh Crate Product line

  • Cattle Finder System

    50g receiver collects ear tag transmission from up to 200m. Bluetooth connectivity between the receiver and a smartphone. Easy to use Graphical User Interface. Dedicated counting application for smartphones.  Able to be used in conjunction with a drone to automate counting.

    By Cattle Watch based in Rehovot, ISRAEL.

  • Avid - Self Tuning Dual Mode Industrial Stationary Reader

    ISO Self-tuning Dual Mode reader is available with flat panel antenna and can be mounted in alleyway so animal’s RFID device can be read as the animal passes. The number can be transmitted to computer, weight scale, or sort gate. Reader reads ISO compliant fdx and hdx devices, including EID ear tags, rumen bolus and microchips. Self Tuning ...

    By EZid LLC based in Greeley, COLORADO (USA). from Self Tuning Dual Mode Industrial Stationary Reader Product line

  • Shearwell - Model SDL - Stick Reader

    The SDL stick reader is designed for use in harsh environments. It uses Bluetooth technology to send data to PCs, mobile phones, a mobile printer and the Handheld Stock Recorder. The stick reader can store up to 16,000 tag numbers with a facility to create 26 different groups.

    By Shearwell Data Ltd. based in Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM. from Stick Reader Product line

  • Out-of-Parlour Feeding System

    Open 24 Hours - Up to 12 feed and 3 no-feed periods in any 24 hours. All are farm programmable and may be changed at any time. The no-feed periods deny rations to all cows and are particularly useful just prior to milking. ATL Rapid Start - Because you want your new ATL Out-Of-Parlour Feeding system up and running quickly, we initially link your ...

    By M.R. Dean Ltd based in Shifnal, UNITED KINGDOM. from Out-of-Parlour Feeding System Product line

  • Agrident - Model AWL200 - Stick Reader

    The new AWL200 from Agrident is the most economic IS011785 stickreader. It combines all important features in an ergonomic and robust IP 65 housing at a very reasonable cost. With a large colour display and a convenient keyboard it is very easy to use. Stick reader. Stores 100,000 tags + timestamp. Runs up to 25 tasks. Download to PC via USB or ...

    By Farmdata Ltd based in Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Model GLA M700 - Digital Veterinary Thermometer for Cattle

    For cattle, horses, swine, sheep and small animals.   Take fast, accurate temperature readings in 8-15 seconds.

    By MeterMall USA based in Marysville, OHIO (USA). from Digital Veterinary Thermometer for Cattle Product line

  • Nedap - Automatically Sow Separation System

    Nedap Sow Separation automatically identifies and removes sows from large groups, directing the individuals into small holding pens for easy access. The system can be customized to meet your needs, including identifying and separating sows for:

    By Nedap Livestock Management based in Groenlo, NETHERLANDS. from Automatically Sow Separation System Product line

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