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egg farm equipment

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    BigPacker - Professional Farm Egg Packer

    The professional farm packer – efficient, easy to maintain and gentle on the eggs. By adding a farm packer to the product range, Big Dutchman has completed its portfolio for professional egg collection in cooperation with Moba, the world’s leading manufacturer of egg grading and packing equipment. To be able to offer our customers ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta , GERMANY. from Professional Farm Egg Packer Product line

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    Curve Conveyors For Egg Collection Systems

    Custom-made egg cross transport. Different farm layouts as well as differ­en­ces in height often require individual solutions for egg transport. Curve conveyors are commonly used as cross collection because, thanks to their flexibility, they can be adapted to any type of layout.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta , GERMANY. from Curve Conveyors For Egg Collection Systems Product line

  • Sustainably farmed Zander

    AquaPri has been farming Zander (Pike Perch) since 2005 and can control the entire chain from egg until the fish is ready to be dispatched to our valuable customers. In 2016 AquaPri proudly opened its brand new RAS facility for farming Zander. We use the newest technologies in the plant and plan to produce 700 mt of Zander per year in this ...

    By Aquapri A/S based in Frederiksværk, DENMARK.

  • Mopack - Model 150 - Farm Egg Packers

    The Mopack150 combines the traditional virtues of continuous movements with the capacity advantage of packing 6 eggs in one cycle. Where traditional packerhead construction wait for the 6th eggs the Mopack150 ensures the availability of 6 eggs at all times, so there is no need to wait at all. This results in a continuous movement that combines ...

    By Moba b.v. based in Barneveld, NETHERLANDS. from Farm Egg Packers Product line

  • Mopack - Model 100 - Farm Egg Packers

    On farms without grading capacity, the eggs must be prepared for transport by putting them on trays. Moba Farmpackers have the reputation of doing this with great care and at high speeds. The 'gentle touch' philosophy is even found in these smart machines and once the eggs are in the farmpacker, they will never have contact with the other eggs and ...

    By Moba b.v. based in Barneveld, NETHERLANDS. from Farm Egg Packers Product line

  • Prinzen - Model PSPC 30 - Farm Packers

    The Ovopack offers semi-automatic packing. Manual labour is therefore reduced while safeguarding the quality of the eggs. The machine positions the eggs points down. Then a vacuum egg transfer unit places the eggs on a paper or plastic 30 cell tray.

    By Vencomatic Group based in Eersel, NETHERLANDS. from Farm Packers Product line

  • Hebei - Egg Incubator

    Farmers choosing: Hatching time 21 days, a little long, your farm plan may be delayed. Most of the farmers they order chicks from hatching factory, because of hatching time is around 21 days, in business season like before or after Christmas and New year most farmers will sold out their layers or broilers, the chicks demand exceeds supply, your ...

    By Hebei Best Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd based in Shijiazhuang City, CHINA. from Egg Incubator Product line

  • Egg Flats

    Egg flats – Protect eggs against breakage and contamination. Our easy-to-handle egg flats help protect against breakage and contamination from the moment the eggs leave the farm. Egg flats are available in seven capacities to suit specific hatchery requirements: 36, 42, 77, 84, and 168 for chicken; 25, 30, and 60 for turkey and duck.

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Egg Flats Product line

  • Salmon Eggs / Trout Eggs

    smartaqua works in close collaboration with Viviers de Sarrance, broodstock farm producing rainbow trout (all female and triploids) and brown trout eggs, for its expansion on the export market. The farm is located in the Pyrenees mountains and uses the water of an exceptionnal spring (8.5°C ...

    By Smartaqua based in FRANCE.

  • Allance - Model ALEG series - Egg Grading Machine

    Egg Grading machine is used for sorting eggs into different grade by weight. The main constitutes are including eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader and filtrating floor. This eggs sorting machine is suitable for various kinds of eggs like hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs or any other eggs. It’s very fit for egg processing factory, ...

    By Allance Egg Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Timeline - Eggs Packing Table

    The Timeline is a perfectly tuned processing line for packing table eggs on farm; from the egg conveyor belt to the pallet. By combining the Speedpack, PS4 Traystacker and Pallet Loader, Prinzen created a packing line with an unequalled speed of 4 egg pallets per hour. This packing line can be used for both plastic and cardboard trays. The ...

    By Prinzen - a brand of the Vencomatic Group based in Aalten, NETHERLANDS. from Eggs Packing Table Product line

  • Farm/Incubator Rack

    Farm/Incubator Rack – Save money, time, and labor. The Farm/Incubator Rack enables the eggs to be loaded onto the rack at the farm. The egg-filled racks are delivered to the hatchery, eliminating the need for manual egg transfer. Next, the eggs can be slid from the Farm Rack to the Incubator Rack by simply sliding the trays from one rack to ...

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Farm/Incubator Rack Product line

  • Troutlodge - Arctic Charr Eggs

    Troutlodge is pleased to offer Arctic charr eggs to our customers around the world.  As demand for this superior finfish product continues to grow, Troutlodge is pleased to be at the forefront of development and commercialization of high-quality and affordable eggs for efficient and profitable farming of this species. 

    By Troutlodge, Inc. based in Sumner, WASHINGTON (USA). from Arctic Charr Eggs Product line

  • Ovoset - Model Pro - Egg Handling System

    Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. The setter trays are automatically handled and positioned for egg transfer and setting. Ovoset Pro has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour, setter tray type depending. Hatching eggs are positioned point down and gently placed onto a ...

    By Vencomatic Group based in Eersel, NETHERLANDS. from Egg Handling System Product line

  • Layer Hen Farming

    In a controlled comparative study with 2 groups of 20,000 hens each, Prabhat Poultry Ltd., India, realized a 2.7% higher productivity, measured in eggs per hen per day, 1.4% lower feed consumption per egg produced, 30% lower mortality of the hens!

    By REDO Water Systems GmbH based in Groß-Zimmern, GERMANY. from Layer Hen Farming Product line

  • Ovoset Pro - Hatching Egg Setters

    Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. The setter trays are automatically handled and positioned for egg transfer and setting. Ovoset Pro has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour, setter tray type depending. Hatching eggs are positioned point ...

    By Prinzen - a brand of the Vencomatic Group based in Aalten, NETHERLANDS. from Hatching Egg Setters Product line

  • AgriGate - Poultry Farm

    AgriGate specializes in the design and development of complete integrated turnkey project for chicken broilers, layers (egg), turkeys, cows & goats, pig and fish. An integrated poultry turnkey project relates to the whole value chain of producing poultry products. The projects can be completely new project or expanding and upgrading of ...

    By AgriGate Ltd based in South,Sandton, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Mopack - Model R - Stainless Steel Farm Packers Machine

    The Mopack R is a stainless steel machine which can pack eggs in to consumer packs and trays with a maximum capacity of 30,000 eggs/hour. The machine can be configured as inline”, directly processing eggs from chicken houses. In another configuration this machine can be equipped with a loader, and with that configuration the Mopack R is ...

    By Moba b.v. based in Barneveld, NETHERLANDS. from Stainless Steel Farm Packers Machine Product line

  • Eyed Eggs of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss L.)

    Our breeding work with rainbow trout is based on 200 families selected through 14 generations. By the measurement of 12 traits each generation, we insure a fish which has good qualities in growth, skin, and filet colour. Farming of rainbow trout has traditionally been affected by the appearance of a large number of sexually mature male fish. ...

    By Aqua Gen AS based in Sluppen, NORWAY.

  • Feeding Trays

    With egg, slip and slit grooves: This system was developed by Mr. Mathias Prexl and is implemented in fish farms where, despite limited space, eggs and/or a large number of spawn or fry are produced. The feeding trays are supplied with 3 compartments and can be stacked. Up unto 20,000 trout eggs and 12,000 salmon eggs can be put in each ...

    By aquaFUTURE e.K. based in Aldinga Beach, AUSTRALIA.

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