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farm soil equipment

  • Hosoya - Model F-1 - Poultry & Pig Manure Fermentation System

    Worldwide manure management has become an urgent problem for poultry farms around the world. Solutions need to be found to prevent the pollution of the soil, of the air and especially of the ground water. A further economical aspect is to reduce the regular high costs of manure management.

    By Hosoya & CO., LTD. based in Kanagawa, JAPAN.

  • Ag-Spectrum - Maximum Farming System

    The Maximum Farming System is an integrated systems approach to farming. Ag Spectrum professionals developed Maximum Farming by combining scientific research results with practical, in-field knowledge, paying close attention to what makes crops grow best.

    By Ag Spectrum based in DeWitt, IOWA (USA).

  • Minos Agri - Mini Rotary Tillers

    It is a multi-purposed soil tillage machine for low powered farm and garden tractors. It is driven by the power-take-off drive of the tractor and easily attached to the tractor by its three-point hitch and used for preparing seedling-beds in low scale orchards, greenhouses and vineyards and seed beds in farms and for incorporating the organic ...

    By Minos Agricultural Machinery based in Gaziemir, TURKEY. from Mini Rotary Tillers Product line

  • CarboGreen - Model Series P - Greenpower Machine

    Greenpower is a powerful machine that has been placed under rigorous quality tests on field for 3 years with success. It is born for the gardening sector, for the construction of green areas, for golf courses and parks, for the regeneration of environmental and pastorage areas and also for the horticultural and agricultural sector. It is very ...

    By Carbogreen di Carboni Renzo based in Boretto (RE), ITALY.

  • Model ARDP - Disc Plough

    In conformity with the current agricultural conditions are available in 2,  3, 4, 5 and 6 disc version. Disc ploughs have an excellent performance in every type of soil by the basic principles such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning and soil mixing. The disc ploughs are used to open the new fields and to process the stony areas. ...

    By Agrimir based in Konya, TURKEY. from Disc Plough Product line

  • Marvel - Model Utopia Gold - Composting System

    The Marvel Composting system produces a high quality compost, rich in nutrients and pathogen free ferilizer. Utopia gold is useable on fields or can be sold as a high value soil enhancer. This bi-product will will add dollars to the farm, rather than be a cost to the farmer or municipality.

    By Global Earth Products (GEP) based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Hydrac - Concrete Counterweight System

    Thanks to the constant development of technology applied to engines and the improvement of production techniques, farm tractors have seen a significant increase in their power to weight ratio. A definitely positive result. However, in many cases, when demand is high traction capacity, for example, working the soil, it is very important to properly ...

    By Cardan•Tec S.A.S. di Scarpelli S. & C. based in Bastiglia, ITALY. from Concrete Counterweight System Product line

  • Darmec - Model 550 - Transporter

    The bigger of Transporter line is the best solution to big farms needs. Great manageability and precision of movement, emphasized by a powerful engine, make the vehicle the perfect choice to work into trellis system cultivations, clay and very muddy soils. This model can move 5 bins a time.

    By Darmec Technologies S.r.l. based in Borgo Montello, ITALY. from Transporter Product line

  • AIO - Model CM - Rotary Harrow

    Rotary Harrow FOR MEDIUM-LARGE FARMS - Especially suited to hilly and sandy soils. Unbeatable in burying vegetable wastes.

    By AIO SRL based in Porto Mantovano (Mantova), ITALY. from Rotary Harrow Product line

  • Model TBSMP02 SDI-12 - Soil Moisture / Temperature Probe

    The TBSMP02 is a sensor for monitoring soil moisture levels and soil temperature values in precision farming and environmental monitoring applications. It provides the data required for cost efficient irrigation, crop yield optimisation and protection of natural resources. The TBSMP02 has been designed to work in any type of soil. It has a low ...

    By TekBox Singapore Pte. Ltd based in Singapore City, SINGAPORE. from Soil Moisture / Temperature Probe Product line

  • Loose Ring Rollers

    Ring Rollers also known as packers, mulchers, or clod busters are one of the oldest and most versatile tillage tools on the farm today. Pulling a ring roller will insure better seed soil contact and  improve seed germination. In doing so you will help moisture stay in the soil, instead of evaporating out due to air pockets left behind in the ...

    By Dave Koenig Enterprises, Inc based in Mesquite, NEW MEXICO (USA). from Loose Ring Rollers Product line

  • Model CU/SL - Power Harrow

    Power harrow “CU” “SL” offers multiple advantages for small and medium sized farms for tractors from 15 to 59 KW; the advantages are: optimum working depth; the compaction of the soil will be avoided with the use of medium power tractors with the possibility of combination with a seed drill, through a hydraulic linkage and ...

    By EUROCLASS-21 Srl based in Sustinente (Mantova), ITALY. from Power Harrow Product line

  • Wil-Rich - Model 657 DCR - Combination Disc Chisel

    The Award-Winning Wil-Rich 657 DCR (Disc, Chisel) is the outstanding performer for today's farmer. The 657 was named by Farm Industry News' readers as one of the best, most innovative products of 2006 and was one of the recipients of the 2006 FinOvation award. The 657 DCR is available with a hydraulic depth control cutting gang. The 20 inch ...

    By Wil-Rich based in Wahpeton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Combination Disc Chisel Product line

  • Auspoint - Press Harrows

    Auspoint Press Harrows have proven to be one of the most exciting and innovative tillage products to hit broad acre farming in years due to the versatility to work in all types of soils. The unique patented design with three spring coils, this system will eliminate mud and trash build-up with its continuous flexing action and offers the choice of ...

    By RFM AG Pty Ltd. based in Horsham, AUSTRALIA.

  • Delfino - Model DL (30-100 HP) - Power Harrow

    DELFINO power harrow has been designed for small farms, gardening, vineyards or orchards. The special attention given to its overall dimensions and lightness makes it an ideal implement for low HP tractors. The special design of the blades allows the soil to be broken up with low HP requirement.

    By Maschio Gaspardo S.P.A. based in Campodarsego (PD), ITALY. from Power Harrow Product line

  • AUTO-TRAC - Steerable Manure Tankers

    We call them 'Farm Duty', and we know that means 'Heavy Duty so AUTO-TRAC Steerable Manure Tankers share many of the features found in our Commercial Series tankers. The full-length independent trailer means that the towing forces are not carried by the tank body...less stress is always good. The tank may be easily repositioned to adjust the hitch ...

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment based in St-Francois-Xavier, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Steerable Manure Tankers Product line

  • Grizzly Engineering - Sand Groper

    Essentially, its large cutting width and durable construction makes the Sandgroper the premium machine for broad-acre farming in light, sandy soil conditions Whether it's for incorporating stubble, green-manuring or killing weeds the Sandgroper is the accurate and versatile solution. Advantages include depth consistency, lower horsepower ...

    By Grizzly Engineering based in Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

  • Dairy Farm Bedding Extractor

    Dairy Farm Bedding Extractor Easily Removes Bacteria Laden Bedding to Help Reduce SCC and Increase Cow Comfort. Bedding Extractor is designed to remove soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. The Auger removes and directs the bedding over the curb and into the aisle for clean up. Fast and easy, which means the chore gets done when ...

    By Superior Attachments, Inc. based in Menominee, MICHIGAN (USA). from Dairy Farm Bedding Extractor Product line

  • Alliance - Model 387 - Farm Radial Tires

    The Alliance 387 Farm Radial is a tire specially developed for environment friendly machines which are designed not to damage soil, grass and plants during operation. This pattern is suitable for grassland and other sensitive terrain application on utility tractors and small implements used in golf courses, parks and vineyards. The higher void to ...

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) based in Wakefield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Farm Radial Tires Product line

  • LaSole - MAX Subsoiler

    Ultra robust, The MAX Subsoiler decompacts and aerates your farm land and permits water to penetrate without hindrance. This permits full root development. A land well decompacted is basic to a good yield.

    By La Sole Inc based in Ste-Helene-de-Bagot, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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