feed additive equipment in USA

  • BioGlucan - Pretreatment for Aquaculture Larvae

    A pretreatment for aquaculture larvae. A potent immunostimulant for shrimp and fish larvae feed and broodstock additive consisting of 81,3-131,6 D-Glucan extracted from the cell wall of several beneficial microorganisms and herbs.

    By Cenzone Tech-Europe , ltd. based in Escondido, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Animal Husbandry Systems

    Within the ACO Group, ACO Funki develops solutions for the environmentally-compatible and animal-friendly raising of pigs and cattle. In addition to feeding systems, pen systems, flooring and heating systems, the product range also includes feeding troughs and cattle troughs made out of polymer concrete, as well as pen windows. 

    By ACO Group Office in Casa Grande, ARIZONA (USA). from Animal Husbandry Systems Product line

  • FE Low FFA Low IV Tallow

    Pigs tend to eat a given amount of energy based on both their body weight and the air temperature. When liquid fat is added to this diet, pigs reduce feed intake while maintaining weight gain. In addition, studies show a 4 percent increase in pig survival to weaning when liquid fat is added to sows’ gestation period prior to farrowing.FE Low FFA ...

    By Feed Energy Company based in Pleasant Hill, IOWA (USA).

  • John Deere - Model 625D Series - Self-Propelled Draper Platform Windrowers

    The 625D Draper Platform increases combine productivity in small-grain and rice harvests. The draper belt system ensures smooth, uniform feeding of crop to the feed drum and the combine feederhouse. Ideal for harvesting crops where additional cutting platform productivity is desired. The 625D has a true 25-ft cutting width, and the unique ...

    By John Deere based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Rumagentin - Protease enzymes

    Rumagentin is specific blend of protease enzymes. Rumagentin adds that extra digestive power to breakdown and extract the otherwise, unusable protein material from feed. The enzymes naturally produced in the rumen can’t get to all the feed to break it down, so what do we do with the rest? Let it go to waste? That’s where Rumagentin ...

    By AgraKey Solutions LLC based in Jerome, IDAHO (USA). from Protease enzymes Product line

  • Advanta - Model 20 - Active Dry Yeast

    Qtys Available: vacuum-packed, nitrogen purged 10 kg box. Feeding Directions: Per your nutritionist’s recommendation. Storage/Handling: Store in a cool, dry place protected from light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. Caution: Follow label directions. The addition of feed of higher levels of this premix containing selenium is ...

    By Enz-A-Bac based in Twin Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Active Dry Yeast Product line

  • First Life - Formula Includes Functional Proteins Minerals

    First Life Formula should be used during periods of stress to optimize calf health and immunity. Feed to dairy or beef calves in addition to milk replacer or whole milk. First Life Formula includes functional proteins, minerals, essential oils, vitamins and other key nutraceuticals which have been shown to support overall calf health and ...

    By Accelerated Genetics based in Baraboo, WISCONSIN (USA). from Formula Includes Functional Proteins Minerals Product line

  • Holaras - Model VDC 900 / 1200 - Ration Feeder

    The Holaras VDC can be used for cutting and feeding clamped silage, maize, wet brewer’s grain, pulp, potato fibres, beetroots and concentrates. Additional and patented equipment can be fitted for fine chopped grass silage in lengths of 4 or 5 cm.

    By Holaras | Hoopman Machines B.V. Distributor in IDAHO (USA). from Ration Feeder Product line

  • Heavy Duty Portable Bunk Feeder

    Connect as many as you need to get the job done. TrOff-Gard to keep animals out. 45' wide & 14' deep. 12 gage sheet adds heavy duty strength. Extra bracing for more heavy duty strength. Many feed saving features. Heavy duty axle. Standard 6-bolt hub.

    By Pequea Machine Corp based in Boscobel, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • LIVE Tallow Blend

    Pigs tend to eat a given amount of energy based on both their body weight and the air temperature. When liquid fat is added to this diet, pigs reduce feed intake while maintaining weight gain. In addition, studies show a 4 percent increase in pig survival to weaning when liquid fat is added to sows’ gestation period prior to farrowing.LIVE (Low ...

    By Feed Energy Company based in Pleasant Hill, IOWA (USA).

  • DR Power - Model 11.5 - Self-Feeding Manual Start Wood Chipper

    The 11.5 is our smallest dedicated chipper, but it packs a serious punch. DR Self-Feeding design allows it to tear through branches up to 3.75” in diameter, and do it continuously...without bogging down the way underpowered “big box” machines do. A dedicated self-feeding chipper that will power through branches up to 3.75' in ...

    By DR Power Equipment based in Vergennes, VERMONT (USA). from Self-Feeding Manual Start Wood Chipper Product line

  • W. B. Young - Grand Handling & Storage

    W. B. Young Company, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of grain handling and storage equipment. We handle a wide variety of equipment including grain bins, augers, bucket elevators, conveyors, temperature monitors, grain cleaners, aeration equipment, and tube feeding systems. In addition we are a stocking distributor for drying systems, feed ...

    By W. B. Young Company, Inc. based in Marshall, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Fantini - Model G03 - Rigid Sunflower Header

    Designed to minimize seed loss without sacrificing speed, the Fantini G03 is tailor-made for an unprecedented harvest experience. Specially designed row unit covers and a central feeding auger retain seeds and maximize crop flow. Available in models from 4 to 18 rows, the Fantini G03 easily adapts to any combine. Simple, effective features require ...

    By Fantini North America LLC based in Le Center, MINNESOTA (USA). from Rigid Sunflower Header Product line

  • Model TST 7600 - Tracker

    The TST 7600 is a full featured mixer scale indicator that allows producers to make adjustments scale side and records the data for use in TMR Tracker. “Feed managers are now able to look at a three-day feed history scale side with the TST 7600, enhancing their ability to quickly identify changes in consumption or dry matter,” says Sam ...

    By Digi-Star - Topcon Agriculture based in Fort Atkinson, WISCONSIN (USA). from Tracker Product line

  • Smartamine MetaSmart - Amino Acids

    Methionine, generally the first limiting amino acid in dairy cows, is essential for milk production and milk protein synthesis. Because methionine content of natural ingredients is generally low, additional methionine should be provided in the feed ration to meet the cow’s nutritional requirements. Supplying methionine in the diet enables ...

    By Adisseo France S.A.S Office in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model WF8 - Water Space Wean-to-Finish Feeder

    Throat insert included. Includes water-space kit. Guard present under water line. Requires 2 water supplies. 8-280+ lbs. pig weight. Water-Space enables easy and natural. water consumption. Wet/Dry feeding improves daily gain while decreasing feed and water waste. Pigs as small as 8 lbs (3.6 kg) benefi t from additional gain of Wet/Dry feeding. ...

    By Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Distributor in NEBRASKA (USA). from Water Space Wean-to-Finish Feeder Product line

  • Bedger - Admix Dispensers

    This line of chemical admixture dispenser products have been engineered using time-proven design techniques. These Direct Feed Dispenser Systems are designed for use in concrete batch plants or wherever the need is to dispense admixtures directly into the concrete with accurate, reliable and easy operation. Can be built to operate with electric or ...

    By Badger Meter, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Admix Dispensers Product line

  • Model Mixell Tripe Auger 30, 35, 40, 45 - Vertical Trailer

    Optimum knife position. Mixes blends and chops root crops. Elevator options to feed all farms. Efficient mix – clamp or bale silage. Can chop all large bales. Full width auger base. Standard weighing system included. Rolled steel chassis. Flush fit door. Unique overlapping auger design. Triple axle system – two steering. Triple auger ...

    By Jones Equipment Company, LLC based in Massey, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Model RD11 - Self-Propelled Calf Feeders

    REM’s self-propelled calf feeders offer calf raisers a cost effective and efficient system for feeding bulk milk/water and or grain into pails for penned calves. Make REM’s Calf Feeders an important addition to your calf raising program.

    By Randell Equipment Manufacturing, Inc (REM) based in Delano, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Self-Propelled Calf Feeders Product line

  • MINI - Model 250P - Sawmills

    The 250P is our Powerfeed model. It includes all that the 250 has but is driven through the log with an electric power drive system that runs off the battery on the machine. The feed rate is precisely controlled by a rheostat. Limit switches on each end of the mill allow you to set up for the length of log you are cutting so that if you are doing ...

    By MSG Industries, Inc. based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA). from Sawmills Product line

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