feed additive equipment near Tennessee

  • John Deere - Model 625D Series - Self-Propelled Draper Platform Windrowers

    The 625D Draper Platform increases combine productivity in small-grain and rice harvests. The draper belt system ensures smooth, uniform feeding of crop to the feed drum and the combine feederhouse. Ideal for harvesting crops where additional cutting platform productivity is desired. The 625D has a true 25-ft cutting width, and the unique ...

    By John Deere Distributor in TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Echo - Model SRM-2620U - Brush Cutters

    25.4 cc professional-grade two-stroke engine manufactured from military-grade magnesium. Two-stage air filtration system dramatically increases cleaning capability and allows for longer mainenance intervals. Tool-less access for convenient in-field servicing. Easy start-ability especially for re-starts in hot, dusty climates. Large 21 fluid ounce ...

    By Echo Incorporated Distributor in Pelham, ALABAMA (USA). from Brush Cutters Product line

  • FeedMe - Commercial Algae Production Technology

    FeedMe Algae uses the Algae.Tec enclosed modular high-yield, algae growth manufacturing system to produce sustainable and renewable proteins and oils. The enclosed photo-reactor system offers cost, scale and yield advantages over the open pond method. In addition, the system is designed to capture carbon dioxide waste (Carbon Capture and Storage ...

    By Algae Energy, Inc based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • BEVELMASTER - Model 204B - ID Mount Pipe Beveling Equipment

    Tri Tool’s Model 204B BEVELMASTER features inline feed for general ease-of-use, a powerful 1.5HP motor and a versatile cutting head which accepts a wide variety of bits. The head is sealed to protect the inner components. The solid milled body has a heavy duty gear set and tapered roller bearings for reliability. A tool steel mandrel and ...

    By Tri Tool Inc. Office in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from ID Mount Pipe Beveling Equipment Product line

  • DR Power - Model 11.5 - Self-Feeding Manual Start Wood Chipper

    The 11.5 is our smallest dedicated chipper, but it packs a serious punch. DR Self-Feeding design allows it to tear through branches up to 3.75” in diameter, and do it continuously...without bogging down the way underpowered “big box” machines do. A dedicated self-feeding chipper that will power through branches up to 3.75' in ...

    By DR Power Equipment Distributor in Covington, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Self-Feeding Manual Start Wood Chipper Product line

  • Fantini - Model G03 - Rigid Sunflower Header

    Designed to minimize seed loss without sacrificing speed, the Fantini G03 is tailor-made for an unprecedented harvest experience. Specially designed row unit covers and a central feeding auger retain seeds and maximize crop flow. Available in models from 4 to 18 rows, the Fantini G03 easily adapts to any combine. Simple, effective features require ...

    By Fantini North America LLC Distributor in Fair Oaks, ARKANSAS (USA). from Rigid Sunflower Header Product line

  • BiOWiSH-Avian - Improve Manure Digestion and Odor Treatment for Poultry Farms

    BiOWiSH-Avian is a 100% natural feed additive that rapidly removes noxious odors from poultry waste post-excretion, significantly improving the productivity of livestock, the efficiency of waste treatment systems and overall air quality.

  • BiOWiSH-Swine - Improve Manure Digestion and Odor Treatment for Pig Farms

    BiOWiSH-Swine is a 100% natural feed additive that rapidly removes noxious odors from swine waste post-excretion, significantly improving the productivity of livestock, the efficiency of waste treatment systems and overall air quality.

    By BiOWiSH Technologies based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Improve Manure Digestion and Odor Treatment for Pig Farms Product line

  • Bale Converter Unrolls Large Round Bales

    Alison Bale Converter unrolls large round bales of hay or straw and converts the round bales into small square bales. Unrolling and rebaling allows hay and straw farmers to store the hay in large round bales, and then market them as 14 x 18 or 16 x 18 square bales. The Alison Bale Converter unrolls round bales and feeds the released forage into a ...

    By Alison Agricultural Equipment based in Waynesboro, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Quad Deck - Pullet Cage System

    Almost unchanged for 30 years – the economic Farmer Automatic rearing cage. This battery, equipped with all unique Farmer Automatic features, is an animal-friendly and economical rearing system for layer pullets. Plastic coated, rectangular wire mesh on cage floors allows safe rearing of pullets without the need for additional floor matting ...

    By Farmer Automatic of America Inc based in Register, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Pullet Cage System Product line

  • CitriStim - Feed Ingredient

    CitriStim, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient, is a proven, truly unique whole-cell yeast product beneficial for all animals at all life stages. CitriStim may help the animal fortify its defense against health challenges. CitriStim Pichia guilliermondii yeast adheres to pathogens and helps modulate body defense mechanisms. The overall result is ...

  • Presto Red - Model 6-18-5 NPK - Fertilizers

    Presto Red is a 6-18-5 NPK blend designed for foliar application to legumes such as soybeans and alfalfa crops. It provides a balanced macronutrient foliar feed in addition to Boron and IDS chelated Manganese.  Presto Red will ensure the legume crop has access to the nutrients required for peak performance and health.

    By SummitGold Midwest Distributing, Inc. based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA). from Fertilizers Product line

  • Gravity Feed Drum Mixer

    Designed to stir or agitate materials stored in 55-gallon drums. It will keep a material homogenous so that it can be used as formulated. In addition, it does this while the drum is laying horizontally for dispensing. This eliminates the need for a drum pump or transfer pump. The Gravity Feed mixer is easy to operate and ideal for anyone using ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Weldy - Fence Line Bunk Feeders

    Fence line bunks form a division between the feed lot and feeding area. This allows feed to be placed in the bunk without entering the lot or dumping it over a fence. The bunk side toward the cattle is closed preventing a buildup under feed bunk. Cattle restraining bars are welded to the bunk on the cattle side forming a fence. This prevents ...

    By Weldy Enterprises based in Wakarusa, INDIANA (USA). from Fence Line Bunk Feeders Product line

  • IRONpro - Livestock Water Treatment System

    The better the quality of the water you give your livestock, the more the animals will drink, producing a better yield and better quality meat, eggs and milk. The bottom line benefit of using the IRONpro system for your livestock water treatment is this: Better water means more water consumption, which means better nutrient absorption, which ...

    By IRONpro based in Maumee, OHIO (USA).

  • Xaletto - Straw Bedding System

    Combined with a special welfare feed and efficient straw management that can be automated, but especially due to a new type of climate control, humidity is extracted continuously from the straw bedding in the barn. This causes an aerobic decomposition, i.e. cold composting below 40 degrees Celsius, that starts with the addition of an activator.

    By Big Dutchman Office in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Straw Bedding System Product line

  • Housing Equipment for Modern Piglet Rearing and Finishing

    In addition to the most advanced feeding technology, Big Dutchman can also offer its customers animal-friendly, easy-to-clean systems for sow, nursery and finishing housing.

    By Big Dutchman Office in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Housing Equipment for Modern Piglet Rearing and Finishing Product line

  • Farm Ready - Natural Beef Feed

    FARM READY DAIRY and FARM READY BEEF are natural feed additives for dairy and beef cows specifically formulated and manufactured by GLOBAL NUTRITECH to increase milk production and quality, increase reproductive performance, increase the overall health of your cows, decrease foot problems, increase daily weight gain, and increase quality of meat. ...

    By Global Nutritech based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Bedger - Admix Dispensers

    This line of chemical admixture dispenser products have been engineered using time-proven design techniques. These Direct Feed Dispenser Systems are designed for use in concrete batch plants or wherever the need is to dispense admixtures directly into the concrete with accurate, reliable and easy operation. Can be built to operate with electric or ...

    By Badger Meter, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Admix Dispensers Product line

  • Fence Line Bunk Feeder

    Connect as Several Using the Easy Connecting Couplers; 2 Models Available; 10' Fence Line Bunk Feeder has 7 Feed Openings; 12' Fence Line Bunk Feeder has 8 Feed Openings; Heavy Duty Construction; Dimensions: 38' Wide, 58' Tall; 12 Gage Sheet Adds Heavy Duty Strength; Reinforced Bracing for Added Strength; Feed Saving Features

    By Pequea Machine Corp Distributor in Columbus, WISCONSIN (USA).

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