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feed ingredients mixing Equipment

  • Natural Oil

    This natural oil product is a source of crude fat for inclusion in animal feed for aquaculture, poultry and pets. It contains a mix of fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9 and can be mixed directly into feed pellets or used as a nutritional coating.

    By Enterra Feed Corporation based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Feed Ingredients Product line

  • Nexfos - Monodicalcium Phosphate for Animal and Poultry Feed

    Compared to other mineral supplements, Nexfos reduces purchasing, storage and transport costs. It offers excellent physical qualities, improving ease of handling and uniform dispersion in mixed feeds and minerals.Nexfos is the new monodicalcium phosphate for animal and poultry feed from Mosaic. The first innovation in feed-grade phosphate in 40 ...

    By The Mosaic Company based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from Feed Ingredients Product line

  • Biofos - Monocalcium Phosphate for Animal and Poultry Feed

    Biofos is a feed-grade monocalcium phosphate. It is produced by reacting calcium carbonate and wet process defluorinated phosphoric acid. Biofos is a source of highly available phosphorus and calcium, which help meet animal and poultry essential nutrient requirements.

    By The Mosaic Company based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from Feed Ingredients Product line

  • Mol-Mix - Liquid, Molasses Based Feed Supplement

    Mol-Mix is a liquid, molasses based feed supplement that contains the protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals that pasture grass and forage can’t always provide. Mol-Mix products are homogeneous, uniform mixtures that maintain stability and feature long shelf life. They’re an affordable, convenient way to make sure your cattle’s ...

    By Westway Feed Products LLC based in Tomball, TEXAS (USA). from Liquid Feed Supplements Product line

  • Single Shaft Mixers

    The starting point for Ottevanger's development of this equipment is the strict requirements with which a mixer in the animal-feed industry has to comply. The mixer was designed to mix smooth-flowing ingredients, such as those used in the food and the mixed-feed industries. The mixer is used to homogenously mix meal and powdered products, with a ...

    By Ottevanger Milling Engineers based in MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS. from Mixing Product line

  • Model SHP 0,4;1,2 - Horizontal Batch Mixer

    The horizontal batch mixer is designed for use in feed processing plants to mix the ingredients according to a preset recipe. The product supplied to the mixing chamber is mixed inside with a double spatial spiral paddle at an exactly preset duration. Part of the product moves to the right, the other part to the left and during this time mixing ...

    By Kalina - Klenski Ltd based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Feed Product line

  • Duplex Mill and Mixer

    This is the simplest and cheapest solution for customers who wish to produce their own animal meals. The DUPLEX includes both milling (orange colour) and mixing functions (ivory colour) in one single machine; all functions are controlled by an electrical panel installed on board the machine. The grinding part consists of a cereal hopper with ...

    By MULMIX S.p.a. based in Campo San Martino (Padova), ITALY. from Feed Product line

  • Feed Mills

    The mini plant is designed in two versions in accordance with the capacity of the separate machines incorporated in the line.

    By Kalina - Klenski Ltd based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Feed Product line

  • Model K-Series - Pellet Mills for Mixed Feed Production

    The pellet mills K-series are designed for pelletizing mixed feed used for fattening poultry, pigs, cattle, fish breeding etc. The raw materials are: the preliminary prepared ingredients of mixed feed, premixes and waste of flour-milling industry (bran).

    By ICK GROUP based in Kyiv, UKRAINE. from Lines and Equipment for Agriculture Feed Production Product line

  • FaMix - Feed Mixing System

    The farm mixing line is a complete, ready to use solution for livestock farms, designed to facilitate the cost-efficient production of animal feed from ingredients on the farm, to be complemented with supplementary components. The thermally insulated line is weatherproof and can be built directly on a compact gravel bed.

    By JPT-Industria Oy based in Ilmajoki, FINLAND.

  • Model RVO - Hammer Mills

    The hammer mill RVO without blower from NEUERO is designed for the making of feedingstuff from cereal and other ingredients. The grinding capacity of the mill ranges between 990 kg and 5,355 kg/h depending on the motor-equipment, the product und its characteristics. Another special feature is that you can grind clockwise and counterclockwise with ...

    By NEUERO Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH based in Melle-Buer, GERMANY. from Milling and Mixing Product line

  • Patz - Model 800 Series - Single Screw TMR Mixer

    The Patz Vertical Mixer combines large volumes of assorted material for a uniform mixed ration. Using one large vertical screw, the ration is combined fast and efficiently without crushing the ingredients. Feed is pulled away from the bottom of the mixer walls by the specially designed screw, allowing more material to fall as the screw rapidly ...

    By Brynsaas Sales & Service Incorporated based in Decorah, IOWA (USA). from Feeding Equipment Product line

  • Lowry - Load-Out and Ingredient Bins

    Lowry Manufacturing Co. also builds load-out/ingredient bins designed for several uses. The welded steel bins, which can hold up to 4,000 bushels, can be customized to hold, unload, measure and mix corn, soybeans, meal, coal, plastic molding beads and other types of flowable product. Some bins are designed with two or more compartments, or ...

    By Hoth Grain Structures, Inc. based in Sumner, IOWA (USA).

  • Automated Feeding Mix Feeder with WIC system

    Increase the efficiency of the feeding process at your dairy farm and experience the benefits of precise group feeding and optimized feed management: MixFeeder with intelligent WIC system. Feeding, TMR feeding, and automatic feeding are the key phrases important to every single dairy farm. Let a part of your work be made easier in the future: The ...

    By GEA Farm Technologies based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Automated Feeding Product line

  • Bag Label Printers

    WEM4000 systems are now available with a label printer for sample bag label generation. This feature eliminates the concern about getting the correct information on a sample bag. Additionally the WEM traceability software enables source code entry to trace the source of all ingredients and document every load of feed delivered. This printer will ...

    By WEM Automation LLC based in New Berlin, WISCONSIN (USA). from Feed & Grain Process Control Product line

  • Kirby - Feed Wagon

    Production is increased while feed loss, labor and maintenance are reduced through the use of Kirby Feeders. This equipment easily handles silage, haylage, grain and alfalfa cubes or can be used as a blender to mix these ingredients. Loaded in the field from forage harvester or loaded from a silo, your Kirby Feeder moves directly to feeding pens ...

    By Kirby Mfg Inc based in Merced, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SAC - Model 2000 Series Maxi-Mixer - Feed Mixers

    Simple design, few moving parts and the ability to mix just about anything. The 2000 Series Feed Mixers process long stem hay quickly and completely using either a single horizontal auger or twin horizontal augers.  Aggressive lower augers process hay quickly and blend ingredients to get you to the bunk faster.

    By Sioux Automation Center, Inc. (SAC) based in Sioux Center, IOWA (USA). from Mixers Product line

  • Model 1001 - Bacoshell

    The best effective solution for the metabolic problems and bone developments; in terms of egg and white meat sector; achieve to the desirable carcass yield and perfect egg production requires to a serious effort. Most raw materials that used in Broilers and laying hens diets in terms of bone development and egg shell formation, is insufficient and ...

    By DSA based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Feed Additives Products Product line

  • Feed Mixers

    The Bonino feed mixers are based on a simple design of horizontal augers which shred the various ingredients against a series of knives in the base of the machine to produce an even mix of material. The machines can be fitted with side mounted elevators for varying trough heights and weigh sensors to give you the perfect machine to meet the ...

    By Green Forage based in Kendal, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Double Auger Horizontal Static Plant

    Tatoma designs static turnkey feeding plants using its range of mixers and other components. The two augers rotate in opposite directions toward the centre of the tub, causing the ingredients to flow both lengthwise and crosswise. We recommend placing the tub on an  inclined plane to strengthen the movement by gravity and thus achieve a more ...

    By Tatoma Grupo based in Monzón (Huesca), SPAIN. from Agro Division-Stationary Feeding Plants Product line

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