fertilizer Equipment in France

  • FERTILOC + - Fertilizer Applicator

    FERTILOC+ is a ride-on independent 3 point system for providing solid fertiliser to row crops. FERTILOC+ can also be used alone at the front or rear of the tractor. The fertiliser is spread by gravity, by electric or hydraulic blowers according to requirement.  The independent adjustment cells allow a variable flow rate of up to 450 kg/ha.

    By Carre based in SAINT-MARTIN-DES-NOYERS, FRANCE. from Sowing - Fertilizing - Fertilizer Applicator Product line

  • Delimbe - Electric Fertilizer Drill for Quad

    Electric fertilizer drill for quad: 70 or 120 litres hopper. Working width 12 metres. The flow is adjustable from 0 to 2000 kg/hour (included a graduated scale from 0 to 50). A control command box is included. The working width is adjustable from 3 to 12 metres using an electronic control box (optional). Electronic opening-closing command of the ...

    By Delimbe based in Pont de l`Arche, FRANCE. from Electric Fertilizer Spreaders Product line

  • Fertilizer Spreader for Beds

    CM REGERO Industries's fertilizer spreader is designed for the spreading of all types of products i­n powder or granulated form (with constant homogeneity). Its rotor distribution system provides very high accuracy in volume and distribution. The fertilizer spreader can be equipped with an advancement proportional device (APD) to enhance ...

    By CM Regero Industries based in LA CHAPELLE BASSE MER, FRANCE. from Fertilizing - Sowing - Sanding Product line

  • Self-Loading Sander

    The self-loading sander spreads sand on vegetables and horticultural sowing as well as for the cleansing of green spaces and playing fields. It makes it possible to store sand locally in a heap and to operate with only one person effortlessly. The sander comes in several versions: front, rear, towed, 700 or 1000 liter trunk

    By CM Regero Industries based in LA CHAPELLE BASSE MER, FRANCE. from Fertilizing - Sowing - Sanding Product line

  • Pneumatic Seed Drill

    CM REGERO Industries's pneumatic seed drill can sow in close rows. The sower's case has been designed to sow all types of vegetables seeds with very high accuracy.

    By CM Regero Industries based in LA CHAPELLE BASSE MER, FRANCE. from Fertilizing - Sowing - Sanding Product line

  • PENTASEM - Tines Seed Drill

    PENTASEM is a ride-on simplified seeding tool with tines, associated with pneumatic distribution, adapted on a base close to that of PENTASOL. It is used to plant a crop at high speed, using straight 45 × 12 tines fitted with a seed broadcaster. The positioning of the tines in 5 rows simplifies and improves the flow of plant debris without ...

    By Carre based in SAINT-MARTIN-DES-NOYERS, FRANCE. from Sowing - Fertilizing - Tine Seed Drill Product line

  • Organic Fertilizers and Residual Materials Fertilizer Mix (RMF)

    Biogénie is committed to research and development of innovative solutions, and the expertise of our professionals has helped us become one of Québec’s leaders in agricultural fertilizers. Residual organic matter used on agricultural lands helps maintain and improve crops as well as enrich the soil. This also allows farmers ...

    By Biogenie, a division of EnGlobe corp. Office in Echarcon, FRANCE.

  • VALORDIG - Water and Fertilizer Extraction Unit

    Adaptation and final choice of capacity have to be secured through appropriate data analysis & testing realized by NEREUS engineering. A custom designed according to your specific needs, is also possible

    By Nereus based in LE POUGET, FRANCE.

  • Jumbo Fertilizer Cart

    Saving money: With a capacity of up to 9000l, the Jumbo brings you autonomy, using only one operator and one tractor for your spreading operations. Buy a Jumbo is cheaper than buying a trailed spreader.

    By Perrein SAS based in Dampierre Au Temple, FRANCE. from Transport Product line

  • Model EXA3 - Stream Nozzle

    Liquid fertilizer application. 3-stream orifice providing very coarse droplets. Boom height and the corresponding pressure provide a consistent distribution of the fertilizer. Recommended pressure: 1 bar.

    By ALBUZ based in Evreux Cedex, FRANCE. from Other Nozzle Product line

  • Kuhn - Model AGT 6036 - Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreaders

    36 m precision spreading with all types of fertilizer in any weather conditions. The new boom fertilizer spreader with pneumatic transportation of fertilizer is the ideal machine. Designed for large farms, it is capable of spreading the most difficult products like prilled/granulated urea, ammonium sulphate, green manures and even slug pellets. ...

    By KUHN S.A. based in Saverne, FRANCE. from Fertiliser Spreaders- Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreaders Product line

  • Sulky Econov - Model X40 - X50 - Fertiliser Spreader

    The MATRIX 840 GS console displays all 6 SULKY sections, showing each section appear and disappear in turn as the spreader moves across the plot. The X40 and X50 ECONOV fertilizer spreaders are equipped as standard with the continuous weighing function for automatic calibration of the dosage and they also incorporate the ECONOV function as ...

    By Sulky-Burel based in CEDEX, FRANCE. from Fertiliser Spreader Product line

  • Vide Big Bag

    When partial emptying of big bags of fertilizer, seeds, minerals ....  Tool designed for high corrosion resistance and allowing a large flow. No need buckets or knives and less fatigue with the VID BAG

    By Gode SAS based in Le Catelet, FRANCE. from Agricultural Product line

  • DICKEY-john IntelliAg - Planter/Grain Drill/Air Cart Monitors

    DICKEY-john´s state-of-the-art IntelliAg™ delivers planting and granular fertilizer application control on planters, grain drills, or air carts.

    By DICKEY-john Corporation Office in Colombes, FRANCE. from DICKEY-john Agricultural Products - Planting Product line

  • HARDI - Foam Nozzles

    HARDI foam nozzles are excellent for application of liquid fertilizers. Choose foam nozzles for broad leaf application - the large air inclusion bubbles will be reflected on the leaves and minimize crop damage.

    By Hardi International A/S Office in SAVIGNY-LE-TEMPLE CEDEX, FRANCE. from Sprayer Components- Nozzles Product line

  • Palintest - Model SK 200 - Soil Fertility Kit

    Measure soil pH and other key nutrients in a simple visual soil test kit containing reagents and hardware for effective soil fertility monitoring.

    By Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company Distributor in FRANCE. from Soil, Hydroponics and Irrigation Product line

  • Vigilense - Blockage Seed Sensor

    Detects the smallest canola seed to the largest fertilizer granual. Detects predetermined blockage percent level, not just 'flowing' or 'blocked'. 1', 1 1/4', and 1 3/4' (inside diameter) hose size configurations

    By DICKEY-john Corporation Office in Colombes, FRANCE. from DICKEY-john Agricultural Products - Planting Product line

  • AXIS - Model 20.2 K D C - Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

    Model without electronic regulation for reaching high work output. The right dose at the right place while avoiding the « dose effect » thanks to the revolutionary distribution of the CDA System, common to all AXIS fertilizer spreaders.

    By KUHN S.A. based in Saverne, FRANCE. from Fertiliser Spreaders- Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader Product line

  • Wastewater Spraying

    Spreading wastewater on grassy surfaces is a technique which makes use of the purification capacity provided by the soil/plant system. Organic material is transformed into fertilizer constituents by micro-organisms present in the soil. The constituents are absorbed by the vegetation which effects the transformation and the purification.


  • Low-slung Spreaders

    A new distribution system: Makes it possible to spread on the right side of the spreader over a width which varies with the speed of the power take-off (0.50m to 2m). This also makes for economizing fertilizer by the width of the body, and a better distribution at the feet of trees.

    By ROCHE Ltd based in Aouste sur Sye, FRANCE.

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