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Flat-Bottomed Grain Silo equipment

  • Model Z 711 & Z 711/1 - Flat Bottom Grain Silos

    Grain silos are designed for storage of cereals and oilseeds. Provide reasonable and very good quality storage of these products. Can be set individually or grouped together in the batteries after several pieces. Silos provide drying by active ventilation using forced air circulation and cooling the grain mass. Silos are designed for use on open ...

    By Michal based in Wysokie, POLAND. from Grain Silos Product line

  • Model FP series - Flat Bottom Grain Silos

    The flat bottom grain silos (FP series) is used for the storage of granular cereals with maximum apparent density of 0.85 t/m3. It is installed on a concrete base in which ventilation channels can be obtained. In the storage flat bottom grain bins loading is performed through the central dome both by means of pipes and conveyor devices positioned ...

    By MULMIX S.p.a. based in Campo San Martino (Padova), ITALY. from Storage Product line

  • Flat Bottom Grain Storage Silos

    The roof of the silos have a 30 degrees slope angle. This angle is nearly 2 degrees less than the filling angle of the grain. By this difference, there would be no grain load at the roof either the silo is full to its top. And a space occur between the grain layer and the inner part of the silo roof. By this space, the grain and steel sheet do not ...

    By Dehşetiler Machinery Steel Cons. Systems Co. Ltd. based in Afyonkarahisar, TURKEY. from Grain Storage Systems Product line

  • Silos - Flat Bottom Bins

    Our silos, either flat or hopper bottom, are used for extended storage of large quantities of grain, seeds and granulate products.

    By Silos Cordoba based in Cordoba, SPAIN. from Steel Silos and Bins Product line

  • FEERUM - Model FSP - Flat Bottomed Silos

    The flat-bottomed silos are designed for long-term and short term grain storage. It is made from structural corrugated galvanized metal sheet. In our offer one can find containers with a diameter from 3,8 to 33,4 meters and capacity from 20 to 20400 tons in the one grain container. A particular feature of each container is zinc grammage which ...

    By FEERUM S.A. based in Chojnów, POLAND. from Grain Silos Product line

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    Kallna-Klenski Ltd. manufactures metal silos for cereals such as wheat, corn, oats, rye, sunflower and others with volume of 20 to 5000 tons each. The silos are made of double galvanized steel components and then assembled on the bolt connection on reinforced concrete foundations with steel columns. In the foundation run channels for ventilation ...

    By Kalina - Klenski Ltd based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Grain Silos Product line

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    Silos are made of high quality Swedish steel. In the standard offer are coated with a unique coating Galfan an alloy of zinc and aluminum with the addition of rare earth elements (La and Ce). Galfan coating ensures several

    By ARAJ Realizacje Sp. z o.o. based in Kąty Wrocławskie, POLAND. from Silos Product line

  • SiloPro - Roof Systems

    Our aim for designing the silo roof with 30° degree inclination is to easily flow out the moisture in the silo. During the ventilation, it also helps the air to flow out easily. SILOPRO roofs are produced to be resistant upto a maximum peek load from 15.000lb. to 30.000lb. During designing, we consider values as a standart in snow load 40lb/ft ...

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • SiloPro - Wall Sheets

    SILOPRO wall sheets are in G-115 (350gr/m²) standarts and %20 heavier than the G-90 standart metal sheets. This difference not only prolongs the life of the coating, but also provides protection against external factors. The 4'wide corrugations on Silopro sidewall sheets create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily. ...

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • SiloPro - Flat Bottom Silos

    SILOPRO commercial grain bins offer many outstanding strength and durability features. Wide corrugated steel sheets manufactured from high strength steel, heavy duty galvanized steel stiffeners and strong box-rib roofs are some of the quality features available.Our complete line of commercial bins are available in diameters from 15 feet (4.57 m) ...

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • SiloPro - Wind Rings

    SILOPRO wind rings mounted on the body of the silo, provide stable structure to the silo during filling and disharge. During the discharge process, silo opposes the pressure and stress of the side walls by the help of these rings. This allows you to use your silo with confidence for many years. SILOPRO wind rings can also be used in the roof to ...

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • SiloPro - Splices

    SILOPRO stiffeners feature strong splice joints with large cross sectional areas, both critical elements of vertical stiffeners. Splices thicknesses vary from 4mm to 8mm according to the design.

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • SiloPro - Stiffiners & Bolts

    As a result of laboratory tests, SILOPRO stiffeners are in G-115 ( 350gr/m² ) standarts which are %25 stronger against colour casts and oxidation than G-90 standart stiffeners. Also %60 more protective than stiffeners produced under G-90 standarts.

    By Silopro Grain Systems based in Mersin, TURKEY. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    GSI’s wide range of grain storage tanks provide many advantages and increased crop capacities. Those seeking an advantage when markets are low choose GSI grain silos to maximize profitability

    By RAD Équipement based in Saint-Hyacinthe, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Grain Storage Product line

  • Flat Bottom Silo

    Offering wide range of products Mysilo manufactures different model flat bottom silos, diameters of which varies from 4.58m to 32 m and capacity up to 24.687 m³ . Mysilo is proud of manufacturing silos from the most narrow corrugated sidewall sheet (65mm/2,56') in the world, by having reduced the corrugation size (67,6 mm / 2,66') of sidewall ...

    By Mysilo Grain Storage System based in AKSARAY, TURKEY. from Grain Storage Silos Product line

  • SPS - Flat Bottom Silos

    Flat Bottom Silo made high strength steel S350GD, fully galvanized Z-600 (600 gr/m2) with vertical and externally bolted reinforcements. Completely bolted joints with 8.8 bichromated bolts and nuts with rubber washers INCLUDED. Preformed butyl mastic (BSD) to seal connections panels INCLUDED. Fixing plates with fixing bolt/plug to the ground ...

    By Storage Project Solutions S.L. (SPS) based in Campillos (Málaga), SPAIN. from Grain Storage Product line

  • Chief Industries - Model CBCE - Flat Bottom Storage Silo

    All roof panels are superior galvanised steel and guaranteed up to 20 years! Roof panels are of Aluzince AZ 185 and feature an interlocking 'J' rib design for outstanding strength and reduced assembly time. Coloured polyester coating available on request. With its 30° pitch, our new roof comes standard with high peak load capacities and is ...

    By Chief Industries, Inc. based in Grand Island, NEBRASKA (USA). from Chief Industries Grain Storage Product line

  • BBCA - Flat Bottom Silo

    Flat Bottom Silos deliver diversity by involving easy assembly resulting in minimal installation costs and highly efficient low cost storage.  BBCA Storex offers a capacity range of 25 - 20.000 tones with diameter from 4,56m. To 31,95m. Manufactured with galvanized steel SD350GD of high elastic tolerance and with Z450 minimum coating ...

  • Chief Industries - Model CIE - Flat Bottom Storage Silo

    The European manufactured CIE Flat Bottom Storage Silos from Chief UK are designed to meet the requirements of DIN 1055 providing a cost effective solution for the storage of a wide range of cereals throughout the world. Chief offers the complete solution to your storage, handling, ventilation, drying and cleaning requirements.pect from Chief. For ...

    By Chief Industries, Inc. based in Grand Island, NEBRASKA (USA). from Chief Industries Grain Storage Product line

  • Flat Bottomed Silos

    SILESFOR silos’ are the result of a constant and hard work of committment in the production and realization of implantation for cereals storaging. Using the most updated production technologies, choosing the highest quality material and the projecting and producting flexibility, make SILESFOR’s silos a qualitative and competitive ...

    By Silesfor DP S.r.l. based in Rubano (Padova), ITALY. from Storage Grain Products Product line

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