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forest machine equipment

  • Toimil - Model FC-120 - Forest Machine

    Hydraulic Extension : 1500. Height on Transporter : 2616. Width : 2200. Angle of swing : 410. Moment of Swing : 26. Recommended Pump: . Volume : 100/2×70. Pressure : 23. Power : 45/65. Moment of Swing : 12.00. Max Horizontal Reach : 8000. Max Hydraulic Reach : 3. Min Crane Weight : 3630. Max Crane Weight : 1450.

    By Hnos. Toimil García S.L based in Pontevedra, SPAIN. from Forest Machine Product line

  • Forest Machine

    The Forest Machine If you want to use the IronHorse for heavy forestry with the option of a powerful winch you should take a close look at the Pro models. This is a true workhorse – a product that delivers impressive performance. It shares the same basic design as the base model but is also equipped with timber bunk, restraining strap, ...

    By Lennartsfors AB based in ÅRJÄNG, SWEDEN. from Forest Machine Product line

  • WheelHorse - Smooth Forest Machine

    Did you miss a machine for forestry that is truly designed for accessibility, capacity and usability? We are extremely pleased to be able to present a revolutionary concept that involves unusual forestmachine that you can both go on and operate via steering handle you know from Iron Horse. We have used a well tested technology solutions from Iron ...

    By Lennartsfors AB based in ÅRJÄNG, SWEDEN.

  • Gunnebo - Model FL15 - Flotation Forest Machine Track

    The FL15 Flotation Forest Machine Track is a proven design, combined with the Lite-Link system it offers traction and excellent flotation for most ground types. Wide, close spaced flotation plate design offers low ground pressure. Lite-link system design offers smooth running with low rolling resistance. Tried and proven 'U' shape plate ensures ...

    By Gunnebo Industrier AB based in Västerås, SWEDEN. from Flotation Forest Machine Track Product line

  • Risutec - Model III - Forest Tending Machine

    Professional level young forest tending machine for harvesters and excavators. Risutec III is the most efficient model for young stand tending. It is designed for large areas of young forests. It is an excellent choice for accurate tending work and light harvesters. Versatility and high cutting capacity of Risutec III give it a good rate of ...

    By Risutec Ltd based in Nakkila, FINLAND. from Forest Tending Machine Product line

  • Moipu - Model 500 F2 - Saw Cut

    Powerful and versatile head Excellent loading -> very good for a combi machines.

    By Moisio Forest Oy based in Viitasaari, FINLAND. from Saw Cut Product line

  • Hitachi - Model ZX370F-3 - Forester

    The largest of the Hitachi Forester family, the ZX370F-3 is a powerful force to be reckoned with. The purpose-built machine is equipped with a tough, next-class-up swing and travel system and a strengthened, rugged upper-structure and heavy-duty undercarriage. As opposed to retrofitted excavators patched together for logging use, Hitachi foresters ...

    By Hitachi Construction Machinery Co, Ltd based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Forester Product line

  • Model Loaders - Tractor Forest Equipment

    All KESLA loaders are designed for efficiency and usability as well as working safety. Each loader is a combination of solid strength, reach and agility. In practice, this is demonstrated in the precision, comfort and power of the work: the loader responds to the controls almost like it is reading the driver’s mind. Many of the structural ...

    By KESLA OYJ based in Joensuu, FINLAND. from Tractor Forest Equipment Product line

  • ALSTOR 8x8 - Model 810 - Base Machine

    The model with everything you need. Unparalleled accessibility and uncomplicated machine that offers all the help you need to really enjoy your work in the forest. Optional shovels, tipper bodies and snow ploughs transform it to an optional machine for active forest owners.

    By Alstor AB based in Dingle, SWEDEN.

  • Meteor - Model P90 - Pruning Machine

    The favorite for forest edges, forest paths and fields towers, for private use or contractors Used to economically achieve its pruning according to the different needs Fitted preferably with a multi saws lamier for maintenance, and the single blade for large diameter of branches. Powered by the hydraulic line of the excavator with panel control in ...

    By Coup’eco based in Pons, FRANCE. from Pruning Machine Product line

  • JAPA - Model 305 - Firewood Machine

    Japa 305+ Off Road – The Only Firewood Machine in the Market that can be Towed in the Forest. The Japa® 305+ Off Road is a continuation of the successful 305 series. We listened to our clients and introduced numerous improvements to the series. It is your choice if you are looking for a recreational machine for a more ...

    By Laitilan Rautarakenne Oy based in Laitila, FINLAND. from Firewood Machine Product line

  • Indexator - Model GV 4 I - Hydraulic Rotator for Agricultural Machines

    Suitable for forest and agricultural machines with low lifting capacity.

    By Hydracom SIA based in Dreilini, LATVIA. from Hydraulic Rotator for Agricultural Machines Product line

  • Model DFR-DFRE - Forest Flail Mower

    Special forest flail mower for forestry works, undergrowth and areas under electricity power lines. The several models of DFR/DFRE are high performance machines which are versatile in forest environments, ideal for hills, jobs and clearing of bushes, forest firebreaks, weeding of overabundant vegetation and creation of pasture lands for livestock.

    By Belafer Industries S.L. based in Fraga, SPAIN. from Forest Flail Mower Product line

  • Forest Brush Cutter

    The Forestry Brush Cutter is a machine suitable for job of various kinds: underwood cuttings, creation of paths and traks for prompt intervention and maintenance of the woods, preparation and restoration of new wood-land, creation of filling station and passages for gas-pipeline, acqueduct and so on, creation of golf-courses, crushing of rubbish ...

    By Agri World srl based in Altamura (Ba), ITALY. from Forest Brush Cutter Product line

  • TERRI - Model 3020 - Harvester Machine

    The model 3020A is a development of the TERRI ATD. It is smaller than the 34; its size resembles more its predecessors 2020 and 2040. The technology has developed and in the TERRI 3020A there is a lot of new technology, developed especially for the 34. For instance full hydrostatic propulsion. It still has a spacious cabin and is just as flexible ...

    By Alfing i Älmhult AB/Terri based in Almhult, SWEDEN.

  • TimberPro - Model TF830,TF840 and TF810 - Versatile Wheeled Machines

    The TimberPro TF 830, TF 840 and TF 810 are the most versatile wheeled machines in the world today. The TimberPro line of machines come standard with 360° continuous rotation allowing the operator to always face his/her work. This feature also gives the operator the ability to remove timber from 360° around the machine. Including the ...

    By TimberPro Inc based in Shawano, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • ProSilva - Model S6 - 6 Wheeler Harvesters

    Bigger is better - at least when the wheels of a forest machine are considered! The forementioned unique fully hydrostatic power transmission is also used in the 6-wheeled variant of the S-series harvester.

    By ProSilva Oyj based in RUOVESI, FINLAND.

  • Model 200NF - Mulching Machine

    The 200NF is a 200hp mulching machine on tyres. It's three drive mode system allows it to easily move, whatever is the type of field. It's really well known in the forest industry for its off road capacities, its robustness, its easy drive and simplicity of use and maintenance. The 200NF has a 9t weight in use conditions, without the tool. Its ...

    By UNAC SAS based in Vergèze, FRANCE. from Mulching Machine Product line

  • UNAC - Model 300NF - Mulching Machine

    The 300NF is a 300hp mulching machine on tyres. It's based on the 200NF, has got the same off road and easy drive capacities, while offering more power. It's really well known in the forest industry for its off road capacities, its robustness, its easy drive and simplicity of use and maintenance. The 300NF has a 9t weight in use conditions, ...

    By UNAC SAS based in Vergèze, FRANCE. from Mulching Machine Product line

  • ALSTOR 8x8 - Model 840 PRO - Hydrostatic Combo Machine

    With the Alstor 840 Pro, we launch a new machine type based on the same. proven principles as our other machines. With its hydrostatic transmission, the 840 Pro extends the Alstor range including the 821 and 833 models with unrivalled efficiency in the forest.

    By Alstor AB based in Dingle, SWEDEN.

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