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grain drying equipment equipment

  • Tornum - Model HR - Continuous Heat Recovery Grain Dryer

    Tornum’s HR (Heat Recovery) grain dryer is the result of our ongoing efforts to develop our product range to reduce the energy consumption and thereby the environmental impact. The HR grain dryer makes use of the energy that would be lost in a traditional grain dryer. Normally, up to 30 percent of the heat is recovered. The unique HR design ...

    By Tornum AB based in Kvänum, SWEDEN. from Continuous Heat Recovery Grain Dryer Product line

  • Hammer Mills - Automatic Farm System

    The Practical Approach to Grinding High Moisture and Dry Grains.

    By Cloverdale Equipment, LLC. based in Curtiss, WISCONSIN (USA). from Hammer Mills - Automatic Farm System Product line

  • Lambton - 4″ Corrugated Stiffened Grain Bins

    Recommended for farm-based grain-handling system with larger and more demanding storage requirements

    By Lambton Conveyor Ltd. based in Wallaceburg, ONTARIO (CANADA). from 4″ Corrugated Stiffened Grain Bins Product line

  • Lambton - 4″ Corrugated Un-Stiffened Grain Bins

    Recommended for most farm-based grain-handling systems with typical storage requirements.

    By Lambton Conveyor Ltd. based in Wallaceburg, ONTARIO (CANADA). from 4″ Corrugated Un-Stiffened Grain Bins Product line

  • Highline - Model CFR 650 Bale Pro - Feed Chopper and Metered Grain Insertion System

    The 650 Bale Pro is a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well engineered bale processor. The 650 Bale Pro has a dual feed roller processing chamber with a centrally driven flail drum processor.

    By Highline Manufacturing Ltd. based in Vonda, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Feed Chopper and Metered Grain Insertion System Product line

  • DMC - Batch System

    A Design III Stir-Ator turns any drying bin into a self-contained drying and storage system.  With a Stir-Ator in your bin, you have wet holding, drying and storage all in the same unit.  The bin can be filled with the Stir-Ator running to stir the grain and insure the maximum amount of drying can be pushed through the grain to increase drying ...

    By Rahn Construction Inc. based in INDIANA (USA).

  • Dan-Corn - Stirring System

    With the Dan-Corn stirring system you can easily store and dry moist grain in up to 8 m grain depth in our outdoor storage bins. The drying process must be activated as soon as an even grain layer (0.5-1 m) is in the bin.

    By DAN-CORN A/S based in Hedensted, DENMARK. from Stirring System Product line

  • Mepu - Steel Hopper Bottom Bins

    Ventilation system: Steel hopper bottom bins can be equipped with a ventilation system, in which case the bin is excellently usable for dry grain cooling. Grain can be stored in bins equipped with a ventilation system directly after threshing, which means that the bin can also be utilised for buffer storage.

    By Mepu Oy based in Yläne, FINLAND. from Steel Hopper Bottom Bins Product line

  • W. B. Young - Grand Handling & Storage

    W. B. Young Company, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of grain handling and storage equipment. We handle a wide variety of equipment including grain bins, augers, bucket elevators, conveyors, temperature monitors, grain cleaners, aeration equipment, and tube feeding systems. In addition we are a stocking distributor for drying systems, feed ...

    By W. B. Young Company, Inc. based in Marshall, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Model DB, EP, J, FM, R, Legend, Dakota,VX, GX, LT - Cleaners (Capacity: 1/2 to 300 Tons/Hour)

    Grain Processing and Seed Processing Equipment, Seed Cleaners and Grain Cleaners. For the removal of contaminants which may be significantly larger, smaller or lighter than the desired product.

    By The Mercator Corporation based in Venice, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Mepu - Flat Bottom Bins

    Ventilated flooring systems: Flat bottom bins can be equipped with a full ventilation or duct ventilation flooring system that keeps the grain in good quality for extended periods of time. Ventilated inner hopper: Flat bottom bins can be equipped with a ventilated steel inner hopper that allows the bin to be emptied quickly and effortlessly. In ...

    By Mepu Oy based in Yläne, FINLAND. from Flat Bottom Bins Product line

  • Model UPU-O - Vertical Dryer

    Source product passes successively through drying section, where contact with the pipes, hot steam. Then the grain goes to the cooling section, where it is cooled by blowing air and then displayed through a special graduation mechanism. Purpose and scope: Dryer is for drying grain cereals during hydrothermal treatment in the formulation of ...

    By Olis, LLC. based in Odessa, UKRAINE. from Vertical Dryer Product line

  • Model PPZ-7,5-WNT - Ventilator

    During active ventilation of grain huge amount of air is pumped through a layer of grain. When run in appropriate ambient conditions, this process results in cooling and drying of grain stored in a silo. Design and characteristics of the PPZ-7,5-WNT ventilator are adjusted to silos of a capacity from BIN10 to BIN100W. A portable ventilator ...

    By BIN Ltd. based in Aleksandrów Kujawski, POLAND. from Ventilator Product line

  • Mepu - Model M Series - Mobile Dryers

    Large M5 series mobile dryers by Mepu — for reliable and high-quality grain drying. Reliability and ease of use have been emphasized in the design of the new, practical M5 series by Mepu. M5 series dryers are based on the same proven technology as Mepu’s high-power continuous flow dryers. The advanced drying technology employed ensures ...

    By Mepu Oy based in Yläne, FINLAND. from Mobile Dryers Product line

  • Mepu - Model K Series - Mobile Dryers

    K series mobile dryers — for cost-effective and efficient grain drying. K series mobile dryers by Mepu are cost-effective, efficient, and quickly deployable warm air-drying units. The mobile dryer is easily movable from one place to another. K-series mobile dryers are equipped with ridged drying cells, elevator, pre-cleaner, furnace, a ...

    By Mepu Oy based in Yläne, FINLAND. from Mobile Dryers Product line

  • Model R950M - Single Roller Mill Bagger

    These machines offer the possibility of ensiling moist grain by crimping the grain and storing it in a bag, all done in one single movement. Besides being a uniquely palatable and digestible concentrate that preserves the grain’s original nutrients, fermented grain (e.g., corn, barley, sorghum, wheat, etc) keeps exceptionally well in bags ...

    By Richiger S.A. based in Sunchales, ARGENTINA. from Single Roller Mill Bagger Product line

  • Model PRO - AIR silos

    In PRO AIR silo air is blowed to grain when it is waiting transfer in dryer and also empting is done gently with air. You keep the quality and optimize result. PRO AIR silo excels in 3 different use. PRO air silo is middle storage for harvested grain before drying – enabling effective harvesting. Secondly PRO AIR silo is cooling silo for ...

    By Antti-Teollisuus Oy based in Kanunki (Salo), FINLAND. from AIR silos Product line

  • Agri-Systems Brock - Commercial Tower Dryer

    Brock’s continuous-flow BROCK® Commercial Tower Grain Dryer offers drying capacities ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 bushels (75 to 175 metric tons) per hour. This Brock grain dryer incorporates some of the best qualities of Brock’s proven MEYER ENERGY MISERT Tower Grain Dryers while also adding some new features. The new Brock ...

    By Agri-Systems, Inc based in Litchfield, MINNESOTA (USA). from Commercial Tower Dryer Product line

  • Murska - Model 1000 - Crimping Mills

    A larger model in the HD range, the 1000 HD looks the same as the 700 HD and has the same technical specifications, but it is equipped with longer rollers and a larger elevator tube. Crimping capacity for wet grain is approximately 15 t/h. The efficient operation of the Murska 1000 HD requires an 80-90 hp tractor. The mill is capable of milling ...

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy based in Ylivieska, FINLAND. from Crimping Mills Product line

  • Duoflo - Dryers

    The traditional drying method in continuous dryers was seldom the best solution. It functioned perfectly in large-scale production, but it could only handle sufficiently dry grain and with large amounts, it was not in the least bit economical. On the other hand, a batch dryer was very efficient when the grain was very humid or the amounts were ...

    By Antti-Teollisuus Oy based in Kanunki (Salo), FINLAND. from Dryers Product line

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