greenhouse Equipment in Denmark

  • Blackout in Wide Span Greenhouse

    If you grow plants that need extra beauty sleep, our blackout screens are double layered to provide more than 99.9% blackout (enough for the most sensitive plants). This even lets you choose an aluminium or white upper layer for solar reflection and a white under layer to intensify the effects of any supplemental lighting.

    By Danish Greenhouse Supply A/S based in Tommerup, DENMARK. from Blackout system Product line

  • Multicom - Fertilizer Mixer

    The Multicom Fertilizer Mixer is for the professional greenhouse grower worldwide With it's user-friendliness and a perfect control of the EC and pH,our Multicom is an easy choice for you. Have a complete overview of the watering in your greenhouse with Multicom, in your own language.Fertilizer mixer, climate control and greenhouse automation is ...

    By Danvan A/S based in Odense, DENMARK. from Fertilizer Mixer Product line

  • FGM - Conveyer Belts

    FGM has for more than 20 years developed tailor-made machinery and internal transportation solutions at Danish Greenhouse growers. FGM conveyer belt system is aimed at the grower who want a flexible and labour saving transportation solution in his existing pot plant nursery.

    By Fyns Gartnerimaskiner A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK.

  • Sirius - Climate Controller

    Sirius Climate Control is a simple and reliable climate control.Sirius Climate Control controls the climate optimal in small- and medium sized greenhouses/areas, where a stabile climate is desired.Sirius climate control regulates the climate in your greenhouse with simplicity,precision and it is user-friendly.Sirius controls heat, ventilation, ...

    By Danvan A/S based in Odense, DENMARK. from Climate Controllers Product line

  • Blackout with Aluminium Upper Layer

    The aluminium upper layer reflects sunlight but retains heat at night. Choosing a white under layer intensifies supplemental lighting.

    By Danish Greenhouse Supply A/S based in Tommerup, DENMARK. from Blackout system Product line

  • LED lighting

    LED lighting is starting to make its first inroads into the nursery garden sector. The luminaire designed by Fionia Lighting has demonstrated that the implementation of LEDs as supplemental lighting for plant growth is a viable route to large energy savings, not just through a 50 % reduction in electricity consumption, but also by custom spectral ...

    By Fionia Lighting based in Søndersø, DENMARK.

  • Seeding Line

    An innovative system for precision seeding (especially with raw seeds). The system, which is the result of cooperation with KW Engineering - Australia, is especially indicated for the use of seeds in very small quantities and for seeding of the most difficult varieties. For operation, the entire line does not require an air compressor (it runs ...

    By Danish Greenhouse Supply A/S based in Tommerup, DENMARK. from Propagation for lettuce and herps Product line

  • Roller Benches

    DGS roller benches are developed to meet the request for efficient plant production. The benches are available with aluminum edges (drawn in one piece) which are assembled with green plastic corners. Bench trays are either vacuum-shaped ebb/flow trays made of grey, knock proof polystyrene, perforated styropor plates or plastic channels in the ...

    By Danish Greenhouse Supply A/S based in Tommerup, DENMARK. from Benches Product line

  • Holaras - Model SDC - Wood Fibre Matting and Dosing Containers

    The -holaras- wood fibre matting/dosing containers are primarily developed for poultry companies that use wood fibre as a matting. Using the matting/dosing containers, the wood fibres are simply shovelled up, transported and distributed in the stall evenly and free of dust. The machine lays a kind of ‘wood fibre carpet’ with adjustable thickness.

    By Holaras | Hoopman Machines B.V. Distributor in DENMARK. from Cattle breeding Product line

  • Model EC-5 - Soil Moisture, Small Area Of Influence

    Our lowest-cost soil moisture sensor. Measures Volumetric Water Content only. Just 5 cm long with a 0.3 L measurement volume, this handy little sensor is easy to install in the field and can also be used in nursery pots.

    By Decagon Devices, Inc. Distributor in Hørsholm, DENMARK. from Soil Moisture Sensors Product line

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