Harrow equipment in Australia

  • Harrow - Diamond Prickle Chain

    Prickle Chains are used to level the soil surface following a tillage operation. They are especially effective in situations where stubble residue is present. The chains roll and gently pack the soil while leveling ridges and filling furrows. Straw and weed material are lifted to the surface and left as a mulch.

    By Kelly Engineering based in Boleroo Centre, AUSTRALIA.

  • Straw Harrow

    Straw harrowing is the best way to encourage weeds to germinate.  Creating a quick and effective germination of weed seeds is essential in any direct drilling or min till establishment system. The Claydon Straw Harrow will encourage weeds to germinate quickly from the same depth at the same time. Because weed seeds are mixed into the top 30mm ...

  • LION - Model 1000/1002 - Heavy Duty Power Harrows

    Heavy-duty power harrows - 3 to 6 m working width

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in Campbellfield, AUSTRALIA. from Tillage - Rotary Harrows Product line

  • Model Series 04 - Diamond Harrow

    For weed control and final seedbed preparation. This rigid Diamond Harrow features sturdy square section, low draft, tapered tines to shatter soil crusts allowing improved aeration and moisture penetration.  Built in 1.016m (3'4') wide sections weighing 30kg (66lb) each and supplied in sets between two and ten sections complete with drawbars.

    By Murray Agricultural Equipment based in Dandenong (Vic), AUSTRALIA.

  • Model Series 20 - Pasture Harrow

    A natural choice in pasture harrows.  Strong, durable, generally suited to areas larger than 40 to 60 hectares (100 to 150 acres) or anywhere pasture needs an extra tickle up or working by a pasture harrow.  The Series 20 features 3, 4 or 5 rank tine sections. Standard (2’ 6”) or Super (5’) depth of rear Mesh Chain can be specified. Sizes ...

    By Murray Agricultural Equipment based in Dandenong (Vic), AUSTRALIA.

  • Delta - Rotary Harrow

    The Delta Rotary Harrow is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for several jobs around the farm, business or arena. Equipped with heavy-duty 5/8' replaceable tynes, this ground driven harrow leaves a smooth level surface in a one pass operation.

    By Advantec Australasia Pty Ltd. based in Wodonga, AUSTRALIA.

  • Terradisc - Rigid Compact Disc Harrows

    Rigid compact disc harrows - 3, 3.5 and 4 m working width.

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in Campbellfield, AUSTRALIA. from Tillage - Disc Harrows Product line

  • Terradisc - Model K - Folding Compact Disc Harrows

    Folding compact disc harrows - 4, 5 and 6 m working width.

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in Campbellfield, AUSTRALIA. from Tillage - Disc Harrows Product line

  • Auspoint - Press Harrows

    Auspoint Press Harrows have proven to be one of the most exciting and innovative tillage products to hit broad acre farming in years due to the versatility to work in all types of soils. The unique patented design with three spring coils, this system will eliminate mud and trash build-up with its continuous flexing action and offers the choice of ...

    By RFM AG Pty Ltd. based in Horsham, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model K2000 - Modular Rotary Harrows

    The K-Line K-2000 Modular Rotary Harrow is a versatile harrow ideal for a wide range of working methods, conditions and soil types. Rotary action is excellent for stubble management, trash handling and weed control with residue being spread at top of soil profile. Unique positioning of the tines on each harrow in 4 spirals improves the levelling ...

    By K-Line Agriculture based in Cowra, AUSTRALIA.

  • Coil Harrow Gangs

    Suitable for covering behind a greater variety of points. Coil harrows are slightly more agressive, the constant movement of the spring makes them more effective in sticky soil situations

    By Agmaster based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Star Harrow Gangs

    STAR  HARROWS are suitable  for  covering behind  narrow  points  to provide  an  even  cover. Long  life  tips  are  replaceable.  4ft  and  5ft gangs  will  provide  best  finish.  6ft  gangs available  if  other  ...

    By Agmaster based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Midrange Harrow

    Rite Way's Midrange Harrow will become the most flexible and valuable piece of equipment on your farm. While regular harrows can't provide adequate straw managment and heavy harrows may knock over and remove more reside than you would like, the Midrange provides the ideal amount of trash management.

    By Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. Distributor in Cowra, AUSTRALIA. from Harrow Product line

  • Maxi Harrows

    The Maxi-Harrow's unique tines link together to form an immensely strong and flexible chain to remove buried residue from the soil and level the ground.For most applications, one pass with the Maxi-Harrow prepares a seedbed on minimum-till land, even where surface residue is heavy. In wet years, the Maxi-Harrow has been used successfully for ...

    By Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. Distributor in Cowra, AUSTRALIA. from Harrow Product line

  • Model 7100 and 8100. - Jumbo Heavy Harrow

    Rite Way offers two models of Jumbo Harrows - the 7100 and the 8100.Both are designed to handle conventional tilling, minimum-till and zero-till operations. They use 9/16' x 28' tines to break and distribute straw evenly and to incorporate granular application effectively.The tine angle is adjustable hydraulically from the tractor cab so the ...

    By Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. Distributor in Cowra, AUSTRALIA. from Harrow Product line

  • Rehabilitator

    The Rehabilitator will help improve soil structure and soil health, which will increase productivity. Use the Rehabilitator instead of Rippers, Rotary Hoes or Power Harrows for more environmentally friendly tillage.

    By Fix Enterprises P/L based in Daylesford, AUSTRALIA.

  • Strawmaster - Heavy Harrow

    The Degelman Strawmaster® is the revolutionary machine designed to tackle enormous straw problems. With 26 inch long tines placed in rows of four or five, and set in large ten foot wide by six foot deep sections, this machine is at the forefront of modern straw management. The Strawmaster will shatter straw, control weeds, rake flax straw, and ...

    By Degelman Industries Ltd Distributor in Echuca, AUSTRALIA. from Heavy Harrow Product line

  • King - Model KG - Power Harrow

    The KING rotary harrow has been designed to meet the demands of medium to large farming companies and third-party contractors. Excellent results are obtained both on ploughed land and hard soil with a low rate of crop residue. Blade shaft couplings on tapered roller bearings matched face-to-face on the bottom part of the gearbox.

    By Valentini Antonio Srl Distributor in Warragul, AUSTRALIA. from Power Harrows Product line

  • Leone - V Shaped Trailed Disc Harrow

    'V' disc harrows from 5 to 9 meters. Very sturdy machine, ideal for working on stubble and minimum tillage, especially where you will need a greater depth of working, in fact this has dischiera standard discs both front and rear limbs mended by 810x10mm. Central frame with opening and closing hydraulic and power wheels.

    By Maschio Gaspardo S.P.A. Distributor in Boonah, AUSTRALIA. from Disc Harrows Product line

  • Muratori - Model ME1 - Rotary Harrow

    3-Point linkage cat. 1 - Drive line with shear pin - 'L' shaped blades - Kit safety guards CE

    By Muratori spa Distributor in Asquith, AUSTRALIA. from Rotary Harrows Product line

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