harrow Equipment in Iowa

  • Delta Harrow - Delta Cart

    Delta Harrow Cart attachments are for covering large territory like pastures and fields. Uncompromising quality of design and materials has made this cart the industry’s most durable and easy to work with. Choose to manually or hydraulically transition between transport and operational modes.

    By S3 Delta Harrows inc. based in Shenandoah, IOWA (USA).

  • LEONE - V Shaped Trailed Disc Harrow

    'V' disc harrows from 5 to 9 meters. Very sturdy machine, ideal for working on stubble and minimum tillage, especially where you will need a greater depth of working, in fact this has dischiera standard discs both front and rear limbs mended by 810x10mm. Central frame with opening and closing hydraulic and power wheels.

    By MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA Office in Eldridge, IOWA (USA). from Disc Harrows Product line

  • Delta Harrow

    The Delta Harrow has been designed with flexibility that allows for a broad range of applications. Here are a few in which it excels: Turf Management: Unmanaged turf becomes heavily thatched and compacted, preventing healthy growth from reaching its full potential.  The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, ...

    By S3 Delta Harrows inc. based in Shenandoah, IOWA (USA).

  • MultiFlex - Drill Harrow

    One Wingfield folding drill harrow frame will fit most drills, including the new, pull-type NO-TIL drills. Different mounting brackets are used to install this totally adjustable frame with minimal time and effort. The Wingfield drill sections are four rows of tines, and are mounted on a height-adjustable, three foot deep frame. This frame gives ...

    By Greimann Accu-Spray based in Sheffield, IOWA (USA).

  • PONY - Fix Power Harrow

    PONY is a machine characterized by its extreme compactness and simplicity of construction: ideal for horticulture, gardening and small farms. It's built with a one piece tubular tank gear that provides unparalleled strength and dimensional stability in a structure so light; the knives are made of a single piece held by a single nut for ease ...

    By MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA Office in Eldridge, IOWA (USA). from Fix Power Harrows Product line

  • Case IH - True-Tandem Disk Harrows

    Case IH True-Tandem disk harrows provide true-tandem technology for straight, easy pulling and maximum pass coverage. Ideal for primary tillage, seedbed preparation or chemical incorporation, True-Tandem disks feature durability and low maintenance. Choose a rigid-frame or cushion gang mounts.

    By J.J. Nichting Co., Inc. based in Pilot Grove, IOWA (USA).

  • Universal Harrow Attachments

    Salford harrow systems are routinely added to new, non-Salford, tillage equipment to help producers improve the performance of their machinery. Harrow packages are also commonly added to older equipment to extend the life of the machine and offer a simple, durable finishing solution. Salford harrow packages can be fitted to almost ...

    By Salford Group, Inc. based in Osceola, IOWA (USA). from Attachments Product line

  • Model 9800 DRH - Disc Ripper Harrow

    The Salford 9800 Disc Ripper Harrow is designed to go deep and stay deep.  Where other disc rippers and tillage tools often ride up and over tough obstacles in the soil profile, the 9800's weight and 6'x8'main frame keep this machine at depth to break up compacted soil.  The individual blade mounts hold each blade on a compound angle ...

    By Salford Group, Inc. based in Osceola, IOWA (USA). from Primary Tillage Product line

  • Flex Finish - Heavy Duty Harrow

    The Flex Finish is a hydraulically adjustable rolling basket option available on the Independent Series models (I-1100, I-1200, I-2100, I-4100, I-5100). Hydraulic rolling baskets are available on 2015 I-Series models which help to expand the range of operating conditions for the I-Series tools and improve the performance in a variety of high and ...

    By Salford Group, Inc. based in Osceola, IOWA (USA). from Attachments Product line

  • Kuhn Krause - Model TDH 7300-18R - Tandem Disc Harrow: Seed Bed Finishing

    In sizes from 18' to 34', the Kuhn Krause 7300 Flex Wing Tandem Disc Harrow offers a wide range of standard and optional equipment choices to match the specific tillage needs of your farm. Kuhn Krause 7300 Rock-Flex model discs feature C-Flex type bearing arms to 'flex' over stones and other obstacles. The 7300 cuts, sizes, and mixes residue into ...

    By Scherrman`s Implement based in Dyersville, IOWA (USA).

  • IENA - Seed Ved Precision Cultivator

    Iena is an elastic tines seedbed tiller ready to be coupled with “Dama” combined seed drill. Frame with “quick match” system allows to easy set up combined machine, side protections separate single passages and 2 or 3 ranks configuration confers to machine a compact structure. Comparing to combined seed drill + power ...

    By MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA Office in Eldridge, IOWA (USA). from Seed Bed Cultivators Product line

  • S3 Delta - Turnlock Drawbar

    Delta’s Turnlock Drawbar Style is designed to stay securely attached using a loop connector which then “locks” into place when the drawbar is rotated to working position.

    By S3 Delta Harrows inc. based in Shenandoah, IOWA (USA).

  • S3 Delta - Standard Drawbars & Sections

    Delta’s Standard Drawbar Style is the traditional industry choice. It features a flat bar onto which the sections are easily hooked with an “S” shaped connector. Quickly switch the section to aggressive or smoothing mode with this drawbar combination.

    By S3 Delta Harrows inc. based in Shenandoah, IOWA (USA).

  • Delta - 3-Point Attachment

    Delta 3-Point Carriers are great for small-to-medium-sized jobs where disengaging the tynes between sites is desirable. Lift the sections at the edge of the arena or driveway to cross pavement or travel at higher speeds; lower the carrier to set the tynes into your next surface.

    By S3 Delta Harrows inc. based in Shenandoah, IOWA (USA).

  • NINA - Model 250 - 400 - Mechanical Seed Drills

    MECHANICAL SEED DRILL, TRANSPORT WIDTH m 2.50 / m 3.00 / 4.00 m (cereal- colza) . The model NINA features seed distribution by gravity. It is simple to use, reliable, sturdily built and requires very little maintenance.This model is suitable for 60 to 100 HP tractors.

    By MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA Office in Eldridge, IOWA (USA). from Seed Drills for Cereals Product line

  • MultiFlex - Mole Renovator

    The B-33 Mole Knife is matched with the Clymer Utility Coutler for excellent residue clearance. The Clymer Coulter cuts the residue and the B-33 Mole Knife will loosen the most compacted soil to a depth of 4 - 8' allowing water and air to soak into the soil upon contact. This reduces runoff that creates erosion. The Mole Knives are protected with ...

    By Greimann Accu-Spray based in Sheffield, IOWA (USA).

  • Model I-Series - Seeding and Fertilizer Attachments

    Adding attachments to the Independent series tools allows producers to combine industry leading residue management with cost saving, environmentally conscious nutrient stewardship.  Independent series tools can be equipped to apply NH3, liquid or dry fertilizer.  Independent series tools work fast and open the window to a wider range of ...

    By Salford Group, Inc. based in Osceola, IOWA (USA). from Seeding & Fertilizing Product line

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