harvest system equipment available in Liechtenstein

  • Model RA732 - Harvester

    Automatic two-row harvester for tobacco top leaves. Model conceived, constructed, and patented for the automated harvesting of the top leaves of two rows at a time. The RA732 harvester, which operates on a 110 to 130 cm inter-row width, has 3-wheel drive powered by a hydrostatic drive system with wheels that steer only with the front axle. Machine ...

    By SPAPPERI S.r.l. based in San Secondo (PG), ITALY. from Harvester Product line

  • Sampo-Rosenlew - Model 1066 - Harvesters

    The high-performance Sampo-Rosenlew 1066 is not only nimble, but also a strong and efficient log handler. This semi-heavy duty harvester is designed for thinning, but it can also handle final cutting with ease. By increasing the wheel spec, a three-metre width can be achieved, and the service weight can be increased from 13 tonnes up to 16 tonnes. ...

    By Sampo Rosenlew Ltd based in PORI, FINLAND. from Harvesters Product line

  • Rottne - Model H11 6WD - Harvester

    The new contender, ROTTNE H11D in a 6-wheel or 8-wheel design, with an articulated steering joint for thinning and final felling. Powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission and articulated frame joint give ROTTNE H11 excellent off-road performance and precise tracking. The harvester cab offers superb operator comfort and excellent visibility over ...

    By Rottne Industri AB based in ROTTNE, SWEDEN. from Harvester Product line

  • GIAMPI - Model Series Star 1600/200 - Harvester

    Harvesting machine mod. Star 1600/2000 are machines that must be installed on all types of tractors. They are designed to the collection of hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, olives, coffee and all kinds of fruit on the ground. It is suitable for medium and large companies and it is not afraid of moist grasslands and endorsed. Harvesting is ...

    By Giampi S.r.l. based in Carbognano, ITALY.

  • Harvest Star - Grain Table Sets

    The Harvest Star* grain table sets the benchmark for grain tables folding technology. Its sophisticated coupling system is the result of focused development and reflects the cutting-edge technology applied throughout the entire head. The reel, cutterbar, auger, and transmission shaft couplings are fully automatic and self-tightening. Even in ...

    By Carl Geringhoff Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG based in Ahlen, GERMANY. from Grain Table Sets Product line

  • Gremo - Model 1750H - Harvester

    Engine Mercedes OM906LA 205 KW / 278hk, 6 cyl. Turbo charger and intercooler.

    By Gremo AB based in ÄTRAN, SWEDEN. from Harvester Product line

  • Tekna - Model TK 95 R - Harvesters

    The TK 95 R harvester is the ideal machine for small-scale users, combining economy with harvesting efficiency. This is a self propelled machine designed to harvest olives, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

    By Tekna Srl based in Ostuni (Brindisi), ITALY.

  • Woody - Model 50 - Harvester

    The aggregate WOODY is ideal in the altering use of harvester or processor works, and is used also successfully as pure harvester aggregate on harvesting machines.

    By Konrad Forsttechnik GmbH based in Preitenegg, AUSTRIA.

  • Gremo - Model 1350H - Harvester

    Engine Mercedes OM906LA. 205 KW / 278hk, 6 cyl. Turbo charger and intercooler.

    By Gremo AB based in ÄTRAN, SWEDEN. from Harvester Product line

  • Metsis - Model 208H - Harvester

    Weight: Self weight: 12 500 - 12 800 kg. Dimensions: Width: 2600 - 2800 mm. Length: 6660 mm. Height: 3550 mm. Ground clearance: 600 mm. Engine: 4-cylinder Sisu49CWA turbodiesel. Nominal power: 118kW/2200 rpm. Maximum power: 129kW/2000 rpm. Max. torque: 670Nm/1400 rpm. Fuel tank volume: 300 l.

    By Metsis Ltd based in Pärnumaa, ESTONIA. from Harvester Product line

  • Metsis - Model 608F - Harvesters

    Weight: Payload: 14 000 kg. Self weight: 15 900 kg. Dimensions: Width: 2850 mm. Length: 9610 mm. Height: 3750 mm. Ground clearance: 610 mm. Engine: 6-cylinder Sisu66CTA turbodiesel. Nominal power: 143kW/2200 rpm. Maximum power: 150kW/2000 rpm. Max. torque: 850Nm/1400 rpm. Fuel tank volume: 200 l.

    By Metsis Ltd based in Pärnumaa, ESTONIA. from Harvesters Product line

  • Rottne - Model H8 - Harvester

    ROTTNE H8 is a thinning harvester with unique properties. The two-part chassis with an articulated joint in the centre produces precise tracking, and when combined with its levelling capabilities, the H8 harvester becomes extremely flexible and easily driven and leaves a minimum of damage when working out in the stand!

    By Rottne Industri AB based in ROTTNE, SWEDEN. from Harvester Product line

  • Nisula - Model N5 - Harvesters

    The Nisula N5 harvester has been designed with thinning in mind. The design solutions are as reliable and simple as possible to ensure a high level of operating reliability. In thinning, profit is made through high productivity combined with minimized costs. Unnecessarily excessive investments in thinning equipment are simply not sensible.

    By Nisula Forest Oy based in Halli, FINLAND. from Harvesters Product line

  • Rottne - Model H14C - Harvester

    ROTTNE H14C is an easily operated harvester and a real powerhouse. An all-round harvester for both final felling and thinning capabilities. The harvester has a 6-wheel chassis with single rear axle and front portal bogie that ensures excellent ground clearance.

    By Rottne Industri AB based in ROTTNE, SWEDEN. from Harvester Product line

  • ORTOMEC - Model 1500 - Harvester for Float System

    Cutter and harvester for leafy products, grown in containers such as polystyrene sowing trays.

    By ORTOMEC snc based in Cona (Venice), ITALY. from Harvester for Float System Product line

  • Model 8050 - Towed Harvester

    The Towed 8050 is equipped with a very flexible shaking system controlled by the Easy Smart system.

    By Pellenc SA based in Pertuis cedex, FRANCE. from Towed Harvester Product line

  • Celery Harvester

    Based on the proven and perfected “collection belt system” the machine lifts the celery plants without damaging them. The system is hydraulically powered by a stand-alone system, which can be adjusted from the platform, as well as from the tractor.  These machines are customizable to some extent, contact us to find out what ...

    By Sweere Food Processing B.V. based in Oudenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Celery Harvester Product line

  • Green Beans - Model BH8100 - Vegetable Harvester

    PICKING Different speed and position adjustments gives a better harvest and quality product. CLEANING The combination of mechanical device and air system for cleaner sample. HOPPER The high capacity of the hopper reduces the unloading operations. CAB An ergonomic cab combined with an autopilot, a screen displaying the adjustments of the harvester, ...

    By Bourgoin SAS based in BOURNEZEAU, FRANCE. from Vegetable Harvester Product line

  • Bleinroth - Cabbage Harvester

    1 row Cabbage Cut Harvester.Type :wagon harvester, wide removal,large wheels.Cabbage import Leavees remover with hedgehog belt Own Hydraulic steering system.

    By O&P Emmeloord based in Emmeloord, NETHERLANDS.

  • Oxbo - Model 8000 - Blueberry Harvester

    The Oxbo 8000 blueberry harvester brings together the Korvan brand's 25 year of experience in the berry market with Oxbo's commitment to continually improving products to a harvester that delivers a superior end product. The single drop delivery system on the Oxbo 8000 allows a quick transport of fruit from the plant into a tote or lug. The single ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation based in Byron, NEW YORK (USA). from Blueberry Harvester Product line

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