harvester machine Equipment available in Monaco

  • Model Rapid T - Harvesting Machines

    Rapid T is an harvesting machine for vegetables towed by a tractor and equipped with one row. The harvesting system consists in cutting the head with a serrated disc which turns all the times keeping itself cleaned and avoiding to dirty the product.A couple of belts carries the product till a work surface where it can be cleaned and put into boxes ...

    By Hortech srl -Horticulture Technology based in Agna, ITALY. from Harvesting Machine Product line

  • ZANON - Harvesting Machine

    As one of autorized dealer of Zanon, we are introduce the olive harvester with local producer. The harvester is a tool used to facilitate the collection of olives. They consist of special combs inclined through vibrations create an effective separation of the olives without any forcing by the operator.The extension pole allows the operator to work ...

    By Azim Ziraat Aletleri based in Ortaklar, TURKEY. from Olive Harvester Product line

  • FENDT - Model E-series - Harvesting Machines

    Fendt offers a broad range of harvesting equipment products to meet the many different demands of the market. The experience of over 130 years as well as tried and tested engineering have been incorporated in these robust Fendt combines.The Fendt E-series combines are specially designed for the demands of medium-sized farms and agricultural ...

    By Fendt - part of AGCO Corporation based in Marktoberdorf, GERMANY. from Combines Product line

  • Cassava - Model BZ1600 - Harvester Machine

    Cassava harvester mchine BZ1600 goes under the cluster of roots, raises them up, and lays them down on the soil surface. The above ground plant part is cut off at a height of about 30 cm before the machine enters the plot to harvest roots. Such harvester machines are efficient; they prevent root damage and meet other demands for effective ...

    By Henan Bizoe Potato Machinery Co., Ltd based in Zhengzhou City, CHINA.

  • Model Jolly 2800 - Harvesting Machine

    The 2800 wild harvesting machine is a machine to be installed on all types of tractors for harvesting of hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, olives, almonds, coffee, I did not understand, and all the fruit on the ground. Unlike traditional suction machines, La Jolla picking fruit on the ground in a mechanical way, via a front brush, a solution that ...

    By GF Costruzioni Macchine Agricole Srl based in Sutri (VT), ITALY.

  • Front Paddles Harvesting Machine

    These front paddles fold up when not operational, thus provide more manoeuvrability when on headlands, gaining access to orchards through narrow gateways and for transport. The folding front paddles are designed to fit a front 3-point linkage and can be raised using the lift arms on the tractor and folded using the tractors hydraulic ...

    By SFM Technology Limited based in Martock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Apple Harvesting Product line

  • One Row Potato Harvester Machine

    One row processing and lifting potatoes to the rear side, Excellent soil seperation by its special”Double Band System”, Works at soil conditions moreover humadity field, in winter season, Power Take Of(P.T.O.), 0,17 hectare/hour harvesting capacity (@ 2 km/h). -Conveyor band made up of steel rods which is the risk of wear minimum level ...

    By Corner Machinery LTD based in İZMİR, TURKEY. from Harvesters Product line

  • Model F 120 - Motor Harvesters Machine

    The F 120 is a machine designed for the small farming industry, providing fast and affortless crop harvesting, thanks to its elevator arm, which enables the unloading of olives onto a special picker-sorter. The designed of the F 120 synthesizes the technology of our larger machine models, maintaining their sturdiness and reliability as a primary ...

    By BOSCO V. di Bosco Marco & C. s.n.c. based in Frazione Bozzola, ITALY. from Motor Harvesters Product line

  • Model GIGA COSMO/45/DS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This is the Harvest Machine at the top of the Pomac production.It keeps as unchanged the already tested technical features which give quality superiority to the models of the company and its strong performances are enhanced by the presence of two electronic choosing devices. The production capacity of this model overcomes 500 qls per hour and ...

    By Pomac s.r.l based in Mirabello (FE), ITALY. from Tomato Harvest Machines Product line

  • Model Super COSMO/35/DS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This model of harvest machine features the same technical characteristics of the previous model.The only important difference consists of the presence of a second electronic selecting machine. In such a way the machine can harvest also without personnel for the selection of the tomato aboard which can be up to 4 operators on the models at single ...

    By Pomac s.r.l based in Mirabello (FE), ITALY. from Tomato Harvest Machines Product line

  • Model BVM 90 - Motor Harvesters Machine

    The BVM 90 is the smallest machine in our production range, and by making use of a picking system designed for larger machinery, guarantees a high level of quality for picking operations.In production since 1998 . Simple and easy to handle, the BVM maintains a constant weight on the handlebar, whether the container is fully loaded or empty, since ...

    By BOSCO V. di Bosco Marco & C. s.n.c. based in Frazione Bozzola, ITALY. from Motor Harvesters Product line

  • Model Super COSMO/35/MS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This Harvest Machine represents the basis model of Pomac production.It is equipped by a single selecting device at 35 channels for the electronic choice of the tomato. All main technical features such as the size of the belts , the hydraulic equipment, the transmissions and the power of the engine , are unvaried with respect to the models of ...

    By Pomac s.r.l based in Mirabello (FE), ITALY. from Tomato Harvest Machines Product line

  • Model GIGA COSMO/45/MS - Tomato Harvest Machine

    This harvest machine is perfect for the exigences of more production.Being equipped with an electronic selecting machine equipped with 45 channels , it features a remarkable harvest capacity.The discharging belt of 80 cm length, common in all Pomac models, has an enormous capacity of transport and works in perfect synergy with the selecting ...

    By Pomac s.r.l based in Mirabello (FE), ITALY. from Tomato Harvest Machines Product line

  • Model TH600 - Tea Harvesting Machine

    Single person operated Tea Harvesting Machine. Special design quick operating handle. With backpack strap & tea collecting bag. Engine: IE34F, 26cc gasoline engine, ***Japan Mitsubishi Engine optional. Tank: 0.6L. Flexible shaft: 110cm. Blade length: 60cm. N.W./G.W.:12.5 / 15 kgs. Packing: 0.122cbm/Ctn. 226PCS/20'GP, 460PCS/40'GP.

    By Qingdao Tonada Power Machinery Co., Ltd based in Qingdao, CHINA. from Tea Harvesting Machine Product line

  • Model HMP-1,8 - Cotton Harvesting Machine

    Cotton-harvesting machine HMP-1,8 aggregated with tractor MTZ-80X designed to harvest upland seed cotton from opened boxes of sowing in drills of cotton plant on fields in areas of irrigated cotton growing with row spacing of 90 sm. Cotton-harvesting machine is equipped with stalk crowders, which provide the best cut of cotton bush and introduce ...

    By Gomselmash based in Gomel, BELARUS. from Cotton Harvesting Combine Product line

  • THRESHER - Model TYD 1200 - Multi Purpose Mobile Harvester Machines

    Tekyataganlı brand, hoppered type multi purppose harveester makes straw from the harvested stam and makes the stam in to straw. With the duty a help and causes a clean grain stockage. Grains like wheat, barkey oat etc. And legumes like beans ,broad beans, Chickpeas and lentils can be chopped by chancing of , just a few apparatuses . It ...

    By Abollo Tarım Makinaları Imalat Sanayi A.Ş. based in Karatay, TURKEY. from Harvester Machines Product line

  • Soybean Combine Harvesting Machines

    EMAIL: amisyfarmingmachine@gmail.comWEBSITE: www.farming-machine.comSoybean combine harvester can realize the process of soybean stalk cutting and threshing at the same time. It is equipped with unique automatic floating cutter which makes the harvesting cleaner and more efficient. It adopts re-threshing device to make the harvesting cleaner and ...

    By Amisy Farming Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Corn/Sugarcane/Potato Harvester Product line

  • Cucumber Harvesting Machines

    The CH model cucumber harvesteting machine stems from the twenty-year experience in the harvesting machines of the company promoters. CH series is a harvester conceived to harvest cucumbers in open fields for those companies which have high-quality needs in terms of harvest. CH series has maintained the philosophy of SANDEI machinery, but it has ...

    By MTS srl based in Pontenure (Piacenza), ITALY.

  • Gregoire - Model G10.330 - Olive Harvesting Machine

    The G10.330 is an olive harvesting machine, equipped with a DEUTZ Phase IIIB / T4I 4-cylinder engine developing 156 hp and the AUTOdrive, AUTOspeed and ECOdrive smart management devices to give you an exceptional reduction in consumption whilst complying with the latest environmental standards. Regardless of the working conditions, fully automated ...

    By Gregoire based in Châteaubernard, FRANCE. from Olives Product line

  • Steering-Electric for Harvesting-Machine

    Steering-electric for a harvesting-machine.

    By Starz GmbH Elektrotechnik – Electronic based in Großräschen, GERMANY. from Steering-Electrics Product line

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