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Insect Monitoring Trap equipment

  • Model 100I - Insect Trap

    Glue board flavoured with hazelnut and provided with food bait, for monitoring and capturing cockroaches and other crawling insects.If necessary, each board can be divided into 3 parts. The adhesive strip on the back enables optimal grip on all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. Dimensions: 19 cm x 19 cm

    By Bleu Line Group based in Forlì (FC), ITALY. from Traps, Bait Stations, Accessories Product line

  • Model 0062 and 0173 - Funnel Trap

    Classic trap, funnel-like, made up of four parts:  the upper cover, which prevents water from coming into the trap. It includes a holder to place the basket with the pheromone: the funnel, whose design makes it easy for the moth to come in while preventing them from escaping;  the c

    By Probodelt based in SPAIN. from Traps Product line

  • Basic - Model 1008 - Fly Trap

    Traditional fly trap. The same as Maxitrap, but without the side holes. Its airing is lower (less attracting capacity), but the insects have a greater difficulty in going out of the trap; that’s why it is recommended in cases of dry attractants with little persistence or when no insecticide is used in its interior.

    By Probodelt based in SPAIN. from Traps Product line

  • BASIC - Model T - 1011 - Fly Trap

    It has three side holes. These holes increase the airing and spreading of the attractant. It is necessary to use insecticide in its interior.

    By Probodelt based in SPAIN. from Traps Product line

  • Hemitrap - Model 1068 and 1090 - Fly Traps

    Within the processes of continuous improvement, Probodelt SL presents a new version of the fly trap Hemitrap. HEMITRAP is the fruit fly trap, specially designed for liquid attractants, that became commercially available in spring 2013.

    By Probodelt based in SPAIN. from Traps Product line

  • DEXA - Model 288I - Insect Trap and Monitor

    Dimensions : 50*30. Material : card board. Colour : black. Packaging : 216 Pcs/ 1 Box.

    By DEXA Sp. J. based in Bielsko-Biała, POLAND.

  • RHYNCHO - Red Palm Weevil Trap

    This trap consists of a plastic red bucket; the attractant is Rhypher 220 which includes the aggregation pheromone and food attractant. The trap must be partially filled with soapy water or water and oil so the captured insects drown in the liquid. Dimensions : 25 cm x 25 cm (D) x (H).

    By Biogard a Division of CBC (Europe) S.r.l. based in Grassobbio (BG), ITALY. from Monitoring Product line

  • Agricultural Insect Pest Monitoring LIDAR

    FaunaPhotonics light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is a technology for profiling the atmosphere for aerial fauna. The system transmits a laser beam into the atmosphere and measures the backscattered laser light from birds and insects. The portable in-field sensor system with wireless connectivity enables automation of manual processes to improve ...

    By FaunaPhotonics ApS based in Copenhagen N, DENMARK.

  • Eurotrap - Model 20 cm x 10 cm - Cockroach Trap

    Insect pest control for cockroaches with food attractant bait. It can be used alone or inside mechnical traps such as PEST MONITOR . The food attractant lure lasts about 45 - 60 days, so the trap has to be replaced properly.

    By Eurotrap Ltd. based in Peristeri Attikis, GREECE. from Glue Boards Product line

  • Scouting & Trapping Systems

    We offer a range of systems to target specific pest types: ECOgrids - sticky pads for trapping and monitoring aphids, carrot flies, thrips and other pests. ECOspy - a trapping system based on lures for attracting insect pests such as cabbage root fly and diamond back moth. ECOfunnel - a trapping system for Silver Y and Turnip moth BrassicEye - ...

    By ECOspray Limited based in Hilborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Eurotrap - Ephestia - Plodia Pherocon Trap

    Pherocon Trap for the monitoring and capturing of Ephestia - Plodia. This insect pest control includes a pherocon lure which attracts the ephestia and plodia. The trap size is 38 cm x 20 cm and it can be mounted about 1.5 - 2 m height. The lure has to be changed after 45 - 60 days because it becomes ineffective.

    By Eurotrap Ltd. based in Peristeri Attikis, GREECE. from Glue Boards Product line

  • Pink Bollworm (Pectinophora Gossypiella)

    Pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella) is one of the most destructive pests of cotton in many areas of the world, including in India, China, Brazil and the western USA. In its adult, or moth, stage, the pink bollworm lays its eggs on cotton bolls. The eggs hatch into larvae that eat the cotton seeds and damage and discolour the fibre. The ...

    By Oxitec Ltd based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agriculture Product line

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