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Irrigation Booster equipment

  • TIGERFLOW - Commercial and Industrial Irrigation Booster System

    TIGERFLOW’S JUNGLECAT is a commercial and industrial irrigation booster system ideal for landscaping.

    By TIGERFLOW Systems, Inc. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Irrigation Product line

  • Model 1500XSW Series - Multi-Stage Irrigation and Booster Pump

    Two stage construction provides pressures to 60 PSI for high pressure applications. Motors are NEMA standard construction, coupled shaft design and available in both single and three-phase. Housing and adapter are cast iron. Impeller of your choice - bronze or plastic. Trouble-free (carbon-ceramic) seal. To order plastic impellers, add 'P' to ...

    By A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. based in Dubuque, IOWA (USA). from Irrigation and Booster Pumps Product line

  • T&L Irrigation Systems

    T-L is a major manufacturer of hydraulically powered pivot irrigation systems that undergo thousands of hours of product research and testing for quality and performance. T-L’s hydrostatic drive offers many features not available on electric pivots. Unlike the stop-and-go action of electric models, each tower on a T-L system move ...

    By Unifer International GmbH based in Elmenhorst, GERMANY. from Irrigation Product line

  • Hydrophilic Booster

    It is a polymer that acts as a sponge and holds water (up to 1,000 times its weight) in the form in which it is easily available to plants. Unlike commercial products based on SAP (super absorbent polymer), which inhibit plant growth and have neurological toxicities (e.g., hydrogels based on acrylamide monomers), Skygel enhances the growth and ...

    By agricel based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Turbocar Combo - Irrigation Systems

    The Combo range, abrrevation of 'combined', is one of the production excellence of Idrofoglia. This range is composed by one Turbopump plus one Motorpump assembled in one skid and it is conceived to optimize end user operations, being simple and easy to manage in terms of displacement and use. Besides keeping all the advantages of the Turbocar, ...

    By Idrofoglia s.r.l. based in Lunano (PU), ITALY. from Irrigation Systems Product line

  • Mazzei - Chemigation Process

    Precise chemical applications for irrigation systems… Mazzei is the low cost solution. Mazzei injectors are patented, high-efficiency Venturi injectors with internal mixing vanes. They are used worldwide for injecting gases and liquids such as fertilizers, pesticides, chlorine, and other chemicals into pressurized water systems. Mazzei ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agriculture - Irrigation Product line

  • Davey Water Products - Model BF Series - Economical,Compact,Booster Systems

    Economical, compact, booster systems driven by quiet, efficient, stainless steel pumps. A Davey Boosta water pressure boosting pump with a flow control is ideal for irrigation and shower boosting. Because the BF series uses a flow control, it requires a minimum of 20 psi incoming pressure for the flow control to operate consistently.

    By Fielding Pump based in Sandy, UTAH (USA).

  • Reinke - Center Pivots System

    The Reinke name is synonymous with center pivots. Our design and materials add up to a system that is lighter weight, more efficient and longer-lasting than comparable systems.

    By Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. based in Deshler, NEBRASKA (USA). from Irrigation Products Product line

  • Model Micro 405 - 405/SS Series - Irrigation Travelers

    The Micro 405 - 405/SS Series Irrigation Travelers from ABI are ideally suited for sports fields, landscape areas, horse arenas and small acreage farms requiring irrigation at an affordable cost. Micro 405 and 505 offer a dependable and econimical solution with simple operation and minimal labor requirements.

    By AgriBusiness International, Inc. based in Villa Rica, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Micro Series Travelers Product line

  • Smith - Irrigation Water Pressure Boosting Pumps

    Irrigation water pressure boosting pumps can be mounted on traveling sprinklers or installed between the water source and the sprinkler. Booster pumps are used to raise inadequate water pressure to improve performance of a sprinkler. Booster pumps are gasoline powered to retain the portability of the sprinkler. The gas powered booster pumps are ...

    By Smith Irrigation Equipment based in Kensington, KANSAS (USA).

  • Irrigation Pumps

    Agricultural productivity depends, in part, on efficient and reliable irrigation systems.In all areas of the world, Xylem provides reliable and durable products that cut energy and life-cycle costs of ownership. Our pumps for irrigation applications include drawing water from deep wells and reservoirs to powering irrigation pipelines to ...

    By Xylem, Inc. based in Rye Brook, NEW YORK (USA). from Pumps & Accessories Product line

  • ARIOspeed - Model N1 - Control Panel

    The VARIOspeed N1 control panel controls a three phase pump in constant pressure control applications. The VARIOspeed® N1 control panel is designed to control a three phase pump in constant pressure control applications, including booster pump, deep well submersible pump, and irrigation pump applications.

    By SJE-Rhombus based in Detroit Lakes, MINNESOTA (USA). from SJE-Rhombus Constant Pressure Controls Product line

  • FertiLite

    In-Line Machine for economic small systems of Greenhouses. Irrigation flow up to 25 m3/hour. Activates 1 to 10 valves. Computerized operation – local or using PC. EC and pH control. 15 Irrigation Programs. 10 Fertilization Programs. 3 to 4 Venturi Injectors, 350 to 400 Liter/hour. Stainless Steel Booster Pump. Visual flow Meter for each ...

    By Gavish based in Givat Brenner, ISRAEL.

  • Gelaili - Model G-CDL/CDLF90-60 - G-CDL/CDLF Multistage Centrifugal Vertical Pump

    Application:Water supply and pressure boosting: Pressure boosting in buildings, hotels, residential complexes, pressure booster stations, supply of water networks, pressure boosting for industrial water supply.Light industry: Washing and cleaning systems, car washing facilities fire fighting systems, process water systems, machine tools (cooling ...

    By Jiangxi Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd based in gao'an, CHINA.

  • Micro Rain - Model MR50 - High Sprinkler Cart

    The MR50, 58, and 63 utilize the same chassis and drum size in our large line, and feature automatic cart lift at the completion of a run. The 558 feet hose length on the MR50 is convenient for irrigating longer runs with wetted lengths up to 650 feet. A 5.5 or 9 HP booster kit may be added to increase pressure and performance. Common applications ...

    By Micro Rain based in Yukon, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Micro Rain Product Line Product line

  • Ag-Rain - Model T27x980 & E27x980 - Water Reels

    Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 2.7' x 980'. Irrigated Width: 154'-203'. Irrigated Length: 1057'-1082'. Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 3.7-5.0. Drive System: Turbine or Engine (Learn More). GPM Range: 74-152. Hours Per Full Run: 3.3 - 32 (Turbine) 2.5 - 16 (Engine). Inlet PSI: 71-128 (Turbine) 61-118 (Engine). Chassis Size: ST3. Sprinkler Options: ...

    By Kifco, Inc. based in Havana, ILLINOIS (USA). from Ag-Rain - Water-Reels Product line

  • Kifco - Model B110 - Water Reels

    Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 1.1'x280'. Irrigated Width: 68 - 118'. Irrigated Length: 314 - 339'. Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 0.5 - 0.9. Drive System: Bellows (Learn More). GPM Range: 4 - 27. Inlet PSI Range: 45 - 103. Hours Per Full Run: 2.3 - 14. Sprinkler Option: Sime K1 or Sime Silver.

    By Kifco, Inc. based in Havana, ILLINOIS (USA). from B-Series - Water Reels Product line

  • Ag-Rain - Model T25x750 - Water Reels

    Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 2.5' x 750'. Irrigated Width: 154'-207'. Irrigated Length: 831'-857'. Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 2.9 - 4.1. Drive Systems: Turbine For Engine Drive Option please consult factory. GPM Range: 74-177. Inlet PSI Range: 72 - 141 . Hours Per Full Run: 1.9 - 18.9. Chassis Size: ST2. Sprinkler Option: Nelson SR100.

    By Kifco, Inc. based in Havana, ILLINOIS (USA). from Ag-Rain - Water-Reels Product line

  • Ag-Rain - Model T30x660 & E30x660 - Water Reels

    Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 3.0' x 660'. Irrigated Width: 186'-253'. Irrigated Length: 753'-787'. Irrigated Area (Acres Per Run): 3.2-4.6. Drive System: Turbine or Engine (Learn More). GPM Range: 125-330. Hours Per Full Run: 2.2 - 22 (Turbine) 1.7 - 11 (Engine). Inlet PSI Range: 72-140 (Turbine) 62-130 (Engine). Chassis Size: ST3. Sprinkler ...

    By Kifco, Inc. based in Havana, ILLINOIS (USA). from Ag-Rain - Water-Reels Product line

  • Ficosagro - Biological Soil Activator

    Biological soil activator with extracts of regenerative algae and microorganisms.It is the base of the BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology that increases the population of microorganisms which are beneficial to the soil, in order to improve the productive capacity of crop yields. It increases the growth of plant roots and improves the ...

    By Ficosterra based in Madrid, SPAIN.

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