livestock Equipment in Ireland

  • Cattle Slats

    Moore Concrete manufacture a range of 178mm (7″) and 255mm (10″) deep Cattle Slats suitable for both beef and dairy cattle. Our gang slats are designed to ensure optimum space to surface area ratio allowing animal waste to fall directly into the storage tank below.

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Livestock Housing Product line

  • Bridgeway - Cattle Trailer

    Bridgeway easy load cattle trailer comes in sizes 16 by 7 and 18by7.It has new double wheels and a new 8 ton axle.Chequer plated floor and ramp.Ramp loading gates.Slurry tank and front ladder.Comes fitted with lights, brakes and side markings

    By Bridgeway Engineering based in Co. Offaly, IRELAND. from Livestock Equipment Product line

  • Beet & Meal Feeders

    Self loading beet and meal feeder.Half ton capacity.Hydraulic driven.Can be fitted on 3 point linkage or front loaderpoint linkage or front loader

    By Bridgeway Engineering based in Co. Offaly, IRELAND. from Livestock Equipment Product line

  • Cubicle Bases and End Walls

    Moore Concrete’s livestock suspended flooring range includes both single and double sloping Cubicle Bases as well as Cubicle End Walls. Single Cubicle bases are manufactured from 2135mm (7ft) to 2745mm (9ft) in length. The Double Sloping Bases range in length from 4270mm (14ft) to 5485mm (18ft). The Cubicle Bases are designed to be easily ...

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Livestock Housing Product line

  • In-House Water Trough

    100 Gallon In-House Water Trough’s long narrow profile makes it an ideal option for positioning in walk ways in cubicle houses.   The rounded corners on this drinker makes it safer for stock.  Each trough is fitted with a 75mm rubber bung which drains in less than 2 minutes.

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Livestock Housing Product line

  • Livestock Trailers

    Standard Features, Tandem or Tri –Axle, Built to Customer Specifications, Heavy Duty Construction, Spring Assisted Tail Door, LED Lights, Steel Chequer Plate Floor, High Rock Multi-Leaf Suspension, Braking on all Axles, Hand Brake, EN8 Draw Bar Eye, Aluminium Loading Gates, Dividing Gates, Galvanised Slurry Tank. Optional Extras: Spring Draw ...

    By Predator Equipment Ltd based in Dungannon, IRELAND.

  • Feed Troughs

    As well as Water Troughs we manufacture a comprehensive range of durable concrete Feed Troughs suitable for use with dairy and beef cattle. Our livestock feed bunks are suitable for use with diet feeders ensuring food stuffs are kept clean and within livestock reach at all times. This in turn encourages animals to eat the whole mix thus ...

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Livestock Feeding and Drinking Product line

  • BETIMAX - Model RDS - Lowered Single or Double Axle Livestock Trailer

    Lowered single or double axle livestock trailer. Galvanized body. Length from 5 to 9 meters.

    By JOSKIN Distributor in Co Tyrone, IRELAND. from Livestock Trailers Product line

  • Mech-Fiber - Model 360 - Mixer Wagon

    The Mech-fiber 360 has the ability to feed large numbers of livestock with a single load and it is capable of working under the toughest of conditions, feeding large volumes day-in-day-out.

    By Richard Keenan & Co. Ltd. based in Borris, IRELAND. from Medium Range Mixer Wagons Product line

  • Rat Bait Box

    Moore Concrete manufacture a lockable precast Rat Bait Box designed to assist farmers in the management of vermin. Concrete by it’s nature is durable, minimising risk of damage which can be caused by livestock or farm machinery. The Rat Bait Box is suitable for use with wax bait blocks and traditional pellets.  The boxes are easy to ...

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Agricultural Precast Product line

  • New Holland Agriculture - Model T4.85 | T4.95 | T4.105 Series - Tractors

    The T4 range has been designed with livestock and small mixed farmers in mind. Whether you’re spending long days in the fields cultivating or carrying out hay and forage applications; maybe you’re feeding your cattle or using your loader; or even hand sowing vegetables or cutting along at top transport speed; the T4 will satisfy your ...

    By Cowan Tractors based in Co. Donegal, IRELAND.

  • New Holland Agriculture - Model T 5 Series - Tractors

    Welcome to business class livestock farming. The new T5 has been designed around you, the operator, using state of the art virtual realitytechniques to offer ultimate comfort to users of all shapes and sizes. Step up into the deluxe VisionView™ cab and see just how naturallyeverything falls to hand. You can even position the entire steering ...

    By Cowan Tractors based in Co. Donegal, IRELAND.

  • CASE IH - Model FARMALL 55A - Robust Practical Tractor

    The open station Farmall 55A has been created to provide a robust practical tractor that is easy to drive for the small acreage farms or rural estates and has the ability to be used on a daily basis as the support machine for larger operations. The powerful rear PTO makes grass moving, tedding, or pasture topping a breeze. On larger livestock ...

    By Alexander Mills based in Co Tyrone, IRELAND.

  • EasyFix - Slat Rubber System

    The patented EasyFix Slat Rubber Flooring System is the leading slat rubber product in the marketplace, selling in many countries worldwide. EasyFix Slat Rubber Flooring has been proven to increase comfort, reduce lameness and increase productivity in animals. The high-grip comfortable surface increases mobility, reduces the risk of lameness and ...

    By EasyFix based in Co. Galway, IRELAND. from Walkways and Feed Areas Product line

  • Dri-Li Extra - Control Bacteria

    Dri-Li Extra helps control bacteria in bedding to promote a healthier, more comfortable animal environment. Ingredients in Dri Li Extra meet the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive. Dri Li Extra is a unique bedding conditioner. Based on calcified seaweed harvested off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland, it offers exceptional moisture ...

    By Celtic Sea Minerals Ltd. based in Carrigaline, IRELAND. from Animal Hygiene Product line

  • SeaCal - Enrich Soil

    SeaCal seaweed is a completely natural product harvested off the South West coasts of Ireland and Iceland by Celtic Sea Minerals. SeaCal rapidly absorbs minerals and nutrients from seawater, growing into a hard, brittle coral-like structure with a high mineral and trace element content. SeaCal offers the potential to cut fertiliser costs and ...

    By Celtic Sea Minerals Ltd. based in Carrigaline, IRELAND. from Fertiliser Product line

  • Recirculation Fan Ventilation

    Dairy cows production is affected when there is a repetition of abrupt temperature swings. Properly designed ventilation will moderate or eliminate the abrupt temperature swings offering the cow the sensation of cooling under hot conditions and warming under cold conditions.

    By Wilson Agri based in Coleraine, IRELAND. from Agri Vent Product line

  • Hagro - Model 250 - Lighting

    The Premium 250 light fitting has a stainless steel housing that is designed to withstand an aggressive environment.

    By DP Agri Ltd Office in Co Kilkenny, IRELAND. from Barn Lighting Product line

  • Bridgeway - Aerators

    Tillage farmers know the benefits of crop rotation, regular ploughing and other ways of maximising the growth potential through managing soil quality and structure in their fields.Grassland farmers have had to rely on increasing levels of fertiliser and regular reseeding to push production levels with out any guarantee of consistent ...

    By Bridgeway Engineering based in Co. Offaly, IRELAND. from Agricultural Machinery Product line

  • Keltec - Bale Slice

    At Keltec, our aim is to make your life easier:  The Keltec Bale Slice is designed to remove the hassle from the way wrapped bales are fed. Our patented system, which speeds up the operation of feeding, is designed to ensure you have the least amount of work to do with maximum productivity, reducing costs and saving valuable time. The plastic ...

    By Keltec Engineering Ltd based in IRELAND.

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