livestock Equipment in Italy

  • Bioenhancers for Livestock

    Well-being leads to increased productivity. Eurovix products are bioenhancers that manage environmental and air quality issues to improve livestock production and efficiencies.

    By EUROVIX s.r.l based in Cazzago San Martino, ITALY.

  • Model CM 500-10.000 Kg - Load Cells

    Capacity: 500-10.000 kg. Material: hi-quality stainless steel. Type: compression. Corrosion-resistant. Precise and reliable signal over the years.

    By PTM s.r.l. based in Visano, ITALY. from Livestock feeding management solutions Product line

  • Model Advance - Mixing Wagons

    Manage up to 150 recipes, with a maximum of 99 components, and 30 components per recipe. Wide graphic display (5,7') and a user-friendly keyboard. Programming and executing the recipes is simple and immediate. Interface with the softwares superdatamix 5, datamixcard 3.50 and PTM management. Multilink connection with more accessories at the same ...

    By PTM s.r.l. based in Visano, ITALY. from Livestock feeding management solutions Product line

  • Livestock Transport Trailer

    Trailer for transporting bales used to transport livestock. Rib shaped plate with removable central partition, front container for collecting sewage, rear ramp with non-slip aluminum platform almond, PVC curtain fireproof. Ramp width 1500 mm. Included nr 4 feet for manual lifting of the rib. Meets the CE standards and certification ASL to ...

    By DI CREDICO based in Poggiofiorito (CH), ITALY. from Trailers Product line

  • Mobile Mill-Mixer

    This machine is ideal for animal breeders who can prepare feed blends for livestock using the exact ingredients and quantitiesthey require.

    By Caravaggi S.r.l based in Pontoglio (BS), ITALY. from Hammermill – Mobile Mill-Mixer – Wagon Product line

  • Fibreglass Silos

    Our silos are manufactured in GRP with steel parts galvanised and intended for the storage of livestock feed, granular materials and industrial products, powders and liquids.

    By LODA S.r.l. based in Brescia, ITALY.

  • Model Premier-110 - Premier Mixer Feeders

    SITREX presents a new range of livestock feeding machines.Self-propelled and trailed models.Over the years, SITREX has distinguished itself by innovation an invested on research and technology for the construction of new products to be included in its range.The production of Feed Mixers is the achievement of this goal,  These machines have ...

    By Sitrex Spa based in Trestina, ITALY. from Premier Mixer Feeders Product line

  • Flexible Spirals

    Flexible metal spirale are ideal for conveying the material with different angles. The flexibility of these spirals makes them particularly suitable in the livestock feeding industry, and transportation of granular material. They are available in different sizes, thicknesses and pitches.

    By Technofer S.R.L. based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Metal Spirals Product line

  • ENTRY - Model 3500/4000/4500L - Self Moving Mixing Trucks

    The Rotomix4 mod. 3500, 4000 and 4500L are those used in the companies of the middle zootechnical segment. Most suitable for livestocks under development with an always variable number of heads : they guarantee the same results as the 'bigger sisters”.

    By Bravo Srl based in Savigliano (CN), ITALY. from Rotomix Product line

  • Custom Made Products

    Just as for livestock feeding, even in the biogas the standard solution doesn't always guarantee the best performances. All our energy products have been researched, designed and produced to provide the IDEAL amount of energy and calories so that to preserve the biological activity inside the digester.

    By Biological care s.r.l. based in Quarto Inferiore, ITALY.

  • Screw Conveyors for Mixer Wagons

    Tapered screw conveyors for mixer wagons for both vertical and horizontal applications, as well as for large agricultural machinery. They are used widely for livestock feeding. The cones for mixer carriages are made by cold-pressing to crate the tapered shape and required dimensions, and are then welded by robots.

    By Technofer S.R.L. based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Metal Augers Product line

  • Model Oxy-Flow - Aeration Assembly

    Aeration assembly for processes of oxygenation and homogenization in treatment plants for residential, industrial and livestock farming waste water, in fish farming and aerated ponds. Also ideal for rainwater collection basins. Compact and simple to install, they are suitable for use in tanks of any shape and size.

    By Caprari S.p.A. based in Modena, ITALY. from Aerators Product line

  • Glutar - Sanitizers

    Liquid sanitizer suitable for farms disinfection of pig, cattle, poultry, sheep and goats; environments and equipment of farms and means of transport livestock. Product with broad spectrum of activity (bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses, and spores), acts quickly and is not corrosive.

    By Medi Nova based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Biosecurity, Sanitizers and Washing Systems Product line

  • Model MT 200 series - Power Barrow

    TEKNA's MT 200 series power barrow was created to solve all types of transportation needs in the Agricultural, Zootechnic and Building sectors whenever small-sized, agile and fast vehicles are required.This machine is perfectly suited for transporting fruit and vegetables, livestock feed and/or manure, and building materials in the aforesaid ...

    By Tekna Srl based in Ostuni (Brindisi), ITALY.

  • JOKER - Model 65 / 75 - Tractor

    Simple to use, compact multifunctional tractors with superior agility, reliability and low running costs, offering the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. The JOKER range consists of 2 models: Joker 65 (62 hp/46.5 kW) and Joker 75 (72 CV/54 kW). All models are available as 4 wheel drive versions. The extraordinary versatility of ...

    By SDF Group based in Treviglio (IT), ITALY. from Huerlimann - Tractors Product line

  • Flexible Metal Spirals

    Pre-hardened steel flexible spirals produced by Tecnofer guarantee excellent flexibility and resistance to twisting. Flexible metal augers are ideal for the transportation of materials through curved piping. Their versatility makes them particularly useful for livestock farming and for the transportation of granular materials. Flexible ...

    By Technofer S.R.L. based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Metal Augers Product line

  • AGRICOW - Steel Facilities Prefabricated

    Agricow has high expertise in the design of steel structures, performing calculations in accordance with the regulations. We are able to made standard structures and warehouses to size with the use of quality raw materials, check with consulting and engineering for livestock preliminary assessments and the choice of appropriate solutions. Perform ...

    By Agricow srl based in Carpenedolo (BS), ITALY.

  • Bonino - Mixer Feeder Wagons

    Onino mixer feeder wagons, thanks to their unique specifications, guarantee mixing and distribution of any kind of product for feeding of livestock. The four auger mixing system ensures quick, optimal cutting thanks to a series of counter-knives positioned on the base of the mixing vat which detain the product, enabling the tempered serrated ...

    By BONINO di Bonino C. & C. s.a.s. based in Sommariva Bosco (CN), ITALY.

  • AFI - Horizontal Chopper Pumps

    These pumps are designed for the treatment of livestock slurry and the processing wate of  industrial plants. It is suitable for  very thick manure. These thick part present in liquid manure is shredded by means of a double chopping mechanism, with which AFI machine are standard equipped. Thanks to AFI pumps, liquid manure can be: ...

    By DODA COSTRUZIONE MACCHINE AGRICOLE based in Buscoldo, ITALY. from Pumps Product line

  • Zenit - Model MAN - Single-Channel Open Impeller for Submersible Pump

    Used with unstrained soiled biological wastewaters and sewage and for civil lifting applications. It is thus ideal for wastewater treatment plants, sewer systems, livestock farms, industry and agriculture. The pump is also available in explosion-proof version with ATEX certification. This series is prefitted for installation of the ZENIT cooling ...

    By Zenit Europe S.A. Office in San Cesario sul Panaro, ITALY. from Submersible Electric Pumps - Single-Channel Open Impeller Product line

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