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livestock disease Equipment

  • Poxdoll - Livestock Vaccine - Lyophilized Sheep and Goat Pox and Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine

    POXDOLL is a live, attenuated and freze-dried vaccine prepared in lamb kidney cell culture against sheep and goat pox and also Lumpy Skin Disease. Indications: Active immunization against sheep and goat pox and Lumpy Skin Disease.

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Pulmo-Guard - Model PH-M - Livestock Supplement

    PULMO-GUARD PH-M is recommended for vaccination of healthy cattle 60 days of age or older as an aid in prevention of respiratory disease associated with M haemolytica and P multocida.

    By AgriLabs based in St Joseph, MISSOURI (USA). from Livestock Products Product line

  • Calf Houses

    Flexible, cost and effective calf housing for 10-12 calves. Excellent ventilation with protection from wind and rain. Reduce the risk of disease Decrease in labour, treatment and material costs Large improvements in calf health. Easily moved with a teleporter 12ft x 12ft square with additional external gates an optional extra Heavy duty steel ...

    By Symms Fabrication based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Livestock Handling Product line

  • Capridoll - Livestock Vaccine - Freeze Dried Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia Vaccine

    Capridoll is a freze-dried vacine prepared by attenuated BQT mycoplasma mycoides capri strain. Indications : Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia is a disease with high morbidity (80-100%) and mortality (over 80%) rates. Since it is highly contagious and the treatment is vey difficult, vaccination against the disease is almost the only solution for ...

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Colidoll - Livestock Vaccine - Bivalent E.Coli Vaccine

    COLIDOLL is an oil adjuvanted inactive vaccine used in pregnant cattle in order to protect newborn calves against E.coli infections. Indications: The disease is caused by enterotoxigenic E.coli serotypes and it can be extremely fatal in newborn calves. The disaese cause to significant economical losess and it is seen worldwide. In pathogenesis of ...

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Seradoll - Livestock Vaccine - Septicemia Serum of Calves

    SERADOLL is a hyperimmune serum that contains specific antibodies against EC [EC (0101:H-K99+F41+)] and 11A [11 A (0?: H-K99+:, F(Y)+)] strains of E.coli which cause to septicemia in newborn calves. Indications: SERADOLL is indicated for use in newborn calves as an aid in the prevention and therapy of the disease.

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • NOBAC - Livestock Waste

    Livestock waste contains more pathogens than human waste. Groundwater wells for home use that are near animal wastelands are at sick of contamination by pathogens and other contamination. Wells near livestock farms can be contaminated with Nitrates, which can be toxic to plants and animals even at low concentrations. Most heavy metals end up in ...

    By Compliant Solutions Corporation based in Makati City, PHILIPPINES.

  • Botudoll - Livestock Vaccine - Botulism Vaccine

    BOTUDOLL is a concentrated bivalent vaccine containing Cl.botulinum type C and Cl. botulinum type D which are inactivated by formaline and adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide. Indications: Botulism is a severe and fatal disease of cattle. The mortality rate might reach to 90-95% in uncontrolled conditions. The treatment is unsucccesfull and the ...

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Karadoll - Livestock Vaccine - Blackleg Vaccine

    KARADOLL is a monovalent toxoid vaccine containing Cl. chauvoei strain which is inactivated by phenol. It also contains aluminium hydroxide as an adjuvant. Indications: KARADOLL is used to stimulate active immunity against Blackleg (Clostridium chauvoei infection) in cattle and sheep. Treatment is neither economic nor sucessfull and the ...

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Brudoll-A - Livestock Vaccine - Brucella Abortus Vaccine

    Composition:One dose of vaccine contains; Attenuated Brucella abortus S19: 40-120 x 109 CFU/doz. Enzymatic digest of Proteins / Casein:0,125 mg/doz. Sucrose: 0,25 mg/doz. Sodium glutamate: 0,05 mg/doz. HEPES: 0,01 mmol/doz.

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Brudoll-M - Livestock Vaccine - Brucella Melitensis Rev1 Vaccine

    Composition: One dose of vaccine contains;. Attenuated Brucella melitensis Rev 1:0.5-4 x 109 CFU/dose. Enzymatic digest of Proteins / Casein: 0.125 mg/dose. Sucrose: 0.25 mg/dose. Sodium glutamate: 0,05 mg/dose. HEPES: 0,01 mmol/dose.

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Tayledoll - Livestock Vaccine - Attenuated Theileria Annulata Vaccine

    TAYLEDOLL is a live attenuated vaccine against Theileria annulata infection of cattle prepared from lymphoid cell cultures infected with Theileria annulata macroschizonts. Indications: Active immunization against tropical theileriosis of cattle. Composition per dose: Lenfoid cells infected by Theileria annulata schizonts: 1x107 DMSO:1.4 %. Target ...

    By Dollvet based in Sanliurfa, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • Trans Pork - Livestock Semi Trailers

    Eby offers standard configurations for all facets of pork production. The fully-welded floor and innovative design assure easy clean-up and maximum protection against animal disease. The most air openings in the industry for better ventilation. Standard up to 53’ lengths with multiple axle configurations; custom sizes available

    By M.H. Eby Inc based in Blue Ball, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Livestock Semi-Trailers - Possum Belly Product line

  • Animal Nutrition & Disease Prevention

    By 2050, global food production will virtually double, with an exponential increase in the demand for affordable meat products. DuPont is helping to meet this challenge, from in-feed animal nutrition to biosecurity solutions.

    By Dupont based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA). from Agriculture & Vegetation Product line

  • Fly Control for Production Livestock

    Nuisance flies can be pervasive and costly to both confined and pasture cattle in North America. Horn flies alone cost North American cattle producers over $1 billion each year. Add face flies, stable flies and even house flies to the mix and you've got a potent threat to cattle production. These disease carrying, biting pests increase cattle ...

    By Central Life Sciences based in Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA).

  • Eco-Flex - Model Cozy Cow - Recycled Rubber Livestock Mattress System

    Eco-Flex Cozy Cow Recycled Rubber Livestock Mattress System. Optimum milk production is THE KEY to your successful dairy operation. The Cozy Cow Livestock Mattress will enhance your cows health and productivity. Your stock will be less prone to expensive injuries commonly associated with stall activity. The Cozy Cow Mattress is literally a bed ...

    By eco-flex based in Legal, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Dairy Cow Products Product line

  • Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)

    Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP), it is produced from phosphate rock and contains no animal products. It promotes the growth of livestock and poultry and can prevent the animal from diseases such as rickets, anemia and osteomaladcia etc. and improves the quality of the meat and eggs.

    By Loyal Frechem Group Co.,Ltd based in Weifang, CHINA.

  • Jydeland Bobman COMFORT - Soft Bedding Machine

    The BOBMAN COMFORT is a specifically designed bedding machine for applying separated manure solids (green bedding) or a mix of chopped straw, lime and water in livestock stalls. The BOBMAN COMFORT can also be used for applying inorganic bedding, such as hydrated lime or pulverized gypsum in livestock stalls.

    By Jydeland Maskinfabrik A/S based in Ebeltoft, DENMARK. from Jydeland Bobman Bedding Equipment Product line

  • In-Vessel Composter

    The evolution of the agriculture industry is pushing us to take action to provide an effective way to manage mortality waste in a timely, disease suppressed method, while promoting sustainability. One of the unavoidable burdens of a sizable animal operation is the disposal of mortalities and tissues. Eco Value’s solution is to use in-vessel ...

    By Eco Value Technology, Inc based in Alpena, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Autogenous Bacterins

    Preventative herd health has become a key focus of livestock management and vaccination is a cornerstone of most herd health programs. However, if a ranch is using a vaccine that does not perform to satisfaction, or if a vaccine is simply unavailable for a specific disease, what should the producer try next? Unfortunately, due to the high costs of ...

    By Hygieia Biological Laboratories based in Woodland, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dairy Vaccines Product line

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